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President Assad Salutes Aleppo Slams Erdogan without Naming Him

President Bashar Al Assad Speech on Securing Aleppo

Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad saluted the people of Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Army, its allies on securing the city of Aleppo from terror after 7 years of terrorists’ indiscriminate bombing in a televised speech yesterday.

President Assad saluted the families of the martyrs, the wounded, those who lost their children and those who lost their parents during the battles of steadfastness and resistance until achieving the full victory in the city.

The speech in Arabic with the English translation and the full English translation transcript below it:

The video is also available on BitChute.

The English translation transcript of the speech (credit: SANA):

Our people, the honorable people of Aleppo, I greet you for a greeting of steadfastness, a greeting of faith in God and the nation, a greeting of courage and sacrifice, a greeting carried to you by our Syrian Arab Army with the bodies of its fighters.

When Aleppo city was liberated at the end of 2016, I said that what was before the liberation of Aleppo city will not be the same as what will be after that, and I based that on my knowledge of where the members of our Armed Forces are aiming with their hearts and minds. I based that on my conviction that the patriotism of the people of Aleppo and their fealty to their homeland and to the homeland’s army will overturn the calculations of the enemies, and this is what happened.

But Aleppo had to pay a great price equal to the greatness of its people and the patriotism of its position; years of violent and barbaric shelling that affected most neighborhoods, tens of thousands of martyrs, injured people, orphans, people who lost children, and widows. Years of siege without water or electricity or other life necessities, all for Aleppo to kneel and for her people to surrender.

With every treacherous shell that had fallen, the enemies’ hopes would grow that Aleppo would become another Aleppo, another Aleppo that never existed throughout history, an Aleppo that does not constitute with its twin Damascus the wings by which the homeland soars; rather an Aleppo whose people would stand with traitors in front of masters, kneeling and prostrating themselves before them, begging for a few dollars and much disgrace.

That was in their dreams; but in our real world, with every shell that fell, fear fell and the will to challenge grew.

With every martyr, the nationalist spirit grew and faith in the homeland became stronger.

In our real world, it remained the real Aleppo, the Aleppo of history, nobility, and authenticity. And because it is so, its people did not settle for steadfastness just in the sense of bearing of pain and suffering and acceptance of the status quo; but rather in the sense of work and production that persisted throughout the years of the siege despite the conditions that contradict any economic sense.

Despite that, this city kept contributing – even if at a bare minimum – to national economy, and I am confident that this type of steadfastness which reflects a concrete will and a deep-rooted sense of belonging is what will raise Aleppo from the ashes of war and restore its natural and leading position in Syria’s economy.

It is true that liberating the city in 2016 did not achieve the desired safety for the city at the time, and it remained under the threat of treacherous and cowardly shells, and it is also true today that victory in one battle does not mean victory in the war, but that is by the abstract military logic which is based on endings and results; however, by national logic, victory begins with the beginning of steadfastness even if it was at day one, and by that logic, Aleppo is victorious, and Syria is victorious. We are all victorious over the fear they had tried to instill in our hearts, victorious over the delusions they tried to instill in our minds, victorious over fragmentation, hatred, betrayal, and all those who represent or bear or practice these qualities.

However, we are fully aware that this liberation does not mean the end of the war, or the failure of schemes, or the disappearance of terrorism, or the surrender of enemies, but it certainly means rubbing their noses in the dirt as a prelude for complete defeat, sooner or later.

It also means that we must not relax; rather we must prepare for the coming battles. Therefore, the battle to liberate the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib will continue regardless of some empty sound bubbles coming from the north, and the battle for liberating all Syrian soil, crushing terrorism, and achieving stability will also continue.

Our Syrian Arab Army will never hesitate to carry out its national duties, and it will be as it always has been: an army from the people and for the people. Throughout history, no army has emerged victorious unless the people are united with it in its battle, and when it is united with the people in their vision and cause, and this is what we have witnessed in Aleppo and other Syrian cities, where you embraced the army it protected you, defended you, and made sacrifices for you.

While we are experiencing times of joy, we must remember that these moments have been made possible by years of pain, heartache, and sadness, for the loss of a dear one that gave their life for the lives and happiness of others.

As we bow in honor of the greatness of our martyrs and injured people, it is also our duty to stand in honor of the greatness of their mighty families. If victory is to be dedicated, then it is dedicated to them, and if anyone should receive credit for it, then they deserve the credit. I salute them for the children their raised, and salute their children for their sacrifices. I salute every one of the heroes of our great army and the supporting forces behind them. I salute the strength of their bodies in the cold and frost as we bask in warmth and safety.

I salute our brothers, friends, and allies who stood shoulder to shoulder with the army on the ground and were guardian eagles in the sky, their blood intermingling with the blood of our army that was spilled in Aleppo, Aleppo the faithful to its homeland and history, which will never forget the blood of those who made sacrifices for it, and which will return as it was and stronger.

Our beloved people in Aleppo, I congratulate you on the victory of your will, the will by which we will wage the greater battle: the battle to build Aleppo. By the will of all the Syrian people, we will build Syria, and we will continue liberation, God willing. Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.

End of the speech

Aleppo is Syria’s economic powerhouse and the main crossroads between Syria’s eastern provinces to Iraq and Syria’s western coastal province, Syria’s north to Turkey all the way to Syria’s south to Jordan. Its strategic location, its rich history, civilization, and culture, makes it of vital importance to Syria that made Erdogan sell his honor dreaming to control it and when he couldn’t he sent his mercenaries to loot it and destroy it.

The Turkish madman pariah, or like what President Assad called him in this speech an ’empty sound bubble’ is known by the Syrian people, and especially the people of Aleppo as ‘Aleppo Thief’.

The city lived one of its worse phases in history ever during the past 7 years as it was directly targeted and during the past 9 years with the rest of Syria by the US-led War of Terror on all levels.

It was initially cleaned from NATO terrorists at the end of 2016 despite the unprecedented synchronized NATO’s mainstream media’s campaigns, the Syrian Arab Army halted their operations to clean the rest of the province when the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood caliph wanna be of Turkey Erdogan pledged to the Russian President that he will take care of his terrorists, which he failed, and the SAA got engaged in more pressing battles throughout the country cleaning a city after the other and securing a province after the other.

Read this for the rest:

Mothers of Syrian martyrs when in a reception held for them by Syria’s First Lady Asmaa Al-Assad:

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