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President Bashar Al-Assad Victory Speech at Arab League Summit

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad Speech at the Arab League Summit in Jeddah KSA Saudi Arabia - كلمة الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد في مؤتمر قمة الجامعة العربية في جدة السعودية

President Bashar Al-Assad delivered yesterday a concise but brutally important speech at the Arab League summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, most political analysts described it as the Syrian and Assad’s victory speech after 12 years of futile concerted US-led, NATO combined participation, Arab-contributed efforts to overthrow the Syrian government, divide Syria, control West Asia, and isolate Russia, China, and Iran from the rest of the world.

The following is the full speech of President Assad at the Arab League summit with English subtitles followed by the full transcript of the English translation of the speech:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


Your Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Your Majesties, Sovereigns and Highnesses, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Where does one begin his speech when the dangers are no longer imminent, but realized? It begins with the hope that motivates achievement and action, and when ailments accumulate, the doctor can treat them individually, provided that he treats the underlying disease that causes them; therefore, we have to search for the major titles that threaten our future and produce our crises so we do not drown, and drown future generations in dealing with the results, not the causes.

Threats contain dangers and opportunities, and today we are facing the opportunity of the international situation change, which appears in a multipolar world as a result of the domination of the West devoid of principles, morals, friends and partners.

It is a historic opportunity to rearrange our affairs with the least amount of foreign interference, which requires repositioning us in this world that is being formed today in order for us to be an active part in it, investing in the positive atmosphere arising from the reconciliations that preceded the summit, leading to it today.

It is an opportunity to consolidate our culture in the face of the upcoming meltdown with modern liberalism that targets the innate affiliations of man and strips him of his morals and identity and to define our Arab identity with its civilizational dimension while it is falsely accused of ethnicity and chauvinism with the aim of making it in a state of conflict with the natural, national, ethnic and religious components, so it dies and our societies die with it in its struggle with itself and not with others.

The titles are too many for words, and summits are not enough (to handle), they do not begin with the crimes of the Zionist entity, rejected by the Arabs, against the resisting Palestinian people, and do not end with the danger of expansionist Ottoman thought grafted with a deviant fraternal (Muslim Brotherhood) flavor. They are not separated from the challenge of development as a top priority for our developing societies.

Here comes the role of the League of Arab States, being the natural platform for discussing and addressing various issues, provided that it develops its work system by reviewing the Charter and the rules of procedure and developing its mechanisms to keep pace with the times.

Joint Arab action needs common visions, strategies, and goals that we later turn into executive plans that need a unified policy, firm principles, and clear mechanisms and controls, then we will move from reaction to anticipation of events, and the (Arab) League will be a breathing outlet in the event of a siege, not an accomplice in it, a refuge from aggression not a platform for it.

As for the issues that concern us daily, from Libya to Syria, passing through Yemen and Sudan, and many other issues in different regions, we cannot treat diseases by treating symptoms, as all of these issues are the results of larger titles that have not been addressed previously.

As for talking about some of them, it needs to address the rifts that have arisen in the Arab arena over the past decade and to restore the League’s role as a healer of wounds, not as a deepener for them. The most important thing is to leave the internal issues to their people, as they are able to manage their affairs, and we only have to prevent external interference in their countries and help them exclusively upon request.

As for Syria, its past, present and future is Arabism, but it is an Arabism of belonging, not an Arabism of hugging, hugging is fleeting, but belonging is permanent. A person may move from one hugging to another for some reason, but it does not change his affiliation. As for the one who changes it, he is without affiliation in the first place, and whoever falls into the heart does not languish in the hugging, and Syria is the heart of Arabism and in its heart.

Ladies and Gentlemen, As we convene this summit in a turbulent world, hope rises in light of the Arab-Arab, regional and international rapprochement that culminated in this summit, which I hope will mark the beginning of a new phase of Arab action for solidarity among us, for peace in our region, for development and prosperity instead of war and destruction.

