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Panicking, Defeated, Insecure Israel Bombs Aleppo Airport, Again!

Panicked Defeated insecure and Humiliated Israel Bombs Aleppo Airport Again

Israel bombs Aleppo Airport for the second time within 48 hours trying to cover for its hysterical panic mode after its air campaign against unarmed Palestinian civilians mostly women and children is exposing further the real weakness of its overhyped military which was delivered yet another humiliating defeat at the hands of a few hundred motorbikers and on foot Palestinians.

A Syrian military spokesperson said in a very brief statement conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At approximately 11:35 pm on Saturday, October 14, 2023, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea, west of Latakia, targeting Aleppo International Airport, which led to material damage to the airport and taking it out of service.”

The military spokesperson added in the statement: “This new aggression is an affirmation of the criminal approach of the Israeli occupation entity, which is clearly embodied today in its continuing crimes against the Palestinian people and the massacres it commits against innocent civilians, including women and children. It is also clear evidence that this terrorist enemy does not respect international laws and norms, and by attacking civilian airports, it proves that it is the origin of terrorism and the greatest supporter of terrorist organizations in the region and Syria in particular.”

Panicked Defeated insecure and Humiliated Israel Bombs Aleppo Airport Again

Alleged pictures taken from the airport show a hole on the runway attributed to the Israeli missile bombing, the hole appears to be the size of a sewage hole.

This is the second Israeli terrorist attack targeting Aleppo International Airport within 48 hours after the double Israeli war crime of bombing both Aleppo and Damascus International Airports in the afternoon of Thursday 12th of the month.

Syria’s Civil Aviation managed to repair the damage to the runway of the Aleppo International Airport damaged by the previous Israeli aggression and put the airport in service at 08:00 am, Friday the 13th.

There were unconfirmed reports earlier of a rocket falling within the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan from the liberated side, the rocket is said to have fallen in an open area and caused no damage.

However, Israel doesn’t need justifications to carry out its terrorist attacks on all its neighbors, it’s been in a state of war with everybody ever since its inception because of its terrorist nature, it was formed by radical Zionist terrorist groups which later morphed into what today is called the IDF, and this is how its British sponsors described them.

During the past 12.5 years of the US-led NATO-sponsored war of terrorism on Syria dubbed the Arab Spring, Israel has also rushed to the rescue of the plethora of anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups each time these terrorists are on the brink of defeat, and currently, they are being hammered by the Syrian Arab Army in the northwestern region especially after the barbaric massacre they committed killing 81 Syrians including 31 women, and 5 children and injuring 239 others during the graduation ceremony of the officers’ cadets at the Military Academy in Homs.

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies including the Russian air force have been delivering severe blows to the US and Israel’s proxy terrorist groups eliminating dozens of them weekly and destroying millions of US taxpayers’ hard-earned tax money worth of weapons, ammunition, and fortified bunkers in the Syrian provinces of Idlib, Aleppo, Latakia, and the northwestern Hama countryside.

Aside from its systematic Western-sponsored terrorist massacres against the people of Gaza, deliberately killing and injuring thousands of them 66% of them are women and children as per official reports by the Ministry of Health in Gaza, the US-led NATO-protectorate Israel is trying to start a regional war instigating Syria with its repeated bombings, and the Lebanese Hezb Allah with its cross borders bombing based on its ‘technical glitches,’ ‘false alarms,’ and out of fear, these Israeli cross-border bombings have already killed a Reuters reporter, at least 2 Lebanese civilians, a man and his wife, and 4 Hezb Allah soldiers.

The Lebanese Hezb Allah, on its part, has already retaliated against Israel killing 2 Israeli IDF commanders in the occupied northern Palestine, there are now 2 more Israeli IDF that need to be killed to settle the score of the last 2 days. There is still an unsettled score from an earlier Israeli bombing that killed an off-duty Hezb Allah soldier who was tasked to guard Sayyeda Zainab shrine in the southern suburb of Damascus holding the same name, the shrine is one of the sacred shrines for the Muslims.

