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Orthodoxy, Activists, Tribalism, and Cyber Lynch Mobs


Orthodoxy is a word from the Greek ὀρθοδοξία, orthodoxia, meaning “right opinion.” It is adherence to correct or accepted creeds.  This word is sometimes mistaken for “truth,” particularly in cyberspace.  A few months ago, in response to a lamentation that the technology of internet should have brought the world together, but too frequently has created division, one geopolitical sage suggested the technology was not released until too many people could be trusted to use it stupidly.  We’ve all seen episodes of popularity contests, pile-ons, cliques, obviously paid ‘trolls,’ and assorted idiots simply being mean-spirited.

For the most part, though, social media activism has been a helpful antidote to the incessant war-pimping lies of well paid mainstream media Vichy journalists.  It is because of the altruistic work of the unpaid writers of truth, that some of humanity is also able to see behind the crimes against peace propaganda showed daily, and nightly, on the news.  A handful of international, altruistic, and volunteer writers have become exceptional investigative journalists, particularly in exposing the most heinous international conspiracy in history, that of the attempt of the world’s leading genocidalists — none of whom has ever been indicted — to destroy the Syrian Arab Republic.

All of these honest, independent activist-writers have come under massive, libelous attack, from msm, and from fake independent websites which engage in NATO-lite propaganda, despite many of them literally putting their lives on the line, in walking neighborhoods of Syria, interviewing Syrians, in search of the truth.

The vile attacks against these honest, genuinely independent journalists include a vicious — and paltry followed — Facebook page maligning all of them as some agents of Israel, so deviously clever as to have eluded all of Syrian intelligence, including Syria’s President, Grand Mufti, and Permanent Representative to the UN!  So what that among its administrators are liars who have publicly admitted to lying about being Syrian, for several years! What is important is the propagation of the lies!

Despite their great individual and collective works, that troubling orthodoxy does afflict them, from time to time, and they — being human beings — fall prey to certain honest emotions of never wanting those they respect to always be fully respected by all true friends of Syria.

Let’s face it; who among us wants someone we hold in high esteem to come under scrutiny — whether such scrutiny is accurate, or a misunderstanding?  Such scrutiny is always unpleasant, both to those whom we hold in this good esteem, and also in the reflections of ourselves.  Such provocation can create doubt, where in a more perfect world, none should exist.  Should avoidance of discomfort become a path to tribalism among activists?

One of a couple of handfuls of pro-Syria activists once rightfully noted that we must hold ourselves to a higher standard than those paid to lie, as the anti-Syrians do not permit us even a single honest mistake, though they lie with impunity, over and over.  I fully agreed with her sentiment, then, and continue to do so.

To this, I add that this higher standard to which we are forced to hold ourselves should also be free of orthodoxy, of double standards, of censorship, shunning, and cyber lynch mob mentality.

Beyond sharing each other’s breakthrough writings, we must also permit free thought, and civilized dialogue, even when we disagree with each other;


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