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real news from syria eruption in damascus countryside claims one death 5 injuries

Eruption in Damascus countryside claims one death, 5 injuries

November 4, 2012 2:03 PM

An explosive device, planted by insurgents of Free Army militia, has detonated in al-Tal city of Damascus countryside.

Our correspondent stated that the explosion resulted in the death of a cleaner and 5 injuries.
The correspondent of Breaking News network in Edlib said that the Syrian Army has hit a position for Free Army militia, what resulted in 30 deaths upon its militants.
The dead insurgents included Muhammad al-Ahmad, Ahmad al-Khatib, Muhammad Shakib Mandeel, Jamil al-Khadiji, Hasan al-Khadiji and Mamdouh al-Khalil.
In Daraa, our reporter mentioned that the leader of Daraa Fedayeen, Iyas Muhammad al-Hajj, has been killed, accompanied with some gunmen, during attacking a checkpoint for Syrian Army in al-Sanamein city of Daraa.
To Deir al-Zour, the units of Syrian Army clashed with the armed men of Free Army militia in al-Setta Illa Rubee neighborhood, what resulted in 4 deaths and 7 wounds of the insurgents
Our correspondent stated that the Syrian Army was able to eliminate 15 militants, including their leader Muhammad Ahmad al-Zuhour, after clashing with them in al-Mayadeen city.

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