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President Assad Appoints Ali Mahmoud Abbas as New Minister of Defense

Syria Minister of Defense Major General Ali Mahmoud Abbas وزير الدفاع السوري علي محمود عباس

Syrian President Bashar Assad issued Decree 115 dated 28 April 2022 appointing Ali Mahmoud Abbas as minister of defense, Mr. Abbas replaces General Ali Abdullah Ayoub (70 years old) who completed more than 4 years in his post.

Major General Ali Mahmoud Abbas (64 years old) hails from a small village in Damascus countryside, he’s a graduate of the Syrian Arab Army’s Armor School.

Syria might be the only country in the world that lost two of its ministers of defense in war times, and whose army commanders also lead their troops on the frontlines, the first was Yusuf al-Azma (Muslim from Damascus city), the country’s first minister of defense after independence from the Ottoman Empire, who led the newly formed Syrian army in the battle of Maysalun in the face of the French invasion in 1920 after merely 7 months in his post.

Colonel-General Daoud Abdhallah Rajha (Dawoud Rajiha – Greek Orthodox from the town of Arbin in Damascus countryside), Col. General Rajha was assassinated in July 2012, 1.5 years since the beginning of the US-led war of terror against the Syrian people, by an explosion in the office of the Crisis Cell which also killed 5 other top army and political officials, the explosion was blamed on NATO ‘intelligence’ services.

The Syrian president is the head of the ministers’ cabinet and the commander in chief of the Syrian armed forces, he swears to protect the constitution before the People’s Assembly (Syria’s Parliament), he is in charge of the formation of the ministers’ council, the Syrian cabinet, while the prime minister leads under his supervision. Ministers are only required to swear before the president to preserve the constitution while at the same time, they can be questioned and relieved from duty by a majority of votes of the MPs, there were incidents of removing several ministers by the Syrian Assembly for corruption and misconduct of their duties, and in one case, the entire cabinet was fired by the Parliament.

The new Syrian minister of defense Major General Ali Mahmoud Abbas will continue the task of rehabilitating the Syrian armed forces and liberating the territories still occupied by the USA, Turkey, Israel, Al Qaeda, and the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

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