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Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Without Hollywood Effects

Al Qaeda - Al Nusra Front

The only way to take over a Syrian Army base is to overwhelm it with a huge proportion, have hundreds attack a remote post manned by less than 10 Syrian Army soldiers and sustaining heavy losses, even then.

Syrian Army soldiers and officers have proven to be really brave and tough fighters on the ground in battles when they see their enemy face to face, however, their weakest point is when their attackers attack in large numbers and come from between civilians while taking those civilians as human shields, then the SAA prefers to lose an area than to cause the slaughter of civilians as the ‘strategist’ planners for Al Qaeda FSA terrorists at the Pentagon and CIA wish.

I’ve personally checked the vast majority of battles throughout the past 2 years fought between the Syrian Arab Army and the herds of Wahhabi Sex Jihadists, in each single battle there would be either an overwhelming attack like when over 700 terrorists were smuggled by the Turkish intelligence into Jisr Al-Shoghour border city on 02 June 2011 with bulldozers and mortar cannons attacking a single building where 72 Syrian security and policemen from the entire city and its countryside took shelter there and didn’t surrender till the last bullet, losing all 72 lives; or in cases of betrayals by some corrupt officers whom were bought with millions of US Dollars just to betray for a single battle like what happened with the head of military security branch in Aleppo city who let in over 10,000 terrorists smuggled from Turkey into the city’s countryside and within 2 months time he gave them plans and locations of the SAA, handed them invaluable information leading to losing the 2nd Aleppo battle to the terrorists, the same officer was killed when trying to flee to Turkey and didn’t enjoy the money he sold his country for; or in cases of suicide bombers attacking one post then followed by large herds of these prehistoric cavemen wanting to spread ‘democracy’ in the country of 12,000 years of civilization history. Other than such cases, not ever did the Syrian Arab Army men lose a single battle. Does this explain the ongoing 24 months of fighting with these countless international terrorists?

Mainstream media never show losses sustained by these terrorists, Rambo style or the Hollywood superhero style, and always cheer for their ‘wins’ against civilians and against the Syrian Army even when such wins last for half an hour for the filming and broadcasting worldwide purpose. Our job is to show you these Wahhabi Sex Jihadists actually losing on the ground, we have to work this around as well, as main social media sites prevent Syrians from telling their narrative and keep on deleting our channels on YouTube, pages on Facebook and accounts on Twitter, at the same time Al-Nusra Front for instance aka Al-Qaeda Levant maintain an official account on Twitter and numerous profiles on Facebook and YouTube showing breaching each ‘community standard’ these social media sites have. And the following is one more example to be added.

On 22 January 2013, a large number of terrorists climbed the historic Harim (Haram or Harem) Citadel in Idleb countryside, again near the borders with Turkey, and wanted to attack a Syrian Army post down the citadel from the other side, from their own cameras they filmed this attempt of course to justify where they spent the millions of US Taxpayer dollars, we just added English subtitles to it:

It’s about time you start asking NATO propagandists, aka mainstream media, why the Syrian crisis is still ongoing after more than 24 months if the Syrian people are against their own state?!

Syrian Arab Army
Syrian Arab Army


Al-Nusra Front Terrorists
Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

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