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Syria: Breaking News Update Nov. 17, 2012

Damascus: the shells in al-Shaghour resulted in a blaze in Bilal mosque and other material damages

November 17, 2012   12:21 PM

Damascus: mortar shells were fired near sports al-Nidal club and Bilal mosque in al-Shaghour neighborhood

November 17, 2012   12:20 PM

The Egyptian Foreign minster: now is the time to reconsider the Peace Operation

November 17, 2012   11:24 AM

The Lebanese foreign minister demands the Arab ministers to sever all relations with Israel

November 17, 2012   10:54 AM

Al-Arabi: We have to reconsider all the formal Arab initiatives

November 17, 2012   10:53 AM

Our correspondent: the shell in Jaramana resulted in 6 martyrs and 23 injuries

November 17, 2012   10:04 AM

Our correspondent: the shell landed on al-Basel neighborhood of Jaramana, situated in Damascus countryside

November 17, 2012   9:46 AM

Our correspondent: insurgents fire a mortar shell on Jaramana, what resulted in martyrs and injuries

November 17, 2012   9:45 AM

The White House: Washington rejects providing any arms or missiles to Hamas

November 17, 2012   9:29 AM

Our correspondent in Homs: dozens of insurgents got killed in striking their position in al-Qusair countryside

November 17, 2012   5:56 AM

Aleppo: Ammar Anjarin, the citizen who was abducted by gunmen who pretended to be members of the security forces, has been liberated

November 17, 2012   5:52 AM

Our correspondent in Edlib: 9 militants who attacked al-Qalaa neighborhood have been killed in Harem

November 17, 2012   5:39 AM

Edlib: civilians, including women and children, have martyred in bombing al-Tarma neighborhood by the insurgents

November 17, 2012   5:32 AM

Al-Quds for the Israeli officers: we will turn Tal Aviv into a mass of flame

November 17, 2012   5:30 AM

Al-Quds Troops for the Israeli officers: we will turn Gaza into graves for your soldiers

November 17, 2012   5:29 AM

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