In keeping with the five minutes allotted for speaking, I would like to extend my deep thanks to the heads of delegations who have expressed their deep-rooted affection towards Syria and reciprocate them, I also thank the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques (Saudi King) for the great role he played and the intense efforts he made to promote reconciliation in our region and for the success of this summit, I wish him and His Highness the Crown Prince and the brotherly Saudi people continued progress and prosperity, and peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

End of the transcript.

The Arab League had two important summits in the past 12 years, the first one was when the Qatari-led powerless US-dominated Arabs illegally expelled Syria from the League it was an establishing member 26 years before Qatar state came into existence, illegally because they failed to adhere to the League’s Charter to obtain a unanimous decision on expelling Syria; and the second was yesterday, May 19th, 2023, in which Syria restored the Arab League from the USA and its regional poodles.

During the past 12 years, the evil camp, the US-led camp of criminal regimes including the European Union countries, the Gulfies, and some Arab states, NATO other countries, especially Turkey, NATO proxy entities spearheaded by Israel have combined their efforts to overthrow the Syrian government, during this period, the evil camp prioritized killing Syrians and destroying the cradle of civilization over their own people’s wellbeing, health, infrastructure, and even basic needs.

Estimates of hundreds of billions of dollars / Euros, Riyals, and all other currencies were spent to destroy Syria, the least estimates arrive at half a trillion dollars, that’s 500 billion US dollars, a large portion of which was paid by the Gulfies with Saudi Arabia and Qatar alone spending 138 billion dollars between early 2011 and May 2017, former Qatari PM Hamad bin Jassim admitted that much on his own state official TV. The US taxpayers contributed the next large portion, and the European Union taxpayers contributed the rest.

Hundreds of thousands of terrorists were recruited from across the planet and were dumped into Syria from all its borders, the Syrian Arab Army alone managed to eliminate 125,000 of those between early March 2011 and September 2015 when the Russian air force joined the war against the world’s largest terrorist army and was effectively destroying their logistical supply routes and depots.

There’s still much to do to complete the victory, the expelling of the armies of NATO ‘defensive’ alliance, the Turkish and US armies, and their proxy terrorists, ISIS, al Qaeda, and the Kurdish SDF separatists being the top priority to restore Syria’s sovereignty. Then the battle to rebuild what the USA and its proxies destroyed.

The victory of Syria after all those years, all that wasted money and lives, all that mayhem and carnage, all that suffering, helped bring back the world’s balance from the hands of the few ruling the West. President Assad’s concise speech turned a page on 12 years of the main part of the final chapter of one of history’s most criminal empires, the USA and its Western cronies.

Arabic transcript of President Bashar Al Assad’s speech is on page 2

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النص الكامل لخطاب الرئيس بشار الأسد في قمة جامعة الدول العربية في جدة، السعودية

سمو اﻷمير محمد بن سلمان ولي عهد المملكة العربية السعودية، أصحاب الجلالة والسيادة والسمو، السيدات والسادة

من أين يبدأ المرء حديثه واﻷخطار لم تعد محدقة، بل محققة؟ يبدأ من الأمل الدافع للإنجاز والعمل، وعندما تتراكم العلل، يمكن للطبيب أن يعالجها فرادى، شرط أن يعالج المرض اﻷساسي المسبب لها. فإذاً علينا أن نبحث عن العناوين الكبرى التي تهدد مستقبلنا وتنتج أزماتنا كيلا نغرق ونغرق اﻷجيال القادمة بمعالجة النتائج لا اﻷسباب

والتهديدات فيها مخاطر وفيها فرص، ونحن اليوم أمام فرصة تبدل الوضع الدولي الذي يتبدى بعالم متعدد الأقطاب كنتيجة لهيمنة الغرب المجرد من المبادئ والأخلاق والأصدقاء والشركاء

هي فرصة تاريخية ﻹعادة ترتيب شؤوننا بأقل قدر من التدخل اﻷجنبي، وهو ما يتطلب إعادة تموضعنا في هذا العالم الذي يتكون اليوم كي نكون جزءاً فاعلاً فيه، مستثمرين في اﻷجواء الإيجابية الناشئة عن المصالحات التي سبقت القمة وصولاً إليها اليوم

