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Operation Idlib: A Liberation not an Assault

Every inch of Syria will be liberated

Idlib is poised to be cleansed of terrorists, the last stronghold in Syria, leaving aside the neocolonial occupation of the country by the US and Turkey. Groups such as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Al-Qaeda) Nour al-Din al-Zinki, Ahrar al-Sham and the terrorist propaganda outfit the White Helmets can complain as much as they like to adore western MI6/CIA loyalist media, but the bottom line is, once the campaign starts it will be successful. This is why western powers are desperate to interfere to stop it.

The western warmongering ghouls just can’t extract themselves from their regime change obsession. They are like an international imperialist swamp that must be drained.

They are certainly getting a good whack in Syria, who the whole world should give a standing round of applause for in their monumental fight against terrorism. It is a battle without parallel.

Taking on the might of Saudi Arabia, the US, Israel & UK & their terrorist minions and winning!! It’s like David against Goliath.

John Bolton gives a nod and a wink to Al-Qaeda terrorists to carry out a chemical weapons attack which will be blamed on Syria quicker than the blink of an eye. US warships gather in the Mediterranean, poised to deliver hundreds of cruise & air to surface missiles once they get their masters signal. This doesn’t even count any people killing bombs of hate coming from the UK and France.

The US State Dept. scoffs at Russian and Syrian warnings backed up by evidence of terrorists planning to execute a chemical weapons attack in Idlib, having transported barrels of chlorine into two areas of the province. We have heard it all before they say, dismissing it out of hand, quite easy to do when habitually calling everything the two states say is disinformation and propaganda.

General James Mattis, the supposedly least hawkish among the war crazy cabal, reverted back to the regime change mantra, just when we thought he had accepted reality. He said the Syrian people should choose their own future, but Bashar al-Assad must go. A mystifying statement, but one that makes perfect sense when acknowledging the US is infamous for encouraging “democracy,” but only when the “right choices” are made.

Donald Trump’s professed desire to leave Syria is not going to be realized soon either, with more clear messages by officials of the intent to stay as an occupier. On August 25, a senior official of the US State Department William Roebuck traveled to Manbij:

“We are prepared to stay here, as the president (Donald Trump) has made clear … We are prepared to stay here [in Syria] to ensure the enduring defeat of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant [ISIL],”

Across the pond (or should that be swamp) UK representative to the UN, Karen Pierce misinterprets the pending liberation of civilians in Idlib as them being at “risk of assault.” She then says there is a risk of a chemical weapons attack, just as there was in Eastern Ghouta. Excuse us, but what chemical weapons attack? The real propagandists disgrace themselves, their country, the UN, and insult Syria with such flagrant disregard of the OPCW interim report which did not say there was a CW attack.

The swamp life performance continued when Pierce ruled out that terrorists would carry out a CW attack because “this story comes from the Russians.” Is it really necessary to point out the fatally flawed logic in such a statement?

Pierce rounded the incoherent diatribe off by saying that the “way to deal with any terrorists who are in Idlib is to ask the UN to negotiate safe passage, such as has been done before.”

Pray tell us Theresa May lackey, where will they be given safe passage to? Idlib is the last bastion of terrorists in Syria, turned into a squalid sectarian hole by their presence. But never fear, it will bloom again upon liberation, just as cities like East Ghouta, Aleppo and Daraa have.

Could the Al-Qaeda mob snuggle up with the resource stealing US occupier in the northeast of Syria? Or perhaps Ms. Pierce would like to see them bought to the UK, warehoused in the country for future terror operations just like the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

In a joint statement issued on 21 August the governments of the US, the UK and France said that ‘we reaffirm our shared resolve to preventing [sic] the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime and for [sic] holding them accountable for any such use… As we have demonstrated, we will respond appropriately to any further use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime’.

The three governments justify this threat with reference to ‘reports of a military offensive by the Syrian regime against civilians and civilian infrastructure in Idlib’.

Where is the resolve to confront and condemn the so-called White Helmets coordinating with terrorist groups, particularly Jabhat al-Nusra terror organization, to stage a chemical attack in Idlib province and accuse the Syrian Arab Army of using chemical weapons?

Where is the resolve to confront and condemn the kidnapping of civilians, including dozens of children, “kidnapping as many non-terrorists as they can to commit another mass slaughter? The intention — beyond their Captagon-fueled bloodlust and criminal insanity — is what it has always been: To create snuff porn as the cover story for the war whoring leadership of US, UK, and France to criminally bomb Syria, again.”

Left alone to perform its duty of protecting it citizens and land and doing a service to the world at large in expunging terrorists, the Syrian government will rid itself of the scourge of NATO/GCC/Israel supported terrorists. However, the very support indicates Syria will have to battle to liberate every inch.

The specter of another, an even more fearsome strike by the French, Brits and Americans looms large on the horizon as the showdown in Idlib is ready to start. A sense of unease is present that an overwhelming attack could be a game changer. The Syrian air defenses repelled the majority of missiles in April and are being boosted in anticipation of the next threatened strike.

Long overdue S300 missiles on Syrian territory would have given the imperial coalition pause for thought. Never mind, the country is determined to withstand an attack and push on to drive terrorists from Idlib.

There is of course nothing to stop Russia from putting the world best S400 system to good use. Diplomatic relations between the US and Russia may be in the dog house, but military contacts persist. Russia telling the US that missiles fired at Syrian targets will be intercepted by the S400 sounds perfectly fair and reasonable as a response to illegal aggression. It will set the ubiquitous war hawks into a tailspin, but they are gunning for Russia anyway. Aggression needs a response and this may be the response that finally tells the US to up sticks and go home. Its pathetic vassals will certainly not stick around if the master vacates.

The terrorist groups have nowhere else to go in Syria after Idlib, and there is no reason to not believe that a sustained military campaign by Syrian forces and their allies will result in it becoming the latest province to be free again. The US and its allies would like events to swing back toward regime change and crucial times lie ahead in finally defeating this long held objective.

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