In addition to the unsettled score between Hezb Allah and Israel which the Hezb is working on settling, the Syrian Resistance also has an unsettled score with the US Army. The Syrian Resistance has vowed to bomb the illegal US Army bases in Syria each time Israel bombs Syria, there are now 3 scores to be settled.

The strongest blow Syria and its allies in the Resistance Axis can deliver to Israel is to eliminate Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, and their affiliated terrorist groups in Syria, this will remove more than half of the strength of Israel. The other half comes from the US Army scattered across the region which Biden had to reinforce with two navy battle groups adding thousands more of the sitting ducks sacrificed by the Zionists trying to hold on to their collapsing US empire.

The cool-headed handling of the Israeli repeated aggressions by the Axis of Resistance (Syria, Iran, Hezb Allah, Iraqi PMU, Yemen, and the Palestinian factions), especially by the Syrian leadership is driving the Israelis and their Western sponsors mad despite the loud noises of threats against anybody who fights back Israel. The whole world has seen the weakness of the USA first evidenced in their fleeing from Afghanistan from the Taliban, then their submitting to the terms of Hezb Allah in regards to the Lebanese gas fields which Israel was trying to steal, and lately in the collective West’s failure in Ukraine which is now getting forgotten by the virtue signaling hapless self-harming rapidly failing empire of evil and lies.

There is a mainstream religion whose followers observe the Sabbath, the seventh day of the week, as a day of rest and abstinence from work. However, a smaller group within this religion commits horrific massacres against other people, bombing neighboring countries, and terrorizing the whole world during the Sabbath. This same smaller group claims to represent the whole religion and has created a state for the followers of the mainstream religion, which goes against the core teachings of their holy book!

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  1. Debbie

    I’m sick to death of seeing my tax dollars wasted on the zionist state so that they can indiscriminately bomb sovereign countries and get away with it. Somebody needs to stop Israel, which is the only threat to peace in the Middle East. Stealing and bombing other people’s land should not be allowed.

  2. mosckerr

    Israel MUST avoid the propaganda lies told by Cheney/Bush neocons. Their ad nauseam repeated propaganda lies of weapons of mass destruction in Saddam’s Iraq.

    Their ad nauseam repeated propaganda lies of weapons of mass destruction in Saddam’s Iraq. Their Chicken Little hysteria of ‘the Sky is Falling’ appeals to emotion rather than rational policy and discourse. Iran & Israel share a long history, a mutually beneficial relationship. Cyrus the Great and Darius I permitted the Jewish resettlement of Judea. The balance of power in the Middle East most essentially MUST respect the Iran-Saudi Arabian/Shi’ite-Sunni opposing scales, in ruling our Middle East community of nation-states with justice.

    Any great power politics MUST weigh Nato Turkey. The 80% collapse of the Turkish lira represents an absolute disaster. This regime change WAR against Hamas\Isis, MUST honour & respect Arab dignity in the region as a whole. Forging a Middle East partnership during this regime change war, just as critical for Israel – as the removal of the Hamas Isis abomination. An Independent Gaza city-state ruled by moral and righteous Arab & Islamic leaders, demands an end to the horrid nightmare of dhimmi Arab refugee status.

    This dhimmi Arab curse, it has plagued the entire Middle East, a direct result of the 1st Israeli war of Independence in 1948. The repatriation of dhimmi Arab refugees, currently in Lebanon, Syria, E. Jerusalem and Samaria – to Gaza – represents a key Israeli strategic objective: to enhance Arab & Muslim pride and dignity in the Middle East. The Israeli declaration for a free and independent Gaza City-State. The requirement that Palestinians stand together with all the other nations in the Middle East. Jerusalem seeks to forge an international block alliance of nation-states.

    The economic prosperity of all these nation-states, compares to a “bureaucratic” block alliance. The ultimate objective of Jerusalem great power politics in the Middle East. Jerusalem hopes to achieve, after the removal of Hamas-Isis abomination & its corrupt strangle hold of power in Gaza; A free & independent Kurdistan as a follow-up to a free & independent Gaza city-state! This rock-solid resolution Will of Jerusalem, a defining strategic interest.

