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Peru: National Emergency for GBS Cases; IVM Halted 2020 by WEF Advisor President

Peru President Francisco Sagasti halted IVM for C19 in December 2020

Peru has declared a national health emergency “due to the unusual increase in Guillain-Barré Syndrome cases.” The decree will be in force for ninety (90) days. The cost for “epidemiological surveillance, investigation and control of the increase in GBS cases” is estimated at more than twelve million soles, a bit more than three million USD.

Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a rare neurological disorder in which the immune system goes into overdrive and attacks the peripheral nervous system, minimally causing weakness, and maximally causing complete paralysis, respiratory arrest, and death.

The hyper-autoimmune attack can be caused by infection, or be a response to vaccines. The Warp Speed vaccination program of 1976 had several problems, with the number of GBS reactions being its death blow.

According to journalist Mike Wallace, in 1976, the US publicity machine was cranked into action:

In Syria News‘ report which clinically analyzed the first 3,186 VAERS deaths within sixty days post C19 EUA injections, dozens of cases of GBS were found in the death data write-ups.

At this writing, there have been one hundred sixty-five confirmed (165) cases of GBS, and four (4) confirmed deaths. The population of Peru is 33.72 million per the 2021 census.

Peru has both one of the highest death rates from COVID – 6,552 deaths per million as of 10 July – and one of the highest vaccination rates of any country in the world, 83.21% as of 8 July.

In Syria News‘ September 2021 extensive public service report, Ivermectin ‘Wonder Drug’ & MSM: Scourge of Misinformation Must Stop, we noted:

The author also included the Open Science Framework pre-print 8 March 2021 study, which showed that after Peru’s Ministry of Health approved IVM on 8 May 2020, there was a 14-fold decrease in Peruvian excess deaths, through 1 December 2020, when ivermectin was restricted by the new president, after which there was a 13-fold increase in Peruvian excess deaths.

Francisco Sagasti (see featured image), “an engineer, academic…former World Bank official,” and advisor to the World Economic Forum, was sworn in as interim president – and Peru’s third in one week – 17 November 2020, having promised to “do everything possible to return hope to the people and show them they can trust in us.”

Peru interim president Sagasti, who halted ivermectin is an advisor to the World Economic Forum.

Fourteen days later, Sagasti showed the integrity of his promise, by cutting off his people from ivermectin, despite the massive decrease in excessive deaths.

Peru's president cut off ivermectin access fourteen days after he took oath of office.

Three months and ten days after Sagasti deprived Peru of ivermectin, it became one of the first South American countries to receive a large batch of Pfizer experimentals via the globalist ‘effort’ of COVAX, CEPI, Gavi, UNICEF, and PAHO (and, of course, courtesy of hundreds of thousands of struggling taxpayers) – and as Peruvian excess deaths jumped 13-fold.

Three months and ten days after Sagasti cut off ivermectin, Peru became one of the first South American countries to receive Pfizer experimentals.

On 8 July, the day that the Health Ministry announced the national health emergency related to increased Guillain-Barré Syndrome cases, Francisco Sagasti, the WEF advisor who snatched the wonder drug ivermectin from Peru, was preoccupied with whining about corruption in his country’s congress.

To him, to Pfizer and GAVI, it is of no consequence that countless lives could have been saved from Covid mortality by the wonder drug, of no consequence that an unknown number of Peruvians may never recover from GBS.

This is, after all, a giant experiment.

Miri Wood

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After becoming one of the most ”vaccinated” countries in the world, mere months after the rollout, Gibraltar had one of the highest rates of C19 deaths per million, in the world:

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