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President Assad Tours Newly Reconstructed Aleppo Thermal Power Station

President Assad Tours Newly Reconstructed Aleppo Thermal Power Station الرئيس بشار الأسد يشارك بإعادة تشغيل المحطة الكهربائية في حلب

President Bashar Assad paid joined the technician in restarting the 5th station at the thermal electric power plant in the southern Aleppo countryside, the plant was completely destroyed ‘piece by piece’ by the USA and its plethora of sponsored terrorist groups dubbed as ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘democracy promoters’ of Al Qaeda and its offshoots and affiliated terrorist groups.

President Assad spoke to the technicians and cadre of the station praising their remarkable efforts in defying the US-led western blockade on the country and the US-sponsored terrorism threatening the workers, Syria’s infrastructure, and taking its toll on Syrian public workers, especially targeting the workers of the Ministry of Electricity:

The video is available on YouTube, BitChute, Odysee, and Rumble.


Congratulations to all of us on this achievement, and congratulations to us more with such workers, and with such competencies.

During our tour and watching the devastation and destruction of the station carried out by the terrorists or the Western forces led by the United States, it was not possible without making a comparison between groups of people doing reconstruction as you reconstructed the station after its destruction piece by piece and between groups that were sabotaging the station piece by piece, this is both literally And not an analogy, what you built piece by piece and what they destroyed piece by piece.

It was only necessary to make a comparison between people who accepted to be saboteurs of the homeland and the installations of the homeland and the installations of the people only in order to carry out orders at the end of them in order to receive the dollar, those who were slaves versus people who built it and who were true masters and they are you. It was only necessary to make a comparison between those who called themselves revolutionaries one day and spread darkness in the country in return for you who are generating light and spreading light at the level of Syria.

In fact, what I felt in this quick tour to some extent is pride. The pride is not because we have established a power station, Syria has long had power stations in it, but when this station was destroyed, the different companies we contacted told us that this station is completely destroyed and there is no hope of repairing it, in spite of that, our experts, technicians, and workers were able to fix it with local expertise and with the help of loyal friends of Syria.

You worked in difficult conditions, as the terrorists are not far from these areas, and therefore the security conditions were difficult and the blockade was trying to tighten the siege on Syria, and therefore securing the pieces was not that easy. However, in less than two years, we were able to repair the first group of this station. This is a very important achievement for us in Syria, we are all proud of it. In fact, this achievement gives one message that all obstacles and difficulties fall before a person possesses patriotism, persistence, and determination.

Our public sector and our workers, in general, have always, through all the different joints that Syria has gone through, embodied true nationalism in its finest forms and expressed the will in its strongest form and this is what we see now. The truth is during this war, the working class formed the second echelon of the armed forces. The first echelon fights and liberates, and the second echelon does the building process, building and constructing, this is a fact. The first line provided everything that a person could offer, they provided martyrs and wounded, and our public sector provided sweat and blood, there are martyrs from the working class who made great efforts, sweat, and fatigue in difficult circumstances.

What you are doing now is different from anything you have done during your career in the field of work in the electricity institutions in Syria, where electricity has always existed and we generate electricity, that is, we implement a service thing, today we are doing something much more than just deliver a service, today we are reviving a country, this we will soon see its results, which will be reflected within weeks, perhaps morally, and within months it will be reflected on production and work opportunities, and it will be reflected in tourism, industry, workshops, services, and everything. It will be reflected in the good, development and stability of the whole country.

Of course, and in these circumstances specifically, because Aleppo governorate, and specifically the city, has suffered differently from what all Syrian governorates have suffered. No major city has suffered as the city of Aleppo has, with regard to the issue of water, electricity, services, missiles, destruction, and terrorism. It is the right of the Aleppo governorate and the city of Aleppo to be the biggest beneficiary of this achievement.

In conclusion, I want to thank all the workers in the Ministry of Electricity, but the main thanks go to the people in the field, the workers, the technicians, the experts, the engineers, the administrators, the employees, and everyone who contributed during the various stages of work, we salute them with all due respect, and I assure you that with your arms, sweat, sincerity, dedication, and enthusiasm during the reform and rehabilitation phase will be reflected and will be good, growth, prosperity, and stability.

End of the transcript.

The following statement issued by the Syrian Presidency explains more about the station and the visit of the Syrian president to the station in the southern countryside of Aleppo:

Six years ago, the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army liberated the thermal plant in the eastern countryside of Aleppo Governorate. Today, the Syrian engineers, technicians, and workers, with their expertise, determination, and with their white hands, have completed the rehabilitation of the fifth generation set.

Today, also, President Bashar Assad was present at the Aleppo Thermal Power Station among experts, workers, and technicians, to witness with them the launch of the work of the fifth group of the station after its rehabilitation, which will generate 200 megawatts to supply the province of Aleppo with electrical energy.

His Excellency, President Assad, was briefed on the ongoing rehabilitation work in the remaining four generating sets, which will also be put into service after the completion of the repair and reconstruction work.

President Assad was accompanied on his visit to the thermal station by Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, the Minister of Electricity, Engineer Ghassan Al-Zamil, and the Governor of Aleppo, Hussein Diab.

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  1. Jack Oliver

    Congratulations Syria – through all the heartache you never lost your spirit or your vision – freedom is just around the corner for you.

  2. Huda Hajjar

    God bless the workers of our electricity sector, they kept working in the most difficult and dangerous situations all these years.


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