    An independent Kurdistan directly involves Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria, all deeding territory to achieve Kurdish national independence. Based upon the leadership model established by the Sharon government, the 2005 Israeli unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. However, the major distinction between the Palestinian vs Kurds dilemmas: the Kurds sit upon considerable oil and gas reserves. Great Power politics in the Middle East, compares the Nations of this region: to the US bureaucratic fiefdoms which comprise and define the Federal Government in the American Republic of 50 States today.

    These different bureaucratic fiefdoms, each have colliding and diverse, conflicting National strategic priorities & interests — much like and similar to the community of nations of the Middle East. Non-elected bureaucrats in substance, rather than form, control and dominate the politics of Washington. Much more than do the public displays of national elections which “elected” President, & Congress persons into office.

    The foisted propaganda continually chirped by Western government “democracies”, compares to the Cheney/Bush neo-con propaganda which declared WMD in Saddam’s Iraq. Or likewise to the church ‘good-news’ gospel in Ages long past — just a fig-leaf, which conceals non-elected elite/aristocratic tyrants used warmonger crusades propaganda to conceal European imperialism, and domination of inferior dark skinned lessor-humans of the Middle East.

    Non-elected bureaucrats run the Federal Government of Washington. Not the bought and paid for elected figure-heads who sit in the White House and in Congress. The latter compare to the ventriloquist puppet, also known as the United Nations – and its worthless Resolutions.

    Early in the 20th Century the Wilson government established Federal corporate monopolies, like for example his Federal Reserve, which up-rooted the economics of ‘Free-banking’ in the American economic experiment. These Government established monopolies quickly employed lobbies to promote and protect their Corporate monopoly interests.

    The Federally established corporate monopolies quickly developed an incest relationship with Federal bureaucratic agencies, something like a pimp/whore economic relationship. But these different and diverse bureaucratic fiefdoms, have colliding and diverse National strategic priorities & interests, much like and similar to the community of nations of the Middle East.

    Non-elected bureaucrats in substance, rather than form, control and dominate the politics of Washington, much more so than do the “elected” Wizard of Oz like elected President & Congresspersons. Watch a Congressional oversite of bureaucratic offialdom – and behold the non-accountability of bureaucrats by elected officials.

    The propaganda employed by the string manipulating bureaucratic puppeteers, much like the church ‘good-news’ gospel; the Western democracies shrill cries for world democracy, just propaganda. Non-elected bureaucrats run the Federal Government of Washington. Not the bought and paid for elected Wizard of Oz figureheads who sit in the White House and in Congress. The latter compare to the ventriloquist puppet, as represented by the United Nations.

    The government established corporate monopolies, in concert with their lobbies. These puppeteers have an incest relationship with Federal bureaucrats. This government within a government, they pull the strings of their elected Presidents and Congressional puppets. The Federally established corporate monopolies, they elect public officials in elections which costs 100s of millions of dollars.

    The UN farce, absolutely no different. Forging an alliance of countries in the Middle East compares to the bureaucratic relationship of the Pax American Empire of Washington DC. Great power politics has to organize and prioritize the conflict of interests between different powerful bureaucratic agencies.

    The leadership which Jerusalem offers to the nations of the Middle East prioritizes Palestinian and Kurdish national independence. Such a “Trump Deal” requires a lot of economic horse trading. Jerusalem commits to making the deserts of Sinai and Sahara bloom. Digging a canal from the Mediterranean to the Salt Sea, for the purpose of sowing clouds with oxygen/hydrogen gases by means of radio frequency electrolysis.

    For the international objective of making the deserts bloom based upon the leadership of David Ben-Gurion. Transforming the dessert wastelands into viable farming and cattle raising industries – to completely diversify and enhance and enrich the depth of economic means of wealth-making, across the Middle East and North Africa. This commandment of shalom, Israel dedicates as a holy brit/alliance to all countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

  3. Muhammad Turkmani

    The Israelis were defeated by a few hundred of fighters coming from a concentration camp under siege for over 15 years, they better be careful of what they wish for.


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