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Russia: US evidence on Syrian chemical weapons use not convincing.

Several Russian officials and ministers as also the President, Vladimir Putin, have already stated that the accusations by the U.S. administration in Washington against the Syrian government in regards of the alleged use of chemical weapons (e.g. poison gas / Sarin nerve agent) on their own Syrian people is not convincing and Putin even said recently that the claims by the United States against Damascus are simply “utter nonsense.”

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has now made some new remarks in terms of these certainly baseless claims by Washington against the Syrian government in Damascus and he said, for example, that the US administration has to provide and publish the alleged evidence in case there is credible evidence for the use of chemical weapons (e.g. poison gas) by the units of the Syrian Army against their own population.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov urged the Obama administration of the United States to share the intelligence information that shall justify their claims against the Syrian governance and the possible upcoming war on Syria under the pretext of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian leadership in Damascus.

Sergey Lavrov further stated in an address to the students of the State University of International Relations in Moscow yesterday, that all the evidence that the Western governments, including France, Britain and the United States, have shown Russia so far and also now does not convince Moscow at all and that Russia has so far not seen any convincing evidence for the claims against Syria that should deliver the pretext for a war of aggression against Damascus.

Moscow has again urged these Western governments to prove that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against Syrian civilians because the so far published evidence by Washington is simply not convincing.

For example, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in his speech to students of the State University of International Relations in the Russian capital Moscow yesterday:

“What our American, British and French partners have shown us before – as well as now – does not convince us at all.” (Foreign Minister of Russia)

Russia’s Foreign Minister added in his address to the students at Moscow’s State University of International Relations that there are “no supporting facts” for the claims by the US administration under President Barack Obama against the Syrian government in Damascus.

MSF treats "patients" in the battle area in Syria
MSF treats “patients” in the battle area in Syria

For Lavrov, everything in regards of the accusations by Washington against the Syrian government so far is “only repetitive talk” in the vein of “we know for sure.” And such a repetitive talk cannot be taken and seen as a justification for war or as any kind of evidence. In such a case, any military strike against Damascus would be a violation of international law and the United States would commit a war crime.

According to the new statements by Moscow’s Foreign Minister, Russia has repeatedly asked for further clarification of the topic by Washington.

However, Moscow has only received the response that it is about “classified information” and therefore, Washington is not able to share the evidence for their claims against Syria with the Russian side or any other foreign nation.

This results in the situation, so Lavrov, that there are still no facts behind the claims of US President Obama and US Secretary of State, John Kerry, against the Syrian government.

The Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov also added in his address to the students in Moscow that in the case if there is really top secret information available in the hands of Washington, the “veil should be lifted” because this is a serious question of war and peace. Also, so Sergey Lavrov, the continuation of this “game of secrecy” (by the United States, Britain and France) is “simply inappropriate.”

Russia’s Foreign Minister also pointed out that there were “many doubts” in regards of the published images on the Internet that allegedly should confirm the chemical attack and accusations by Washington against the Syrian side.

In terms of the published pictures on the Internet in regards of the chemical attack (near Damascus some days ago) and accusations against the Syrian government by Washington, the Russian Foreign Minister said the following:

“We were shown some sketches, but there was nothing concrete, no geographical coordinates or details… and no proof the test was done by professionals… there were no comments anywhere regarding the experts’ doubt about the footage circulating all over the Internet.” (S. Lavrov)

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