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Russia Sends Large Landing Ship in Direction to Syrian Coast

Large Landing Ship "Nikolay Filchenkov" (photo A.Brichevsky, 10/05/2006)

Russian landing ship with “special cargo” – a sign in direction to Washington.

There is now some more information about the Russian landing ship on its way towards Syria and, of course, there are also new statements by an Iranian lawmaker and member of the Presiding Board of Iran’s Majlis in terms of the possible US-led war on Syria and the intentions behind the war plans of the Obama administration and Israel against Damascus.

But first, the Russian landing ship, which is said to be a massive landing ship, which carries “special cargo”, on its way to the Syrian coast. However, it is not certain what “special cargo” means in this sense.

The massive Russian landing shop is carrying this “special cargo” towards the Syrian coast and the information about the next Russian ship toward Syria was stated by an unnamed Russian navy official. The Russian Interfax news agency reported that the Russian navy official, who spoke under the terms of anonymity, said that the Russian landing ship, the “Nikolai Filchenkov”, will leave the Ukrainian port city of Sevastopol soon towards Syria. Allegedly today and there is probably no reason to doubt this information.

The “Nikolay Filchenkov” is indeed a large landing ship of the Russian navy. However, it is certainly not the latest model of landing ships. The large landing ship “Nikolay Filchenkov” was completed in 1975 and commissioned at the end of the same year. The Russian landing ship “Nikolay Filchenkov” belongs to the so-called Alligator Class and this means, that it has beachable, general-purpose LST-type design, including bow and stern ramps for unloading vehicles.

As stated, the massive landing ship will head towards the Syrian coast today and it is certainly a sign for any US intentions in terms of a possible war on Syria. However, it is not the best sign. The large landing ship “Nikolay Filchenkov” of the Alligator Class is old, one of the last of its kind to say it that way.

The Russian navy is not keen on amphibious operations anymore and although there is no detailed information about the “cargo” inside of the large landing ship from Russia, the ship will not prevent a US-led strike on Syria – the problem is probably that while Russia makes a sign in direction to Washington with the landing ship towards the Syrian coast, Moscow also says that such a sign is not worth the use of modern ships. Bomb our old ships, that´s ok, so we do not have to retire them as we did it with the others of its kind in advance.

Of course, at least, Moscow is doing something to give a sign in order to hopefully prevent an illegal and baseless US-led war against Syria.

Large Landing Ship "Nikolay Filchenkov" (photo A.Brichevsky, 10/05/2006)
Large Landing Ship “Nikolay Filchenkov” (photo A.Brichevsky, 10/05/2006)

According to the information by the source about the next Russian ship that will soon arrive at the Syrian coast, the vessel will dock in Novorossiysk on its way to Syria. In Novorossiysk, the large landing ship will take this “special cargo” on board and then head towards the designated area in the eastern Mediterranean Sea near the Syrian coast. As stated, the source of the Russian navy has not delivered detailed information about this “special cargo”.

There are currently about five or six Russian warships in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea near the Syrian coast, including a missile cruiser, a frigate from the Black Sea Fleet as well as a massive destroyer from the Russian Baltic Fleet. The number of Russian warships in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea could be wrong. It is a conclusion by the latest reports of Russian warships and the usual amount of Russian vessels in the region.

However, a missile cruiser and a destroyer from Russia are certainly very specific warships and sure in the region due to the possible launch of a US-led war against the Arab country. Although it is not known if and how Russia (as well as e.g. Iran) will respond to a possible military strike by the United States on Syria.

And back to the Iranian lawmaker and parliamentarian. The Iranian Parliamentarian Hossein Sobhani-Nia, who sits on the Presiding Board of Iran’s Majlis, said in a new interview that the US administration and the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv try to destabilize the Middle Eastern region in order to turn the region into an area that works in favor of the West. He said that both try to destabilize the Middle East in a bid to shit the Middle East into a region favorable to the West powers.

According to the statements by the Iranian lawmaker Hossein Sobhani-Nia, the “lackeys of the US and Israel seek to stir up insecurity in the region to create a Middle East which is favorable to the West” and they want to ensure the safety and expansion of the Zionist regime of Israel in the Middle East.

This statement is in principle the same statement that was made by the Syrian Ambassador to Tehran just some time ago. Both say that the U.S. administration in Washington wants to launch the war on Syria for the protection of the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv and the restructuring/reshuffle of the Middle East in favor of Israel and the West.

The Iranian lawmaker, for example, further pointed out that the US administration and the regime in Tel Aviv seek to add to the complications in the Middle East and curtail Iran’s political influence in the region and in the world.

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  1. AH

    Large cargo ship with beach landing capability – well, Tartus, Banias and Latakia ports likely being initial targets, the Russian just want to be able to load off any supply they may have for SAA. I doubt that the US will attack a Russian ship. For Israel, not sure. They would attack anything and anyboby in their way.

    • Arklight

      Hi, AH. I’d guess the Russian base at Tartus, if the ship contains cargo. On the other hand, if it has a landing force, any decent beach would serve. Banias appears to be overlooked by high ground, with a pretty narrow north-south route pinched between the mountains and the sea. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, huh?

      I have no reason whatever to feel assured that the US would NOT attack the Russians, given the lunacy which is currently running amok in DC. Obama is so p*ssed off because he’s gotten egg on his face, and he is not, in my opinion, a rational being. The effer is a wild card. I have no faith that the Israelis would not attack, thinking that the US will keep them from harm. I don’t believe that to be true. Personally, I think that if it came down to the point where the metal meets the meat, Obama would drop Israel like a rotten pineapple.


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