هي فرصة لترسيخ ثقافتنا في مواجهة الذوبان القادم مع الليبرالية الحديثة التي تستهدف الانتماءات الفطرية للإنسان وتجرده من أخلاقه وهويته، ولتعريف هويتنا العربية ببعدها الحضاري وهي تتهم زوراً بالعرقية والشوفينية بهدف جعلها في حالة صراع مع المكونات الطبيعية القومية والعرقية والدينية فتموت وتموت معها مجتمعاتنا في صراعها مع ذاتها لا مع غيرها

العناوين كثيرة لا تتسع لها كلمات ولا تكفيها قمم، لا تبدأ عند جرائم الكيان الصهيوني المنبوذ عربياً بحق الشعب الفلسطيني المقاوم ولا تنتهي عند خطر الفكر العثماني التوسعي المطعم بنكهة إخوانية منحرفة، ولا تنفصل عن تحد التنمية كأولوية قصوى لمجتمعاتنا النامية

هنا يأتي دور جامعة الدول العربية باعتنارها المنصة الطبيعية لمناقشة القضايا المختلفة ومعالجتها، شرط تطوير منظومة عملها عبر مراجعة الميثاق والنظام الداخلي وتطوير آلياتها كي تتماشى مع العصر

فالعمل العربي المشترك بحاجة لرؤى واستراتيجات وأهداف مشتركة نحولها لاحقاً إلى خطط تنفيذية بحاجة لسياسة موحدة ومبادئ ثابتة وآليات وضوابط واضحة، عندها سننتقل من رد الفعل إلى استباق اﻷحداث وستكون الجامعة متنفساً في حالة الحصار لا شريكاً به، ملجأ من العدوان لا منصة له

أما عن القضايا التي تشغلنا يومياً من ليبيا إلى سورية مروراً باليمن والسودان وغيرها من القضايا الكثيرة في مناطق مختلفة، فلا يمكننا معالجة اﻷمراض عبر معالجة اﻷعراض، فكل تلك القضايا هي نتائج لعناوين أكبر لم تعالج سابقاً

أما الحديث في بعضها فهو بحاجة لمعالجة التصدعات التي نشأت على الساحة العربية خلال عقد مضى واستعادة الجامعة لدورها كمرمم للجروح لا كمعمق لها. واﻷهم هو ترك القضايا الداخلية لشعوبها، فهي قادرة على تدبير شؤونها، وما علينا إلا أن نمنع التدخلات الخارجية في بلدانها ونساعدها عند الطلب حصراً

أما سورية، فماضيها وحاضرها ومستقبلها هو العروبة لكنها عروبة انتماء لا عروبة اﻷحضان، فاﻷحضان عابرة أما الانتماء فدائم، وربما ينتقل الانسان من حضن ﻵخر لسبب ما، لكنها لا يغير انتماءه، أما من يغيره فهو من دون انتماء من اﻷساس، ومن يقع في القلب لا يقبع في حضن، وسورية قلب العروبة وفي قلبها

السيدات والسادة، ونحن نعقد هذه القمة في عالم مضطرب فإن اﻵمل يرتفع في ظل التقارب العربي العربي والعربي الاقليمي والدولي والذي توج بهذه القمة، والتي أتمنى أن تشكل بداية مرحلة جديدة للعمل العربي للتضامن فيما بيننا، للسلام في منطقتنا، للتنمية والازدهار بدلاً من الحرب والدمار

والتزاماً بالدقائق الخمس المخصصة للكلمات، أتوجه بالشكر العميق لرؤوساء الوفود الذين عبروا عن المودة المتأصلة تجاه سورية وأبادلهم بالمثل، كما أشكر خادم الحرمين الشريفين على الدور الكبير الذي قام به والجهود المكثفة التي بذلها لتعزيز المصالحة في منطقتنا ولإنجاح هذه القمة، وأتمنى له ولسمو ولي العهد وللشعب السعودي الشقيق دوام التقدم والازدهار، والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

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