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Russian and Syrian Armies Bomb Al Qaeda Posts in Southern Idlib

Russian fighter jets bomb Al Qaeda gathering in southern Idlib countryside

Russian and Syrian armies targeted the positions of NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in the outskirts of several towns and villages in the northwestern region of Syria, there were no immediate reports of the number of terrorists eliminated and wounded.

Local sources confirmed the Russian fighter jets bombing of Al Qaeda positions in the outskirts of the villages of Balshoon and Mareian in the southern Idlib countryside, the sources stated that at least two Russian fighter jets carried out eight air strikes against the gatherings of Al Qaeda terrorists today, 12 July 2022.

The above bombing followed a concentrated artillery shelling by the Syrian Arab Army units against the gathering of Al Qaeda terrorists in the outskirts of the villages of Majdaliya, Binnin, and Fatterah in the southern Idlib countryside.

The sources from the area counted at least 30 artillery shells fired by the Syrian Army units protecting the areas cleaned from Al Qaeda in the region.

Terrorists of Al Qaeda and its plethora of offshoot and affiliated groups are not included in the cessation of hostilities agreed upon in the framework of the Astana talks and in the subsequent Idlib Agreement and the following Moscow Agreements.

The cessation of hostilities was conditioned that the Turkish madman Erdogan disarm his proxy Al Qaeda terrorist groups in Idlib, gradually retreating their positions and in the first stage securing the M4 artery highway crossing northern Syria from Iraqi borders in the east to the Syrian port city of Latakia in the west, none of this was carried out by the flip-flop hypocrite Erdogan.

Following several deadly attacks by the Turkish/ NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib against the liberated areas in southern Idlib and against the Syrian army buses, the Syrian and Russian armies started pummeling gatherings of the terrorists to the dismay of their main sponsor, the Turkish madman Erdogan.

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