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President Assad Appoints a Dull Ambassador to the Arab League

President Bashar Al Assad appoints Hussam Eddin Ala ambassador at the Arab League - الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد يعين حسام الدين آلا سفير في الجامعة العربية

President Bashar Al-Assad appointed Hussam Eddin Ala as Syria’s ambassador to the Arab League, 11 years after the Qatari-led League illegally suspended Syria’s participation in the organization it founded 23 years before Qatar was a state.

Mr. Ala was appointed as Syria’s permanent representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the League of Arab States (the Arab League) by Presidential Decree No. 126 for the year 2023.

Syria’s new ambassador to the Arab League is a long-serving diplomat, Mr. Ala was Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Geneva branch for the past 8 years. He was not known for any diplomatic breakthrough throughout his career, not known even to the majority of the Syrian people, unlike Syria’s much beloved “lion of diplomacy,” Dr. Bashar Jaafari who brought the art and skills of diplomacy to the transatlantic public, serving his country dauntlessly as Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2006 through 2020.

Prior to his work at the UN Geneva offices, Mr. Ala was Syria’s ambassador to the Vatican, and Syria’s ambassador to Spain, and between 1996 and 2001, he worked at Syria’s mission at the United Nations in New York at the same time incumbent Syria’s minister of foreign affairs Faisal Mikdad was the deputy head at the mission.

The latest appointment of Mr. Ala to head Syria’s mission at the Arab League is seen by some Syrian political analysts as a further confirmation of the lack of importance the Syrian leadership sees in the defunct pan-Arab organization as Syria emphasizes more on improving bilateral relationships with the different Arab states.

Mr. Ala is not recognized for his charismatic character. Like the current Syrian ambassador to the United Nations, Mr. Ala believes his role is only to participate in meetings and read statements reflecting Syria’s position on the topics discussed, other ambassadors would work their way across the diplomatic bodies in the countries they’re posted to, build strong relations with ambassadors of like-minded countries to theirs, and even maintain relations on the personal level with normal countries whose current regimes are hostile to Syria.

Syrian Foreign Ministry Needs Fresh Blood

Syria needs a strong reshuffle in its foreign ministry, this would only start with thanking incumbent foreign minister Mikdad for his very long service and injecting fresh blood with more charismatic fearless proactive diplomats with skills in management and administration. (Mr. Mikdad is 69 years old, he’s from Daraa in southern Syria, and he’s a product of the Cold War era, he studied at a Czech Republic university and continues to practice the school of diplomacy of those old days).

Unfortunately, despite the legendary victory of the Syrian people against the unprecedented vicious US-led war of terror and war of attrition for over 12 years against their small nation, the current foreign ministry contributed to stripping away the Syrians their joy of the victory and the direct benefits they should reap, their victory over the USA and its stooges came with astronomical sacrifices and helped destroy the US-designed World Order prevailing since the collapse of the USSR and paved the way for the multipolar world order we’re seeing emerging rapidly before our eyes.

The countries that joined the USA and its NATO ‘defensive’ alliance in their vicious war on Syria and lost that war are rewarded for their crimes and celebrated as champions for merely stating they want to ‘return Syria to the norms’ in the international arena while the Syrian people are struggling to find food as the US-led coalition of NATO ‘defensive’ alliance forces of NATO armies, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists continue to occupy the country’s food basket region and the region where the main oil and gas fields are.

Syria doesn’t lack the cadre of skilled fresh proactive diplomats, it just needs the old guards controlling the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to understand that the world has changed and they need to provide space for the new generation who can serve better.

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    I wish the best for Syria, but as a US citizen that just received a death threat from his own government for making these comments on this website; the US will go insane first; just as Nazi Germany did, so in all likelihood this will be my last comment; never put your guard down, we are a den of thieves and murderers here, held hostage by the likes of Satanism.


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