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Syria: Qussayrgrad, WWIII Anybody?


30,000 inhabitants, a calm border town surrounded with beautiful orchids, very nice weather and a strategically positioned city, like all of the Syrian cities, most are strategic and under the international microscope, but this time not due to any geography, history or art, this time it’s far more dangerous, it’s about the nuclear war and one nuclear flame might have been thrown already. That’s Al-Qussayr city which will go by the name ‘Qussayrgrad‘ soon.

Late Hafez Assad once said: ‘We are the best in playing at the edge of the abyss, and if we fall we fall on the bodies of our enemies‘, Syria’s junior lion inherited a lot of features from his father, and this is one of them.

After 2 years of the aggressors camp thinking they have the upper hand in the Syrian crisis, and despite hundreds of warnings from Damascus and its allies, one of which was by president Bashar Al-Assad: ‘Syria falls on an earthquake fault-line, any miscalculation and the entire region will be devastated with an earthquake’.

Western strategists known to be arrogant, racist and cocky or in other words dumb, have belittled Assad’s warnings, we kept saying Syria is different and it’s not like Libya, Iraq, Somalia or any other country the west ‘democratized’ and they kept jumping on western mainstream media channels knowing more and showing off, they managed to smuggle inside Syria more than 40,000 foreign Alqaeda terrorists as the UN envoy Ibrahimi confirmed, which we know that’s what’s left of them right now out of the total of 125,000 at least in addition to local criminals hired.

Terrorists controlling most of Aleppo’s countryside, Ragga city, thousands were dispatched from Jordan in the south and the southern city Daraa is falling in their hands, Damascus countryside in many locations got infested, especially Darayya & Al-Otaibeh, and mortar shells started falling on the capital. It can’t go better for the western criminal states, their station in Al-Qussayr city is their main command and control center, French, US, UK, German, Turkish, Israeli, Qatari and Saudi intelligence officers are believed to be there smuggled from Lebanon, especially the French whom disappeared from their station in north Lebanon, Damascus is about to fall.

Syria"s president Bashar Al-Assad in Uniform.
Syria’s president Bashar Al-Assad in Uniform.

Syria’s Assad knowing the edge of the abyss is becoming thinner and can hold only one on its top, the National Defense Forces finished their intensive training, Hizbullah was asked to guard religious shrines with the help of local committees, a presidential amnesty was issued on the 16th of April, and one month was given to criminals to turn themselves in.. A presidential amnesty in the midst of all of this?! SAA was given orders: Liberate the country and terminate the terrorists. And SAA delivers.

600 terrorists in Jdeidet Fadhl near Damascus vanish within 3 hours, Wahhabi clerics go mad and declare Jihad against Syria, nobody answers, road from central Hama city to Aleppo in the north is cleaned, another road is being cleared through Idleb to the northwest, Latakia countryside highly infested with terrorists smuggled in by Turkish intelligence and huge operations for SAA, NDF and local Syrian Resistance Men killing scores of terrorists and liberating Khirbet Solas, Point 45 among other strategist sites, Al-Otaibah town near Damascus International Airport and one of the main command and control centers for terrorists in the south.

A route for supply from Iraq and Jordan through the deserts falls in the hands of the SAA, circling around the countryside SAA moves north and units in the south retrieve strategic Khirbet Ghazaleh town delivering a decisive blow to terrorists in the south, not scores only killed, estimates of 1,600 terrorists were eliminated, at least.

And the most important is the advance through villages and towns west of Orontes river in Al-Qussayr countryside are liberated one after the other circling the city and preventing terrorists from fleeing towards Lebanese borders. Chemical weapons are used by the Syrian Arab Army against civilians, an Obama red line crossed, no chemical weapons were used, Obama’s red line not crossed, some chemical weapons were used, Syrians are walking across Obama’s red line, the confusion and hysteria in the west camp is understood, the day they thought they’re winning and prepared celebrations, they started receiving news from Syria bad for them and good news for the entire world.

Israel gets involved directly and carries out a raid against chicken hens and a weapons depot near Damascus, most likely using mini-nukes in coordination with Alqaeda fighters who attacked 19 different SAA checkpoints around the capital, another Damascus Saga fails. US former ambassador to Syria Robert S Ford, the father of Iraqi Death Squads known to kill Shiite & Sunni Iraqis in addition to US Marines, he arrives at a border town between Syria and Turkey, one day later a twin explosion occurs at a border town between Syria and Turkey killing more than 40 human beings and injuring around 100, immediate accusations against Syria are there. Why all the craze out of a sudden? NATO is losing, but there’s more into it.

