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OPCW Squirts another al-Qaeda Press Release against Syria


OPCW continues to function as the press liaison for al Qaeda, in and against Syria. Using its efficient template — only needing to replace names and dates — on 13 June this gang again established itself as fraudulent.  Physical forensics and even custodial chain of custody have been made irrelevant by “scientists” who do not know the meaning of the word confirm. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons forfeited all legitimacy post Khan Sheikhoun. The fraudulent chemical weapons inspection watchdogs admitted no inspectors were deployed into that part of Idlib because the Nusra terrorists were so scary (which is why OPCW did its “inspection” in Turkey) but the Nusra verbal reports and eye of newt evidence were made the basis of its note to the UN. 

OPCW’s FFM were better called “FFS.” “Confidence” & “very likely” are not synonymous with any variation of “confirm.”


A clever editor corrected OPCW’s mistakes.

In its ongoing breach of Nuremberg Principle VI — prohibiting crimes against peace — the faux neutral Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons perpetrates an immense fraud in its 38 page “note” of 13 June. It gives legitimacy to a hospital that does not exist.  

Thirty-eight page note in which OPCW again admits it did not send its investigators to the scene.

The Geneva/ICRC treaties are quite clear regarding recognition of hospital safety zones.  The host country must authorize such zones, and both parties must agree to their locations and their neutrality.  Such hospitals must clearly contain the ICRC emblem, to ensure the safety of the area.

Host country must authorize neutral hospital safe zones.


“When the Parties concerned have agreed…”.
ICRC Emblems required.

This thing is what the OPCW illegitimately calls “Ltamenah Hospital,” “an operating field hospital”:

‘Scene of alleged impact’ shows ‘main entrance’ intact…

In lieu of blushing shame or suffering rightful white despair, the OPCW continues to flaunt its poor salesmanship, its forfeiture of integrity, its flagrant disregard for International Law, with the gargantuan impunity of the deep state:  “After the [FFS] became aware of allegations of use of a toxic chemical as a weapon in Ltamenah, in the Hama Governate, the team assessed the credibility of the allegations based on information collected from open sources and information received from several non-governmental organisations (NGOs)” (1.2; emphasis added).

Collections from “open sources” involves the rigorous scientific endeavors of reading MSM, FaMSMook accounts, and tweets.

As with its first “note” on Khan Sheikhoun, the Ltamenah one also issues fine print disclaimer that the chemical weapons inspectors did not inspect, as “various constraints, mainly related to security, have not enabled immediate access to sites by the [FFS]” (4.5). That such security concerns (a.k.a. “fear of terrorists”) “prevented a team deployment” (4.6) did not prevent the OPCW from using the Newspeak definition of “deploy,” nor accepting evidence from the terrorists (5.34, “samples” reports on the hospital that does not exist).

As with other allegations investigated by the [FFS], the team was not able to visit secured sites immediately after the alleged incidents. The potential for access was made more difficult as the areas were predominantly military areas with ongoing conflict prior to the alleged incident through to the time this report was being drafted. The team therefore relied on: the testimony of interviewees, samples as made available by the interviewees, and limited hospital records. — 6.1.  OPCW did not do a physical inspection, did not maintain a chain of custody of “evidence”  (& the dog ate the terrorists’ homework).

That this reputed watchdog group has become another press liaison for alQaeda in Syria is clearly seen by its excusing the lack of “hospital” records:  “The [FFS] requested hospital documentation from medical staff. However, due to damage sustained to the medical facility on 25 March 2017, it was not possible to provide these records and documentation…” (5.31).  Fluky and fortuitous, though the unhospital’s medical records were destroyed, the interviewees presented to the FFS with medical records intact (5.49).

That the hospital that did not exist could not provide documentation permits one  to wonder if the terrorist who fired this weapon was one of OPCW’s “interviewees.”

A relatively new NGO claims the Ltamenah unhospital was run by an offshoot of FSA/alQaeda.

With a high degree of confidence, this author suggests that the OPCW anticipated that few would read the entire contents of the note, instead counting on its press release of 13 June and subsequent hyena reporting of it to be sufficient anti-Syria propaganda.  Even factoring in massive impunity, there are just too many self-contradictions in the FFS “findings.”  For the sake of documentation, simplicity, and sanity, we offer a list of some of the most blatant discrepancies:

