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real news from syria terrorist mustafa rashid usayfra relates details of armed terrorist groups activities

Terrorist Mustafa Rashid Usayfra Relates Details of Armed Terrorist Groups’ Activities (

Nov 10, 2012

ALEPPO, (SANA) – Terrorist Mustafa Rashid Usayfra related details of the crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups who claim to champion freedom, crimes that include robbery, abduction and rape in Aleppo province.
In an interview with SANA’s correspondent on Saturday, Usayfra said that was forced to join the terrorist group known as “Liwa’a al-Tawhid” which is led by Mohammad Imad and Abdullah Khashman, explaining that these terrorists broke into his home and abducted his wife and daughter.
Usayfra, who was born in Tal Adan in Aleppo countryside in 1988, he said that he joined this group with his cousin Rabe’a and another relative, also called Mustafa, and that before that he worked as a butcher in Bahsita in Bab al-Faraj area.
Usayfra said that he was tasked at first to spy on security and army checkpoints and report their location, numbers and the weapons they have to the terrorists, carrying out this task on a bicycle with a basket full of meat to make it look like he’s just an ordinary citizen doing his job, adding that he was also given an AK-47 rifle and used it.
He explained that the leaders of his group would plan robberies, entering houses they knew were vacant at the time and rob everything they could find.
Usayfra said that Khashman received weapons from a man called Sattouf al-Murei and distributed them among the group’s members who include Khaled, Omar and Ibrahim Khashman (ages 29,19 and 35 respectively) who used to sell fuel, with these three acting as informants and gunmen wielding AK-47.
He went on to name other group members are Abdelrahman Assad (28 years old) who used to be an electrician, Ahmad Mohammad Halaba (19), Rabe’a Mohammad Azuz (30) and Hammoud Qima who previously worked in a restaurant, Rabe’a Hasan Usayfra (25) who was a tailor, Ismael al-Sattouf (30) who used to work in a dairy farm, Yasser al-Hamad (35) who used to work in a restaurant, and Farouk and Hasan and others from Arbash family who used to sell cigarettes, adding that all the aforementioned acted as gunmen and most of the also acted as informants.
Usayfra said that they would lure women to join them under the pretense of needing them to cook for them, then they would rape them, adding that this was justified by fatwas from terrorist Mohammad Imad who told them that everything the group’s members do constitutes jihad and that even sins become acceptable, including robbery and rape.
He also noted that Imad would spout sectarian rhetoric and instigate against people who don’t follow their salafi Wahabi ways.
Usayfra said that funding and provisioning was carried out by robbing homes and shops and selling their loot, in addition to receiving support from outside in Mare’a area, adding that “trials” were also held in Mare’a where the leaders of Liwa’a al-Tawhid were located, adding that the terrorists included Afghans and Pakistanis and a number of women.
He also divulged the names of some of the leaders of the terrorist groups affiliated to Jabhet al-Nasra and Liwa’a al-Tawhid, including Hammoud al-Kherawi who operates in Qadi Askar area, Farouk Arbash in Karm Homad area, and Sattouf al-Murei in Shiekh Saeed area.
H. Sabbagh

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