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Post-Assad Syria: Western-backed Opposition has a Transition Roadmap

Bashar al-Assad - reption of a Lebanese delegation 21 April 2013

Bashar al-Assad - reption of a Lebanese delegation 21 April 2013

Staged Syrian opposition proposes roadmap for post-Assad government in Syria.

Several members of the so-called “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC) as well as other members of external Syrian opposition groups, partly or mainly backed by Washington and the Saudi regime, have created a roadmap for the post-Assad phase in Syria. The so-called transition roadmap for Syria shall achieve a “national reconciliation as well as justice for all of Syria’s victims,” according to a new statement of the staged external opposition, which has been created to present a political opponent beside the foreign-supported terrorist forces on ground in Syria.

However, more and more people should have learned that the most of these foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists between the borders of Syria are far away from having a democratical sense or to accept orders from so-called politicians far away. In contrast, under consideration of the recent massacres, car bomb attacks, kidnapping and violence against Syrian civilians as well as against Syrian Kurds (both sides represent the same group for many Syrians), it is to assume that every person who is capable of logical thinking, should have accepted the fact that this kind of opposition and their so-called ground forces are neither good for Syria nor good for the Syrians.

The so-called new or final roadmap by the external Syrian opposition will be presented in full length tomorrow. Of course, the Saudi-backed new head of the so-called “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC), Ahmed Jarba, who has won the last presidential elections against the Qatari-backed candidate, will take part in the presentation of the new transition roadmap for the post-Assad phase in Syria.

However, this so-called roadmap for the time after Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and after the current secular government of the Arab nation has not been officially endorsed by the main opposition group and all its important members.

Of course, this presentation of a so-called transition roadmap for Syria after the armed overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad and the secular government in the capital, Damascus, is just another staging by this powerless opposition groups and their heads who enjoy such a showmanship, while they have no real influence in the situation on ground in Syria.

Some say the Syrian conflict will be solved on its battlefield and not by political means. However, both is important, but this kind of so-called Syrian opposition is useless and nothing else. This roadmap to to achieve “national reconciliation and justice for all of Syria’s victims” is nothing else than another farce, while the foreign-backed terrorists in Syria lose the majority of the battles now.

The Syrian Arab army (SAA) gains more and more ground in several regions of the Arab nation and it does not look like the US-Israeli-linked external “Syrian opposition” will ever gain power in Syria. Further, it does not look like the Syrian President al-Assad will be overthrown by the armed jihadist and terrorist forces.

This new farce by the foreign-supported opposition outside Syrian borders says that the “national reconciliation” in Syria will be achieved after the armed overthrow of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad by “a long transitional justice process in which justice is assured for all of Syria’s victims.” So far, the most victims, of whom I know, are victims of the “opposition fighters” on Syrian soil. Victims of the foreign-supported terrorist groups as well as victims of the formerly US-backed Jabhat al-Nusra Islamists (al-Nusra Front) and other previously Washington-supported al-Qaeda thugs in Syria.

Although it is clear that no side is without guilt in such a long-term conflict and soldiers are sometimes sadly also the perpetrators behind torture, violence and other gruesome incidents. However, the majority of crimes and the most blood sticks on the hands of these opposition slaves as well as on Washington’s politicians and the heads of the Saudi regime, if one speaks about the backers of the armed terrorist and Islamist forces on Syrian soil.

Bashar al-Assad - reption of a Lebanese delegation 21 April 2013
Bashar al-Assad – reption of a Lebanese delegation 21 April 2013

Contrary to the Western propaganda and the propaganda by such propaganda papers like the Voice of Russia, the peaceful beginning of the “protests / uprising” in Syria is a myth and fairy tale in order to brainwash the people and to use it as propaganda, as usual.

The beginning of the protests in Syria were not peaceful, but already violent. That`s a fact, even confirmed by many analysts as well as e.g. German politicians and others who have carried out intense investigations about the Syrian conflict and acknowledge crimes by the Syrian forces in their results.

However, every statement about a “peaceful beginning of the uprising in Syria” is simply propaganda, nothing more, nothing less. If the editorial office of “Voice of Russia” would care about the security of Russia, they would not sell Western propaganda, but publish facts with the use of a common sense.

In terms of the so-called transition roadmap for the post-Assad government in Damascus, Syria, the proposals by these Western- and Saudi-backed opposition members also demands the disarming and restructuring of the Syrian Arab army (SAA), which currently consists of all parts of the Syrian society.

While the proposals call for a restructuring of the Syrian security forces and army “to uproot all corrupt officials,” they seem to have (willfully?) forgotten the fact that there are more Syrian soldiers fighting against their “ground forces” than the mentioned Syrian officials. The statement of the opposition about the “transition roadmap” for the post-Assad Syria says further that “all armed groups will be disarmed, demobilised and reintegrated into Syrian society.” Maybe as good as the staged Libyan Transitional Council has been able to do it…

The Syrian roadmap of the Saudi-backed opposition groups outside Syria, which are responsible for many violence within the country and whose members have never really cared about the lives of the Syrian families in the last two years, also demands a “hybrid presidential/parliamentary system” after the fall of al-Assad in Syria.

Such a “hybrid presidential/parliamentary system” shall be the new political system for Syria. Sounds like the perfect political system for a mainly Arab society. My ass. It rather sounds like a proxy regime with staged elections in favour of Western interests (not to mention some Gulf States and the regime in Tel Aviv).

This farce of a roadmap for Syria after al-Assad also is proposing the use of the 1950 constitution in Syria as the basis for a new Syrian charter, including an elected constitutional assembly mandated to decide on modifications.

This constitution of Syria makes it clear that the head of the currently secular Arab nation must be a Muslim and privileges the legislature over the executive. However, this roadmap is more “BS” than saying that Ahmed Jarba is supported by the Qatari regime (he is born Syrian, but meanwhile became Saudi – money is everything).

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