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premonition media shooting spree in washington

Washington Shooter @ ABC News

We are told by the media that the Navy reservist Aaron Alexis penetrated into the headquarters of the U.S. Navy in Washington and shot indiscriminately around him on Monday, the September 16. There were 13 dead, including the shooter.

According to the police, he was a single perpetrator, although it was said at the beginning that there would be two other fugitive perpetrators who are sought.

Now I am not interested to go into the deed itself, but I want to show what the news agency Associated Press (AP) already distributed as headline to the media on 15th September at 23:31, which has been taken over by the newspaper “The Daily Courier”, for example:

“Police, FBI: Shooter reported in military building at Washington Navy Yard; multiple victims”

However… How were they able to report it on Sunday when it has actually happened on Monday?

The date and time of the article were circled in red:

Washington Shooter @ The Daily Courier
Washington Shooter @ The Daily Courier

If the deed took place between 8 to 9 o`clock local time, then the message by AP could earliest be published by the newspaper at 6 o`clock on Monday, but not at 23:31 o`clock on Sunday the 15th September.

Here is the link to the page.

Now this can be a one-off mistake and a fortuity, which I cannot explain. However, there is also another website that shows the date of Sunday and has AP mentioned as the source. ABC News reports the same headline, there is only the difference that ABC News uses “at least one victim” instead of “more victims”.

The TV channel ABC is based in New York and thus, located in the same time zone as Washington – therefore, no mistake possible.

Washington Shooter @ ABC News
Washington Shooter @ ABC News

ABC News only reports the headline and no details below it. Why?

Here is the link to the page.

Therefore, it is no more fortuity for me. There is again something fishy about this story about the crazed gunman. How is the news agency of AP able to distribute the report about the deed to the media almost 9 hours before it has happened?

Was the prepared media script again proceeded too quickly, just as the assassination of Kennedy and 9/11?? At these two events, the media has also reported about facts before they have happened. Is this story also a staging, the presumed perpetrator, who was shot by the police, is just the scapegoat and the real culprits, as initially reported, have fled?

Immediately, the discussion in the U.S. media about the disarmament of the population has again flared up. Thus, one of the biggest supporters of a ban on weapons, Piers Morgan, has immediately made a program about it on CNN and emotionally harped on about this topic.

Although the area of the U.S. Navy is totally secured and each of the workers there is searched. Nobody is allowed to carry a weapons there, except the military police. The area is a “gun free zone” and yet it has happened, or precisely because nobody was able to defend themselves.


I have attached the comment of our loyal reader Ella from the USA about the rampage here. She writes:

Here we go again:

Shooting in the Navy Shipyard in D.C. 13 people dead, 10 wounded.

The navy-yard shooter is said to be a U.S. veteran.

This will again heat up all the fears that the returning Veterans (Vets) are all dangerous “nut cases”, who have to be disarmed.

When veterans are diagnosed with PTSD, the right to own weapons is prohibited.

Big Sis Napolitano has put the veterans as potential home-grown terrorists on the list.

This is yet again a great distraction from what they intend to do in Syria and to further saw at the Second Amendment, which is already very limited in some states.

By the way. The militarization of the local police is progressing. In our crummy village and the country, the sheriff has just received a 19-ton Army vehicle anti-IED as a kind of gift, worth $ 600,000.

The comments of the locals – but here is not Iraq, and that they must be very afraid of their own citizens.

Or is it a party vehicle for the Sheriff’s Department, because the side windows can be opened, so that the cops can throw their empty beer bottles out of the windows?

Source: allesschallundrauch

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  1. M. Klostermayr

    I`m very sorry for the really bad translation this time.. but take under consideration that I am doing all this beside my usual day routines, work and all other duties.. thus, in a hurry and I am sorry about it, but there are not other people who constantly work here.

  2. Arklight

    Question number one: what psychotropic drugs was Mr. Alexis on?
    Question two: What were the ‘masterminds’ of the Boston Marathon bombing doing at Washington
    Navy yard for the past few days?
    Question three: Since Benghazi is not going away, IRS gate is not going away, nor are any of the other scandals including the extra-judicial killing of Mr. Todachev (his wife called Alex Jones from Moscow for the interview), so what has Obama done THIS time that he thinks he needs to get in front of? Or, is this another nudge at gun control? Mr. Alexis, if on medications or with PTSD, could not lawfully own a weapon; US military bases are gun free zones, so Alexis would have been the only guy with a weapon, hence, stop his medications, hand him a weapon, and wait for the slaughter; after the bodies are counted, scream and yell about more gun control, but never, never, EVER mention Chicago, New York – –

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