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Ron Paul: Syria is the US Path to Iran

Syria Map

Ron Paul: Obama administration sees Damascus as the doorstep for invading Iran.

After US Senator Rand Paul has praised Syria’s President Assad for protecting the Christians in the Arab country against the violence and terrorism of the foreign-backed Islamists and religious fanatics, the former US Representative Ron Paul had another interview in terms of the Syrian conflict and the possibility of a US-led military attack on Syria.

Not to mention that there is the talk about Syrian threats to attack Turkey and Jordan in case if both states join the US-led military actions against Damascus.

But first, Ron Paul and his new interview about Syria and the US rhetoric of war against the Arab country. The former US congressman from Texas, Ron Paul, said in this new interview that the U.S. administration of President Barack Obama plans to attack Syria because Damascus is the doorstep for entering Iran and it is certainly not the first time that somebody mentions Syria as the path to Iran and that the United States want to strike Damascus to pave the way for an attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to the former US Representative Ron Paul, the entire theory is about the thing that the US administration goes to Syria “because that’s the way you march into Iran.” And true, this is certainly one of the key reasons for the supporters, war profiteers and backers of the possible military strike by US-led forces against Damascus. Ron Paul also said in his interview that the administration in Washington has “made it tougher for people who want to live in peace” and that the Obama administration is now “just stirring it up in Syria.”

The Nobel Prize laureate and President of the United States, Barack Obama, is currently waiting for the authorization by the US Congress to launch a military strike on Damascus and has already increased his lobbying for a war on Syria some days ago. Obama has even won some critical support by alleged key congressional leaders for his plan to attack Syria on Tuesday (the correct sentence would be to write that Obama has won some support for the Israeli plan to attack Damascus).

For example, the warmonger John Boehner is still convinced that the US administration has never committed any crimes in its role as the only honest police for the world. The House Speaker John Boehner said the following after a meeting with US President Obama and yes, he meant it completely serious:

“The enemies around the world that need to understand that we’re not going to tolerate this type of behaviour. We also have allies around the world and allies in the region who also need to know that America will be there and stand up when it’s necessary.” (John Boehner, House Speaker)

No surprise that the former US congressman Ron Paul criticizes such stances and statements by US officials. The same applies for the recent statement by Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari.

The Syrian Ambassador to the UN (United Nations) has criticized the US President for his warmongering policies and called Barack Obama a “bully” in his recent statements. Ron Paul has also criticized the US President Obama and his administration in Washington for the meddling in the internal affairs of Syria and the conflict in the Arab country.

According to the statements by Ron Paul, there is a civil war in Syria and he “smells Iraq all over again,” which means that former US representative Ron Paul is able to smell the same fabricated evidence, lies and false propaganda in terms of Syria as it happened before the war on Iraq some years ago.

Ron Paul then said that he still remembers the assurances by the US administration to him and the members of the US congress that Saddam Hussein has dangerous nuclear weapons and other kinds of weapons of mass destructions (WMDs) and that he would pose a serious threat for the safety of the United States.

This means that Ron Paul is convinced that the US administration of President Obama is simply lying again and fabricating evidence to justify another war on a country in the Middle East. Then again based on lies, fabricated facts and for the support of the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv.

However, according to Ron Paul, the situation is now a lot different because the American people are now on his side – the side of the people who reject another senseless war that is based on lies and fabricated evidence. Further, Ron Paul also said that many members of the US Congress would also say that a war on Syria would make “no sense.”

The former US congressman from Texas further stated that even the US military commanders dont want a war on Syria. The military commanders in the United States have allegedly stated that America has not even “the money” for another war in the Middle East.

Ron Paul has then correctly pointed out in his interview:

“Now, how about all these warmongers getting ready to bomb and kill and invade or do whatever they think necessary and they don’t even have the money and then they have to appropriate the money, which means more money drained from our economy.”

Again, a good comment and interview by and with Ron Paul.

Syria Map
Syria Map

And in terms of the Syrian threats towards Turkey and Jordan? According to reports, the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad has called on the neighbouring countries of Syria to abstain from the participation in a possible US-led military strike on Damascus. At least, according to media reports.

The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad has then allegedly warned Turkey and Jordan that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) would strike back.

According to the media reports, Faisal Mikdad said that the Syrian Army would not only strike back against the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv in case Washington starts the war on Damascus and the neighbouring countries participate in this US-led military strike on Syria, but also at Turkey and Jordan.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria has allegedly said this:

“Once the war breaks out no one will stay in control of the situation. We believe that any attack on Syria will undoubtedly lead to chaos in the entire region and beyond.” (Faisal Mikdad)

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  1. anton

    Can anyone comment on why Obama is in Sweden?Is he there to tamper with UN forensic evidence or renew extradition for Assange whatever the case its not good.

  2. AH

    Obama doesn’t exactly behave like a leader the way he tries to meddle with the Swedish chem lab now, by showing up there. If I was one of the investigators, I would laugh my a… off by a US president trying to influence me by just coincidentally being around – you know, maybe the investigators have some urgent questions to ask Obama, yeah, you never know, so better be there, right? What a fool you are, Obama…

    Oh, even better: Kerry’s confirmation that a big financial offer is on the table from the Arabs to cover the costs of a US raid on Syria. Has anyone told the American people yet, that their armed forces have now switched to mercenary business because the US is bankrupt? Hilarious! I know that they had been doing this before but, a sec of state actually confirming it towards the press – hahaha, next fool in line.
    It can’t get any better (worse…), eh?

    • Arklight

      Yeah, AH, it’s no doubt that Obama was trying to gaff the trick with the investigation. I don’t know that Sweden has enough fresh air to blow the stink off.

      Our own military has realized that they have become Lucifer’s Legions, very much against their will; how high up the chain of command does this realization go? I’ve no idea. What will come of the realization? I don’t know, but I’d guess that we’re about to find out. The American people have, at least in part, understood what was going on for some time, and there are mutterings of regime change needed right here at home, and toot sweet. We’ll see what happens, I guess. Keep your fingers crossed, and your powder dry.


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