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Qusayr is Safe again and the Syrian Army will Crush all Terrorists

Qussayr City

The Syrian Arab Army has urged all citizens of the finally recaptured city of al-Qusayr near the border to Lebanon to return to their home in the city and according to some sources from the Syrian military, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units will go on removing all the left foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists in this area near Lebanon and in the rest regions of Syria.

The Syrian army sources promised that the battles will continue in order to crush and remove all foreign-backed gunmen, militants and religious fanatics across the entire country while they confirmed that the Syrian city of Qusayr near the border to Lebanon “is safe now”. This is even an official announcement of the Syrian military from today and a very good news for a lot of people within and abroad Syria.

The statement of the Syrian military also stressed that the victory in al-Qusayr is definitely “a clear message to the enemies of the country” and “particularly to the Israeli regime”.

Already today morning, the Syrian state television channel reported that the “heroic armed Syrian forces have brought back security and stability to the entire town of al-Qusayr”. The Syrian Arab Army units have finally removed all the foreign-backed fighters, jihadists and radicals from the town near the border to Lebanon.

Al-Qusayr was a dangerous hub for arms supplies and ammunition as well as human resources for the battles against the secular state of Syria and against Syria as country. These supply routes of the foreign-backed terrorists were finally cut off step by step in recent weeks by the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SA) with the help of fighters of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah and some Baath groups.

The Syrian military units have completely removed the foreign-backed terrorists and their networks which has been established with the help of some specific persons in Lebanon, the Israeli regime, Jordan, Turkish regime and some Western governments, as well as the two dangerous Gulf regimes – the rotten house of Saud and the Qatari fat stain. Two totalitarian dictatorships with less human rights and justice for their people in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but best friends of Europe and the United States. Schizophrenic situation – but it is all about money and resources, isn’t it?

Qussayr City
Qussayr City

Syrian troops, supported by fighters of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, entered the border town of Qusayr from several directions on May 19 after weeks of clashes with all the foreign-backed terrorists, militants and religious fanatics.

In addition, according to some sources, the Syrian army has also stated that it has obtained documents which confirm the hypocritical and dangerous role of Arab and non-Arab countries in the proxy-war and conflict within Syria.

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  1. shachalnur

    Congratulations to the SAA on the victory in Qusair.

    For the stability ,and the oppotunity to find solutions for the various conflicts in the region,it is essential that the Rothschild/NATO/Al-Qaida mercenaries will be crushed.

    As soon as US/Europe stop meddling in the region ,I'm sure the possibility for peace and justice in the Middle East is at hand.


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