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President Assad Replaces Food Supplies and Customer Protection Minister

President Assad heads the government team for confronting Coronavirus - Damascus

President Bashar Al Assad issued a Presidential decree relieving the current Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, followed by another decree appointing the Governor of Homs in his place.

Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Atef al-Naddaf is no longer in his capacity as per Presidential Decree No. 122 for 2020. His ministry ensures the availability of essential supplies to the public all over the country at all times and also ensures the prices are under control affordable for all Syrians.

Syria doesn’t have a maximum cap on goods, merchants, especially wholesalers and retailers are selling at the prices they want, however, due to the current situation resulting from the US-led War of Terror waged on the Syrian people and the unprecedented draconian sanctions imposed on the country, the government has increased its involvement in procuring the essential food supplies and offering them at much affordable rates throughout hundreds of retail outlets throughout the country.

It’s not enough there is a shortage of foods due to the blockade by the US and its ‘Humanitarian Bastards‘ ilk against the country, the looting and burning of farms by Erdogan and Trump’s terrorists, there are the greedy middle-men merchants hiked up the prices of food items in many regions and the people were complaining.

Kurdish PYD Asayish SDF Torching Wheat Farms in Qamishli - cause food shortage
US-sponsored SDF militia and its Asayesh terrorists burning wheat fields in Qamishli

On 8th of the month, we at Syria News wrote the following:

“The complaints against the current conduct of the government are growing, the government is trying its best to cope-up with the longevity of the US-led War of Terror against the country, the increased draconian sanctions, and blockade imposed by the USA and all its stooges against the Syrian people, and direct occupation by NATO and Israel of large parts of the Syrian territories hindering all efforts to revive the Syrian economy. All these excuses are not accepted anymore by the public with the growing complaints and the coming People’s Assembly elections will be followed by the forming of a new government the Syrian people have high hopes it will come up with out of the box solutions to the current issues.”

It was a matter of days when the decision was made.

The second Presidential Decree No. 123 for 2020 appointed Talal al-Barazi as the new Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection. He formerly was the governor of Homs and has done fairly good in his post, he also has a needed experience in handling the requirements of his new ministry.

President Assad directed the extraordinary committee tasked to confront the COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions to work harder to ease the living needs of the people, he precisely focused on the spike in prices and asked the officials to find new ways to procure the produce directly from the producers and offer it with minimal margin to the public.

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  1. Paul Bonfil

    Bashar Al Assad is a true man of the people! He looks after his Country! We in the West get nothing but Propaganda against him We are told that he is an evil Dictator that does not allow elections or freedom of the people! In Australia we have been told that the people that lose their jobs will be given 70% of their wage until they are returned to work The Truth is that it is so slow & complex to register for this money to exist that the Government will say that it is too late to register because the crisis is over!! Dont believe the Propaganda generated from Western Media as it is owned by Wealthy Oligarchs who tell the Foolish voters what to do!! Long live the brave warriors in Syria Fighting for their people!!


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