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Al-Qaeda Takfiris Destroying World’s Heritage

Hijir Bin Adi al-Kindi grave

Let’s keep in mind who created Al Qaeda and who controls them, then remember who invented the entire Wahhabi doctrine which is supposed to be based on an offshoot of Islam which is Salafism, or reliving the way prophet’s companions lived, so it’s an offshoot of an offshoot of Islam, making it an anti-Islam doctrine invented by the Brits through a Muhammad Abdul Wahhab in Arabia a couple of centuries ago. With this short preface we can connect 2 dots: MI6 invents the doctrine (Wahhabism) and CIA creates the militia (Al Qaeda) after the first militia, the Muslim Brotherhood early fighters finished their job in destroying the Ottoman Caliphate..!

What else they have in common beside being formed by intelligence agencies from one organization? Well, they’re sponsored, armed, financed and promoted by the same member states of the same NATO organization. Their goal?

Reading old history of Islam is not difficult, adding subversion by religious control produced the perfect formula for redoing what former Muslims did a century after prophet Muhammad PBuH died, a 100 years war between the 2 main sects of Islam then. Depending on the less fortune, the poor and ignorant masses in rural areas. The war planned now will make Muslims of different sects fight each other until annihilation or at least weaken each other till the max before the evil minds in NATO HQ can control them before NATO itself collapses from within due to hundreds of reasons, economical is just one of it. What’s keeping the evil plan from utilizing? Thank the Syrians for their amazing awareness, legendary withstanding to the fiercest aggression by any consortium of colonialists at any time in history and the awareness of their allies in the axis they formed before the current Syrian crisis.

Hijir Bin Adi al-Kindi grave in Adra, Damascus countryside
Hijir Bin Adi al-Kindi grave in Adra, Damascus countryside

Today, May 2nd, 2013 a group of Wahhabi Takfiri Jihadists destroyed one more grave in Syria for a prophet companion Hijir Bin Adi al-Kindi in Adra, Damascus Countryside. They took out his dead body, he died some 1,400 years ago and buried it in an unmarked place, as they claim through some Facebook page of one of their groups names.

Hijir Bin Adi al-Kindi grave in Damascus countryside
Hijir Bin Adi al-Kindi grave in Damascus countryside

The following report by Lebanese Al-Manar TV, which is banned in many countries to promote ‘free speech’, combines a few targets where the NATO sponsored Takfiris were dispatched and triggered, you should note that each country mentioned in the report was somehow ‘democratized’ or at least ‘visited’ by a NATO member state or more in recent years, report with English subtitles:

Video also available on BitChute:

Ammar Bin Yassir, another prophet Muhammad’s companion had his shrine destroyed in Raqqa city, north of Syria earlier this year, not to mention the world’s oldest church Umm Zinnar Church in Old Homs city, the world’s oldest synagogue in Jobar, a Damascus suburb, and an endless number of others carefully selected by ‘someone’ and targeted by these cavemen.

Pray that Syrians win as soon as possible, for your own good.

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  1. miri

    Now that Qatar is overseeing a 'land swap' (though I'm trying to figure out what Palestinians have left to exchange), which Israel approves of, perhaps this peace plan includes provisions for settlers and takfiris to destroy the Mosque of Omar, ecumenically.

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