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Rioters Kill Syrian Policeman, Burn the Governorate Building in Sweida

Armed rioters burned Sweida Governorate building

A group of armed rioters killed a Syrian policeman in the city of Sweida in Syria’s southern region today after blocking a main road in the city, the rioters then stormed the governorate’s building (City Hall), stole official documents, and burned the building and the vehicles next to it.

The Syrian Ministry of Interior vowed to chase the outlaws in a statement describing today’s events:

“A group of outlaws, some of whom carry individual weapons, proceeded at eleven thirty this morning to block the road with burning tires next to Al-Mashnaqa roundabout in Sweida (As-Suwayda) governorate.”

The ministry’s statement detailed the events of today as follows:

“The armed rioters later went to Sweida governorate building, and fired shots indiscriminately, wounding a member of the police and a number of citizens present in the place, the rioters entered the building by force of arms, broke the office furniture and stole a large part of the building, including official documents, and set it on fire.”

The statement added that the armed rioters set fire to the governorate building and the cars located near it, and they tried to storm the police command building, where the command guards confronted them, which led to the death of the policeman, Mahmoud al-Salmawi.

The video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

Local sources later said that a civilian was killed during the attempted storming of the police command building, the sources couldn’t confirm whether the civilian killed was one of the armed rioters, a member of the mob covering the armed rioters, or an unfortunate passerby killed to spark an outroar, blood begets blood, as the case in every US-led (and formerly British-led) strife around the world.

Druze spiritual leaders headed by Sheikh Hammoud Hannawi, the supreme spiritual leader of the Druze sect, and notables from the Sweida province convened to discuss the events, they issued a strong statement condemning the riots and calling on general calm in the province, their statement also called on the cooperation with the authorities to out the rioters and restore peace in the province.

A small group of Druze in Lebanon sponsored by the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Saudi and Qatari ruling families and financed through the Lebanese civil war warlord Junblatt which was created to rival the established Druze spiritual leadership in the region tried to fuel the tensions by siding with the rioters and calling on wider riots against public properties and security personnel. The Druze community in Syria and Lebanon denounced the call by the Saudi / Qatari-sponsored group in Lebanon and called on the public not to listen to the voices of known agitators.

The ‘liberals’ in the USA and UK fuel tensions by sponsoring small groups of radicals in every community they target, similar to the creation of the rivalry Orthodox Church in Ukraine to split the centuries-established Orthodox Church in the world, and similarly who they fuel the anti-Islamic Wahhabi smallest minority sect in Islam to produce the likes of Al Qaeda and later ISIS.

Sweida province has mainly remained calm during the last decade of the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people except for the massacres and some targeted assassinations carried out by the US-commanded Al Qaeda and ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorists, the largest massacre was on July 25, 2018, which ISIS terrorists based under the protection of the illegal US military base in Al Tanf killed 215 civilians, injured 180 others, and kidnapped 27 women and children, most of who were freed later in qualitative Syrian Arab Army (SAA) security operations.

That’s the price the Sweida province paid and is paying for not joining the US-promoted ‘peaceful protesters’ calling for ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’ in the country.

Syrians all over the country face massive shortages in fuel, electricity, cooking gas, and wheat due to the US army occupation of parts of the Al Jazira region in northern Syria comprising the provinces of Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah) where the main oil and gas fields are located and the most agricultural fertile soil thus depriving the Syrians of their own food and oil; and despite Syria’s main allies, Russia and Iran, are the world’s largest producers of oil, they couldn’t help Syria with sufficient oil it badly needs even though the Syrians are the ones footing the bill with their blood on behalf of humanity and Russia and Iran are next on the US-led camp of the Antichrist’s crusade.

The stealing of Syria’s oil and wheat is topped by the US and European Union’s inhumane illegal blockade and unilateral coercive measures dubbed wrongly as sanctions by western media, the sanctions that scare governments and corporations around the world from dealing with Syria and Syrian-based businesses.

Cautious calm is witnessed overall in the Sweida province with the deployment of riot-control police, especially on the main roads in the province, and guarding public properties while the province’s police command continues their investigations into the incident and to identify the outlaws.

Special note to our US readers: Compare these riots to the ‘January 6 Capitol riots’ which are hysterically denounced by your liberals under the Biden junta who support these rioters in Syria.

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