SAA Removes FSA
SAA Removing Al Qaeda FSA

Syrian Arab Army calls on the terrorists in Al-Qussayr city to surrender, there’s no more corridor for them to flee and reconsider, the corridor they used to get, the presidential amnesty is over, terrorists refuse to surrender and news of secret negotiations take place with the Syrian government, westerns want the SAA to open a corridor for those inside Al-Qussayr city to leave into Lebanon, Syrians reject, US’s John Kerry goes to Moscow, the very next day UK’s Cameron visits Moscow, French Laurent Fabius who was insisting on a military end to the Syrian crisis is suddenly stating there must be a political peaceful solution to the crisis.

After more than 2 years and when circling Al-Qussayr all this happens? Wait. Kerry agrees with the Russians on a peaceful solution and a new international conference to solve the Syrian crisis, a Geneva 2, one day after Kerry claims the point that failed Geneva 1 will fail Geneva 2: Assad’s departure. Cameron agrees with the Russians on a peaceful solution and a new international conference to solve the Syrian crisis, a Geneva 2, he leaves Russia to Washington and Chemical weapons again..! What’s in Al-Qussayr city?

Let’s recap: Israel raid, bombings in Reyhanli, Iraqi WMDs allegations repeated, western officials pilgrimage to Moscow.. And finally, the US State Department gets directly involved and issues the following in English, Arabic and ‘Persian..!’ with Qusayr as the main keyword:

State Department on Leaflets over Qusayr, Syria

10 May 2013
Office of the Spokesperson
May 10, 2013


Leaflets over Qusayr, Syria

We are deeply concerned by reports that the Assad regime has begun dropping leaflets over Qusayr that tell all civilians to evacuate or be treated as combatants. We strongly condemn any shelling of innocent civilians or threats to do so. Ordering the displacement of the civilian population under these circumstances is the latest demonstration of the regime’s ongoing brutality.

The regime’s continued indiscriminate aerial bombing in civilian areas – including bakeries, breadlines, and hospitals – violates international humanitarian law. As horrifying reports of regime atrocities and massacres continue to emerge, the Assad regime and all its supporters who commit crimes against the Syrian people should know that the world is watching and that they will be identified and held accountable. As the Syrian people address questions of accountability, the United States will continue to work with Syrians and the international community to support the documentation of violations.

# # #

Qusayr, Syria,
human rights,
humanitarian law violations

US State Department on Leaflets over Qussayr

Why not a similar statement for Otaibah, Khirbet Ghazaleh, Jdeidet Fadhl, Aleppo’s entire southern countryside, almost everywhere else? Will the west go stupid and spark WWIII, thee Armageddon to rescue themselves from humiliation after the world finds out what’s in Al-Qussayr? Iran showed its solidarity with Syria, Hizbullah stated they’ll join any fight hand in hand against foreign intervention. Turkish Army will definitely, based on yours truly’s assessment will fail the Muslim Brotherhood prime minister Erdoğan and will refuse to get involved in a war between Muslim countries for nothing. The Russians will not let their only foothold in the world outside the Black Sea fall, not that they’ll join the fight but they’ll back their allies.

The west is capable of stupidity and major crimes, let’s hope there are some sane people left out there. 

Meanwhile, watch this short report from the outskirts of Al-Qussayr:

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  1. miri

    I have been wondering how this report could be told. Introducing the facts via the Hafez metaphor certainly brought at least one of your readers to the dizzying edge, practically knocked over by the frenzied, urgency-driven, mad-as-hatters NATO "Headlesses-of-State."

    Thank you.

    الله محيي الجيش

  2. Matt cusuamno

    I am so happy to hear that Syria is beating the terrorists. This is such a victory for humanity, peace and justice. It's a serious crime to send the scum of the earth to Syria to rape and pillage, and try to subject the Syrian people to a foreign agenda. So when the SAA wins, its not just for Syria, its for all those who love peace and oppose the brutal schemes of the zionizts and western powers

    • steven

      the day will come that those responsible in new York, London, Paris, jew mixtures, they themselves

      will end up that the terrorists they send into Libya , syria and other places, they one eliminated car i Russia, later nature that created us all send Hitler, Himmler and other to finish them (jews) off,

      just ask in your thought " The spirit of Heinrich Himmler, the spirit of Adolf Hitler , you have allmighty power of life and death, make those responsible of crimes commited in Syria, Lybia and other places suffer brutal death as soon as possible" you may not believe in the spirits of the death people, but those who do and get messages in their night dream know that the are among us, and

      those that deny it know it also, nobody came back from a grave and will not come back from a grave no matter how much fake cupons called dollars and euros that jew criminals print to commit these crimes will change the fact that nowbody will win with death


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