  • During the FFM deployment to gather facts related to the use of chemicals as a weapon in Khan Shaykhun on 4 April 2017, the team also received samples and conducted interviews related to the incident on 25 March 2017 and during these interviews, encountered allegations of use of a toxic chemical as a weapon in another part of Ltamenah on 24 March 2017. (1.3) [Author’s reminder: No OPCW investigator entered Khan Sheikhoun]
  • During the first interview on 10 April 2017, the FFM received enviromental samples relating to the alleged incident 25 March 2017 from the interviewee. Further environmental samples were provided on 12 April and 19 February 2018 by an NGO. (4.11)
  • At the time of the handover, the NGO confirmed that all of these samples were collected by members of the same NGO. The members involved in the sample collection process were also interviewed, and they provided photographs and videos from the location of the alleged incidents, including those related to the sampling process itself. (5.35)
  • The FFM received environmental samples and metal objects on 10 and 12 April 2017 and 19 February 2018. (5.61)
  • At the time of handover, the team was informed that all samples were taken by parties who maintained their custody. A member of the SCD [sic] who took the samples was present at the handover and provided information on every sample. This information was supported by interviewing the same SCD member and by photographs and videos handed over during interview. The information was corroborated [sic. This cannot be repeated enough: OPCW ‘investigators’ were too afraid of the terrorists to gather any potential forensics. Accepting “samples” from 3rd parties is a breach of the chain of custody.] by interviewing two additional SCD [sic] members. (5.62)

The OPCW’s use of “SCD” is another aspect of the Goebbels Big Lie used in criminal propaganda against Syria. The stethoscope-less, CPR-less, spinal precautions-less death squad alQaeda Helmets, created by the UK, with funding from UK, US, and various allies stole the SCD name from the actual paramedics and EMTs of the Syrian Arab Republic.

These savages all share a magically inherent immunity to GB.

Collecting GB samples.

Though the OPCW note claims “several” NGOs as sources, it gives special nods to the Helmets and to the Same Justice Chemical Violations Documentation Center (“CVDCS”). A search of “Same Justice…” leads to the website of Violations Documentation Center in Syria (VDC). Registered in Switzerland, VDC used to be located in Douma, but possibly got on the buses with the terrorists, to Jarabulus. VDC’s website brags of receiving neutral funding from the Syria-hating Open Society Foundations, The Asfari Foundation (London-based, Syria-hating), and the Syria-hating International Media Support, based in Copenhagen.

What “neutral” means, in Newspeak.

Annex 2 shows the OPCW has failed the “reasonable person” test for negligence. Some of these sources are criminal liars and some are criminals. Does OPCW really not know that British illegal in Syria, Shajul Islam was arrested on terrorism charges, and has had his medical license permanently revoked in the UK (which means he is not allowed to practice medicine, anywhere)? Does OPCW not know that his “charity” is under investigation?

This Brit illegal was the source of the anti-Syria GB hoax.


British Nusra spokesman Shajul Islam had his medical license permanently revoked.

OPCW unabashedly insults its own, and others in the various fields of the sciences, by citing the bellingcat website. Founded by Elliot “BM” Higgins, this unemployed Brit nebbisher gamer was given false credibility by UK intelligence services, despite his knowing that the original alQaeda in Syria, the FSA, had chemical weapons and planned to use them to blame on the government. The BM blob who once begged an American terrorist in Syria to find him full time work, has been rewarded for his crimes against peace; he is now a ‘fellow’ for the warmongering Atlantic Council think tank, where he spends his gaming time playing digital dollhouse.

American illegal in Syria warning of FSA CWs.

It should come as no surprise that OPCW is embedded with the deep state, also known as the “military industrial complex” that 5-star general and Republican President Eisenhower warned about, in his Farewell Address in January 1961.  In early 2002, the watchdog group was made to obediently heel when Halliburton CEO and co-president Dick Cheney sent neocon John Bolton to The Hague to demand the resignation of OPCW head Jose Bustani. The Dick’s message via Bolton included threats against his family, and destruction of his reputation (one year later, the Cheney administration outted Valerie Plame as CIA, a treasonous act for which no one was ever indicted.). Bustani’s crime was negotiating with Saddam Hussein to let OPCW inspectors to make unannounced visits into pre-Halliburton Iraq.

Obedient watchdogs of OPCW were brought to heel by Halliburton’s Cheney.

OPCW’s contemptible acquiescence to the deep state of perpetual war is the cause of its FFS teams absurd notations. In addition to the discrepancies listed above, the 13 June propaganda piece is scattered with other anomalies. Two of the ‘tables’ suggest that only 19 persons were interviewed between 10 April 2017 and 8 March 2018; none of the alleged Ltamenah ”casualties” were women or girls; again, there were zero ”secondary casualties” (statistically impossible were GB actually used on the many occasions that it has been fake reported as being used); the odorless GB magically has a “nonspecific irritating smell…dissimilar to chlorine” (5.21).

In contradiction to its own photograph claiming to show the “location of impact points,” 5.44 states that a ”cylinder” “impacted the sand and concrete roof at the entrance…”.  This cave-ish structure shows one entrance.

Another sloppy contradiction in the OPCW note.

Also not explained in the OPCW note is the frequent, alleged result in the alleged designated laboratory, of DIMP.

Diisopropyl methylphosphate is a chemical byproduct which is formed during the manufacture of GB; it is not part of the degradation process.


