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President Assad Receives Arab Parliamentary Union Delegation

Syrian President Bashar Assad Receives Arab Parliamentary Delegation in Damascus

Syrian President Bashar Assad received a delegation of the Arab Parliamentary Union in Damascus coming from Baghdad, Iraq after concluding their 43rd conference.

The visiting Arab Parliamentary Union delegation came to Damascus to express their solidarity with the Syrian people after 12 years of the US-led war of terror, war of attrition, illegal inhumane sanctions, and in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of the 6th of this month, February 2023.

President Assad appreciated the solidarity visit of the Parliamentarians which ‘gives an indication to the Syrian people of their Arab brothers standing by their side in the difficult circumstances the result of the terrorist war and the repercussions of the earthquake.’

  • Syrian President Bashar Assad Receives Arab Parliamentary Delegation in Damascus
  • Syrian President Bashar Assad Receives Arab Parliamentary Delegation in Damascus

The Syrian President added: ‘this visit confirms that there are effective Arab institutions capable in various circumstances to take the initiative and move for the benefit of the Arab peoples.’

President Assad expressed his thanks for the rapid response that The Arab countries showed at the popular and official levels to help the Syrian people overcome the effects of the earthquake.

The President of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, Muhammad al-Halbousi, considered that the delegation came to Syria on behalf of all members of the Union to assure the Syrian people, in a practical step, of standing by and solidarity with Syria which opened its doors to all Arabs at various stages, and the importance of working at all levels for the return of Damascus to exercise its active role in its Arab surroundings.

In their Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union conference, the parliamentarians of the different Arab states called for returning Syria to the Arab League, the League suspended Syria’s membership by a controversial resolution adopted with insufficient consensus in 2012 to ‘enforce political reforms in Syria’ upon an initiative of two Arab countries that do not even have a constitution, let alone parliaments and opposition parties, those were Saudi Arabia which and Qatar.

The visiting Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union included in addition to its president, Iraq’s parliament speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi, the speakers of parliaments and the house of representatives of the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Sultanate of Oman, Lebanon, and the Secretary-General of the Union.

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