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Possible US War on Syria likely to last longer than a Decade

Middle East (Source: CIA World Factbook)

Vietnam Veteran: Possible US war on Syria likely to last for more than a decade.

The political analyst and senior editor at Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, said in a new interview with Press TV that a possible US-led war on Syria is likely to last for more than a decade and thus, it seems that also the military analyst and Vietnam Veteran Gordon Duff is not convinced by the statements about limited military strikes against Syria for just some days, and this is understandable.

The senior editor at Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, is a Marine Vietnam veteran and has a lot of experiences with intelligence analysis, defence technologies, and counter insurgency. The career of Gordon Duff also included experiences in international banking or acting as a “special consultant” and UN diplomat. Gordon Duff is working as a military affairs analyst for Press TV since a long time.

The military analyst and experienced editor of Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, also said in his new interview with Press TV about the possible US-led attack on Syria that in case the Obama administration will fall into the trap by Israel and really launches a war against the Arab country, that this war is certainly a conflict that will last for more than a decade. He explained that he believes that a war against Syria is the policy of Israel and on the agenda of the government in Tel Aviv.

The Vietnam Veteran and political commentator added that the initial policy that was to recognize has been the intention to “balkanize Syria” in order to “create an al-Qaeda-led state on the border between Iraq and Syria.”

Afterwards, the backers of this agenda to balkanize Syria have certainly planned to use the al-Qaeda-led state on the border between Syria and Iraq to topple the administration in Iraq and to destabilize the Islamic Republic of Iran. The explanation by the senior editor at Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, sounds valid and even logical in terms of the initial policy of certain states at the beginning of the Syrian conflict.

The former U.S. soldier and political analyst has then warned about the policies of Israel and the real intentions of Tel Aviv. Gordon Duff said that the policies of the Israeli government have “morphed into something far more severe, a regional chaos at the risk of a World War.” Duff added that the Israelis are pushing the U.S. administration in Washington into a direct military confrontation with the Russian administration in Moscow, while it seems also clear already that the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia intends to do the same.

The Saudi regime thrusts the United States into a war on Syria, although such a military attack of Damascus could actually mean the beginning of a new World War, under consideration of Syria’s allies like Iran and Russia – in the case that Russia and Iran will respond to an attack on Syria.

Middle East (Source: CIA World Factbook)
Middle East (Source: CIA World Factbook)

The senior editor from Veterans Today said also that there would be an “odd coincidence that al-Qaeda, since its founding in documents from the late 1990s, has never said anything threatening about Israel. Al-Qaeda has never attempted an active terrorism against an Israeli-backed entity of any kind.” And this is certainly also true and something that should raise a question.

Gordon Duff finally pointed out that the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda “has seemingly acted as a surrogate of the Israeli intelligence services all along” and that this can be either be seen as a very bizarre coincidence or one could read between the lines of the recent statements by the Israeli envoy to the United States, Michael Oren, and then “assume that the relationship between Israel and al-Qaeda is one that is well over 15 years old.”

The Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, said in an interview that the regime in Tel Aviv always ” wanted Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran” and underlined that Israel also supports “bad guys” with links to Al-Qaeda just to not support something that is affiliated with “Iran”.

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  1. Arklight

    The pogues in Tel Aviv have their heads up their *sses if they think al Qaeda and MB won’t turn on them. Another ten year war? The military knows it would be unwinnable, and several top commanders have told Obama that he’s nuts for even thinking about it. There’s no such thing as ‘limited’ war once it starts, it’s balls to the wall, and the last man standing wins. Whatever ‘winning’ means, these days.

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