The whorish OPCW remains secure in the citing of the savage White Helmets; their multi-million dollar PR campaign has elicited a Nobel nomination, and an Oscar from Hollywood.  In this brave, new world of deep state, there are no penalties for cheering serial killers who should be permanently institutionalized with the criminally insane, as “humanitarians.”  Despite the braying and bleating about its alleged hospital in al  Ltamenah, OPCW seems to not to have felt enough terra firma to give a name to the cave dwelling.  This gem of an obligation was fulfilled by UC Berkeley’s Human Rites Center Lab (HRC Lab) — albeit in fine print.



Likely recognizing that the NGO/NP industrial complex against Syria has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise and likely trying to reduce its $150 million deficit, in 2016, Berkeley opened the “first university- based Human Rights Investigation Lab of its kind…”.  HRC Lab works  “with partners to investigate potential crimes in Syria…and elsewhere around the globe.” Ninety-four percent of its funding comes “from individuals & foundations.” The ‘lab’ was trained by Amnesty, whose cynical origins are exposed here

The Berkeley lab’s 36 page report states it was written under the “mentorship and guidance” of the Syrian Archive. Created in 2014, this alleged group of ”Syrian activists” was co-founded by an alleged Syrian allegedly living in Berlin, whose “partners” include the usual suspects of money-making, Syria-hating NGOs (e.g., Amnesty, HRW, bellingcat). The Berkeley “open source” report cites OPCW, and is littered with statements such as “unable to confirm with certainty” (which is the only way to “confirm”), “unable to find visual confirmation,” “likely corroborates,” “matching landmarks,” and is “restrained about reaching legal conclusions.”

Among the photographic sources are also the usual criminals and/or criminal propagandists against Syria:

  • Syrian Network for Human Rites [sic]. SNHR was created to support the foreign terrorists ‘revolution’ against the SAR. It is a member of the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (better known as NATO genocidal bombing campaigns).
  • Thiqa ”news,” supporters of the terrorist ‘revolution’ against Syria.
  • France-based, French-owned SMART [“Syrian” Media Action Revolution Team] NEWS, which received a grant from the Brussels-based European Endowment for Demoncracy” in 2014. SMART supports the separatist ZioKurds & ignores massive evidence that the SDF is a US-run, foreign merc militia of NATO wetworkers.
  • al Jazeera, the Qatari monarchy-owned medium illegally in Syria. Qatar has bragged of spending more than $4 billion in the ‘final solution’ attempt against Syria. al Jazeera was involved in the kidnapping of Syrian women and children in Latakia countryside, 2013.  In May 2015, Jazeera Arabic tv called for the extermination of a Syrian minority population.
  • The GB immune & stethoscope-less Helmets, who were called “organ traders” by Syrians in liberated Aleppo. UC Berkeley has extensive colleges for the training of health professionals, all of whom could have explained that the basics of trauma/first response require stethoscopes, spinal precautions, and knowledge of CPR. That these ‘open sources’ ‘investigators’ chose to not consult with them before including the Helmets should be a big red flag pointing to malignancy in geopolitics.

The Berkeley ‘lab’ report begins with a quote from the OPCW and proceeds with various screengrabs from its video “documentation” (many of which contain yellow circles, possibly to connote yellow journalism).   These videos are mostly collages of each other. Some are barely in double digits of seconds. Many contain interviews of the Nusra Helmets. One interviews a man in scrubs who appears to be reading from a script, offscreen. One is of a cloud of smoke, another of a helicopter. Not a single one provides actual evidence of a chemical weapons attack, nor of the existence of an actual hospital.

Videos very likely confirm the existence of a garage for Helmets’ mopeds, rather than an actual hospital.

Despite the incestuously shared ‘open sources’ in both OPCW and Berkeley “documentation,” OPCW did not source the latter.  The latter did source a terrorist gang as alleged hospital founder.

The devil is in the detail: Ltamenah “Surgical Hospital created & founded by Jaysh al-Ezza.”
The sign to the moped garage remained pristine, according to 1:29 video “documentation.”

As OPCW omitted Berkeley’s report, Berkeley’s report omitted any background to “Jaysh al-Ezza”(or any similar transliteration). al-Ezza is yet another nom du jour of the original alQaeda/FSA armed terrorists in Syria. Better imagery of this gang is seen in our featured photograph.

U.S. definition of terrorism:  The unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of  political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85).

alQaeda FSA & offspring Ezza, training as medics for a new “surgical hospital.”


Another ‘hospital founder’ at work. Expensive camera videoing to hone his “surgical” skills?


Perhaps this “founder” will give surgery lessons at Berkeley Medical School?


Or this one?


16 June. alQaeda building a new “surgical hospital” for Ltamenah.

The OPCW did not mention the name of the “founder” of the faux hospital.

In its report of 13 June, the OPCW did attempt to give legitimacy to these killers, as the obedient watchdog of deep state against Syria.

Miri Wood


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