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President Assad Forms the New Cabinet, Little Changes High Challenges

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President Assad formed the new Syrian cabinet headed by incumbent Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, Mr. Arnous took over the last cabinet after the sacking of the former PM Mr. Imad Khamis mid-June last year 2020 and in August last year, Mr. Arnous was tasked to head the government.

Syrian President Bashar Assad issued Decree 208 for the year 2021 naming Mr. Hussein Arnous as the Prime Minister and 29 other ministers including five new. The main names did not change, Mr. Mekdad continues to head the Syrian diplomatic body as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Major General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub remained the Minister of Defense, the ministers of Interior, Islamic Endowments, Economy, Local Administration, and Petroleum also continue in their posts.

The ministers of Labour and Social Affairs, Information, Internal Trade and Consumer Protection in addition to two state ministers, were replaced in the new cabinet.

The Syrian Cabinet - syrian government - syrian prime minister and ministers
The Syrian Cabinet

The Syrian Constitution stipulates that upon concluding the presidential election, the incumbent government becomes a caretaker government until a new government is formed. These constitutional entitlements are strictly adhered to by the Syrian state despite the pressing challenges, international pressure, and all sorts of threats and were all carried out on the dates given in the constitution.

It’s now a matter of time before the European Union and the USA add the new ministers to their sanctions list, both parties still believe they have any moral left to talk about democracy, human rights, or even development after the massive scandals exposed in each of these countries and the oppression to their people especially in light of the measures their governments have taken last year in regard to COVID 19, and ironically, not a single country of them faced any foreign invasion, occupation, or serious terrorist attacks, while all of them combined have funded, armed, helped in training, and exporting terrorists to Syria for more than 10 years now and all of them combined are working relentlessly to destroy the Syrian state and harm the Syrian people.

The new and renewed Syrian ministers have major challenges to tackle, each in their respective ministry, in a wide range of day to day activities and strategic planning and development in the light of the continued occupation of Syria’s major oil and gas fields by the USA and its NATO lackeys, the draconian sanctions and blockade imposed by the same sponsors of terror in Syria, the COVID 19 global and regional economic repercussions and measures to tackle it, continuous terrorist attacks, the Turkish incursion in the north of large Syrian territories, and not to forget the hostile Israeli apartheid and colonial regime in the southwest which also occupied the strategic and agricultural and water-rich Syrian Golan.

Many Syrians on social media were expecting more changes in the current government but at the same time showed their trust in the leadership of President Bashar Assad who will be overseeing and guiding the cabinet ahead.

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