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Russia: Evidence of Chemical Weapons Use in Syria Must Be Shared

Syrian Army discovers Saudi-made Chemical Containers (Source: FNA)

US-led rhetoric of war against Syria: Lavrov demands evidence.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov demands that the alleged evidence of the U.S. administration in Washington behind their claims against the Syrian government that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has used chemical weapons (e.g. poison gas / sarin neve gas) against Syrian civilians in the recent incident near Damascus some days ago must be accessible.

Sergey Lavrov has also said in his new remarks in terms of the increased threats of war by Washington against Damascus that such a “regime of secrecy” by Western governments is not acceptable.

Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov made these new remarks in terms of the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian side against their own people after the Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the US-led accusations and propaganda against Syria an “utter nonsense” in terms of the use of chemical weapons by the government of Syria against civilians in a recent speech.

Vladimir Putin said that the accusations that the Syrian government would have used chemical weapons (e.g. poison gas) in attacks own their own people is “utter nonsense.”

According to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the “regime of secrecy” by several Western governments is unacceptable in regards of their accusations against Damascus and the increased possibility of a war of aggression against the Arab country, which is then justified by the pretext that the government in the Syrian capital would have allowed the use of chemical substances against their own Syrian civilians.

Lavrov urged the West to share the information about their alleged evidence for the claims against the Syrian government that the administration under Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has tolerated and ordered the use of chemical weapons against their own people in Syria. Evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Syria should not be kept secret, according to the Foreign Minister of Russia.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov made this new statement in terms of the alleged evidence in the hands of Washington for their claims and war threats against the Syrian government in Damascus during a speech to students of the Moscow State University of International Relations.

The Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also said during his address to the students of the State University of International Relation in the Russian capital Moscow that in case if there is “truly top secret information available, the veil should be lifted,” by the U.S. administration in Washington as well as by France and Britain.

The Russian Minister, Sergey Lavrov, is convinced that this is even a very serious “question of war and peace,” and he is absolutely correct with his remarks in terms of Syria and the increased possibility of a military strike on Damascus by US-led forces. According to the Russian Foreign Minister, the continuation of “this game of secrecy (by the Western states) is simply inappropriate.”

Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)
Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

Meanwhile, the war monger John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, said that the samples from the location of the chemical attack in a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus on August 21 have been tested positive and traces of Sarin nerve gas was found in the samples, which “were collected first responders” after the Aug. 21 chemical attack in a Damascus suburb.

US Secretary of State John Kerry also confirmed in new remarks against Damascus that Washington seeks to form its “coalition of willing” for a war on Syria. John Kerry said that he sought to build up the support for a military strike against Syria. However, it is at least also told that there is no knowledge available currently of who was behind the chemical weapons attack by Sarin nerve agent in a suburb of Damascus (e.g. Jobar). So or so, that does not matter because the propaganda and aims of Washington, only the Syrian government can be responsible for this.

Although it is already confirmed that foreign-backed terrorists have used Sarin nerve agent (chemical weapons) against Syrian civilians and soldiers in an attack in Khan al-Assal near Aleppo in March 2013. Who has once used Sarin nerve agent could have used it again, couldn’t he?

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  1. Canthama

    Russia and China have two alternatives in this sad event against Syria :
    1) Allow the coalition of the killing to attack a sovereign country under a lie and let them finish the Syrian people and lose total influence in ME while next step is to finish with Iran, and then after all the mess is done Russia and China to submit to the their world order and enjoy the “american dream” in every single country in this poverty, consumption and the world in blue, white and red strips.
    2) Face the fact this is a life and death for UNSC and their own sovereignty, and all options must be used to stop this event to happen or fight this proxi war, unfortunately as it was in Vietnam and Korea, and drawn line ” from here this madness stops”, while the BRICSs start to change the world reserve currency from the US Dollar so the current fuel for this arrogance is remove from the warmongers.

    Anyway, feel bad for any options, it will mean death and destruction, but honestly, it has to happen or this gang in power will take the world back to pre history.


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