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Residents of Hajar Aswad Capture an ISIS Terrorist Alive – Video

Hajar Aswad Residents Capture ISIS Terrorist Alive

Residents of the recently cleaned suburb of Hajar Aswad found an ISIS terrorist hiding among the rubble of a building, they brought him out to the main street and the women gave him something to remember in the rest of his ugly life.

Hajar Aswad was cleaned from ISIS terrorists and their affiliates 3 days ago after a tense military operation by the Syrian Arab Army, thus announcing the Syrian capital Damascus secure from the daily random and indiscriminate shelling with mortars and missiles by the US-sponsored terrorists.

Seems this terrorist lost contact with his commanders who fled the battle in the early days and didn’t inform him to join those who surrendered. He might be as well waiting for his chance to blow himself up with the largest number of civilians after they return to the area so he can join his 72 male Houris in hell.

Watch how the Syrian people who suffered dearly at the hands of ISIS and its affiliates, deal with US-sponsored ‘Moderate Rebels’, these are the real civilians not the fake ones on Westen mainstream media:

(Video also available on BitChute:

The officer’s voice heard in the clip was asking to leave only the women beating the terrorist before he was arrested. I personally just can’t wait to hear a NATO propagandist criticizing these people for what they did to this member of NATO’s dearest ‘moderate rebels’ and calling for the good treatment of this low-level scum.

We hope the citizens of the US and other states involved in sponsoring these terrorists would go forward and do the same to their politicians what our women did to this filthiest filth of the world, until then, we are holding each taxpayer in each NATO member state responsible for financing these terrorists in our country and causing all the suffering of the Syrian people and the destruction of Syria.

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