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The Regime of Donald Trump Massacres 26 More Syrian Civilians in Hajin

The Regime of Donald Trump Massacres Additional 26 Syrian Civilians in Hajin

Hajin, Der Ezzor, November 10, 2018: Forces loyal to the war criminal ‘Animal‘ Donald J. Trump bombed the town of Hajin, northeast of Syria, and killed 26 civilians, in early estimates.

No clue why the ISIS-sponsors carried out the bombing except, as it seems, a US policy of level-carpeting towns to intimidate the population into submission, remember Fallujah?

This massacre comes just one week after the recent similar bombing of the same Hajin town which left 15 civilians killed and many more injured, which itself followed a series of similar attacks by the terrorists from the US, SDF, and ISIS.

The so-called US-led Coalition carries out such attacks to protect their assets in ISIS terrorists and SDF traitors in the countryside of Der Ezzor province east of Syria and near At Tanf border crossing southeast of the country.

Forces loyal to the war criminal Donald J. Trump have an illegal presence in Syria, uninvited by the legitimate government of Syria, unauthorized by the United Nations and only commits massacres against civilians.

Syrians were just celebrating the heroic military operation by their army against US-sponsored ISIS terrorists which freed 14 women and 5 children near Tadmor (Palmyra) when the regime of the United States stole away their joy with this latest atrocity.

The 7.5 years ‘War of Terror’ waged against Syria by over 130 countries under the leadership of the US and its British and French poodles, financed by the Gulfies, in order to effect a ‘Regime Change’ to replace the legitimate Syrian state with a puppet regime comprising of warlords and loyal to the anti-Christ’s movement led by those in control of the US regime.

Failing to achieve their Regime Change goal militarily and by terror, the US and its cronies wage a punishment war of attrition against the Syrian state and the Syrian people to grab whatever they can by politics what they couldn’t by military force.

US-led Coalition has previously used internationally banned White Phosphorus in their bonbings, especially recently against Hajin.

The crimes bills is only increasing on the war criminals and the Syrians have the longest memory among the human race, we will not forget and we will never forgive these crimes committed by each citizen of each of the countries in this criminal ‘Coalition’. We will make sure our coming generations engrave this in their genes forever.

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