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People’s Assembly: The British and French Attempts to Arm Terrorists in Syria is a Flagrant Violation of the UN Charter and the International Law

Mar 16, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)_The People’s Assembly condemned the endeavors of the British and French governments to authorize arming the terrorist groups and takfiri Jihadists in Syria through lifting the ban on sending European weapons to them.

In three identical letters addressed to President of the European Parliament, Chairman of the French National Assembly and President of the British House of Commons, the People’s Assembly said that these attempts are “a flagrant violation of the UN Charter, the EU law, the international law and the UN Security Council resolutions which all ban backing terrorism and urge all countries to unite in combating it.”
The letters called on the addressees to visit Syria for a closer look at the events there and to ”meet l non-Syria takfiri Jihadists under arrest, who were trained in neighboring countries, armed and smuggled to Syria under the protection and sponsorship of the Turkish government to establish an Islamic Caliphate in keeping with their takfiri ideologies .”

The letters showed that some of these mercenaries ”are directly linked to the societal fabric in Europe and some sleeper cells there,” as evidenced by statements of European officials, namely the statement of the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, in which he said that up to 100 French nationals are fighting in Syria, echoing similar statements by the British Finance Minister that around 80 British nationals are fighting there, in addition to the German interior minister’s announcement that 3 jihadist cells linked to terrorists in Syria were discovered.

The People’s Assembly said that what Syria is experiencing currently is part of the international terrorism that Europe and the US witnessed over three years in the aftermath of September 11th events.

The letters added that the French and British attempts are dangerous in terms of backing takfiri Jihadist groups ideologically linked to al-Qaeda terrorist organization in pursuit of the Qatari and Saudi money, and the Turkish government’s willingness to set up an Islamic Caliphate on Europe’ borders.

The letters noted that the Turkish government has been working in coordination with Qatar and Saudi Arabia to facilitate the infiltration of these Jihadists since the crisis in Syria started in 2011, who were originally banned from entering the Turkish territories, and helps them to infiltrate to Syria under the pretext of Jihad against the Syrian state and people across the political, religious and ethnical strata.
The People’s Assembly made “a special plea to our brothers in humanity to not allow some European governments to adopt a decision that will stoke the crisis, wreak even more damage and harm humanity and the last secular country in the region, Syria, whose consequences will eventually reach the European citizens, sooner or later.”

The Assembly called for forming a European parliamentary delegation to visit Syria to get a close look at the situation there and meet a number of takfiri Jihadists under arrest who were sent from neighboring countries for Jihad in Syria.

”We are looking forward to you to take this issue into consideration and subject such kinds of decisions to elaborate discussion in the common interest of humanity and the peoples of the region and the world,” the letters said, ” and out of respect to the international law and the UNSC resolution No. 1373 for the year 2001 issued under the 7th Chapter of the UN charter.”

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  1. Marcus XL

    Iran and Russia have been arming terrorists the whole time; Asad's terrorists, who have been killing innocent protesters, kidnapping and torturing children, keeping 200,000 innocent Syrians in their secret torture prisons, shelling civilians, dropping cluster bombs on their own cities…. Justice is coming for you, Fascists.Freedom for Syria!

  2. Ali Muradi

    If anybody wants to judge fairly about Syrian crisis then it is better to watch and read the news on Western , Syrian , American ,Russian , Arab and Iranian media altogether . In this case he will understand who is right and what is behind the scenes.

    • Tomas Spacey

      Ali, please give us Your personal judgment and analysis .. Sincerity is very rare these days and I do trust Your good intention. Please share Your Ideas about Syrian situation. I think its very important. Thank You!

  3. Arabi Souri

    The biggest problem Sheeple buying the trash they're fed by the western mainstream media face is the inability to distinguish between a state and groups of outlaws, once they know that a state is the only body that has the monopoly of possessing weapons, using it and carrying out law enforcement, while any group or individual once doing any of these is considered an outlaw and entitled for maximum punishments, once they understand this they'll know when they've been fooled for 2 years in ruminating news about the Syrian crisis and stop parrot BS fed to them by the western warmongering mainstream media thriving on igniting wars and conflicts.


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