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Russian Medical Team Provides Healthcare Services in Homs Countryside

Russian Medical Team Visiting the City of Talbisseh - Homs Countryside

Patients in the city of Talbiseh received a much needed special health care treatment from a visiting Russian medical team to their city day before yesterday.

The visiting healthcare team provided its services to hundreds of the residents of the city of Talbiseh, Homs northern countryside, during its 5 hours visit to the city.

Talbiseh was freed from US-sponsored terrorists last May by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies. The residents were living in pre-historic conditions under the control of anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists.

Dr. Alexander Ivanov, the head of the Russian medical team, stated that his team comprised of ophthalmologists, ear, general surgeons, general protectionists, cardiologists, pediatrician, and dermatologist specialists.

The visiting healthcare team provided services for patients suffering from various ailments such as heart diseases and respiratory tract infections, as well as children, Dr. Ivanov added.

Russian Medical Team Providing Services to People of Talibesseh - Homs Countryside - SANA
Russian Medical Team Providing Services to People of Talibesseh – Homs Countryside – SANA

Food aid and supplements were also distributed to the most in need patients in the town to ease their suffering and the financial burden.

Syrian health officials in the city of Homs commended on the Russian aid to the health care system which was greatly damaged by terrorist groups who targeted public and private hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Prior to the ‘War of Terror’ waged by the US and its cronies against Syria, the Syrian healthcare system was thriving in the region providing free top of the range services to Syrian citizens and residents in the country, even with the sudden influx of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees to the country upon the US and UK invasion of the country.

Any aid from ‘real doctors and non-politically motivated healthcare organizations’ from all over the world would be very much appreciated to help restore Syrian healthcare. The US sanctions against targeting the Syria people is not helping the Syrian state rebuild this vital sector at the speed needed.

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