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Breaking: OPCW Report on Khan Sheikhoun Chemical Attack Baseless!


A mere six weeks after the satanic rituals in Khan Sheikhoun, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres issued a letter to the attention of the Security Council, 19 May.  In one short paragraph, the SG  announced the “honour” of passing along a status report dated 15 May, by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, and had no problem in boldfaced lying that the OPCW fact-finding mission (FFM) was conducted “in the Syrian Arab Republic.  When Turkey became a part of Syria, is a mystery that Guterres did not explain.


Such mysteries are the norm among MSM writers, especially those with net worths in double digits of millions, such as CNN’s Christiane Amanwour.  Two days after dozens of Syrians — who had been kidnapped from Majal and Khattab — were murdered for criminal war propaganda against the SAR, Amanwour tweeted the outrageous lie that “Turkey says W.H.O. autopsies prove ‘Assad used chemical weapons.'”  Her chutzpah boundless, she cited a Reuters URL that said no such thing.

Amanwour tweet 6 April

The Express Tribune of Pakistan (the country that meekly asks, “how high?” when Saudi dictator yells “jump!”*) ran a similarly outrageous and preposterous fraudulent report, also dated 6 April.

Criminal lies from Pakistani medium

Forensic toxicology is a meticulous science that requires an average of 4 to 6 weeks of studies in order to determine the cause of death. Forensic toxicology can prove the cause of death, but not who committed the cause of death. 

“Some of the tests take days, weeks, months,” says Alan Hall, MD, a board-certified toxicologist and consultant in Laramie, Wyo. The final toxicology report, he says, draws not only from multiple test results and confirmation of the results, but also on the clinical experience of the toxicologists and pathologists involved in the investigation, as well as field work.

Almost one month before the OPCW’s lying FFM report, the BBC brayed that GB was used in Khan Sheikhoun.

No evidence? No matter for criminal lying BBC

Syria News reminds our readers that the origin myth of GB began in Jerusalem, as part of the campaign to sabotage Syria’s request for the UN to investigate the use of “chemical substances” against Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013 (twenty-five were massacred, including 19 Syrian Arab Army soldiers.  Weapons-grade chlorine was the CW).** Syria’s previous requests for investigations into the December 2012 threats of VX attacks, and poisoning of the Alsinn water spring with Sunnah2 — both issued from Turkey — were also ignored.  A comparison of the 21 December 2012 poisoning of the rabbit with Sunnah2 and the videos of the heinous death throes of Syrian children in Khan Sheikhoun strongly suggests this poison caused their painful deaths.

Attention spans are forced into being short-term, increasingly diverted by MSM.  Reports on the ghastly massacre in Kabul came and went in the blink of an eye, and the double tap massacre at the funeral barely received 140 characters.  Currently, the world is focused on vehicular homicides and stabbings, in London.

[14 June: Terrible UPDATE at end of report]

As such, before analyzing the disgusting OPCW fraud of 15 May, SyriaNews must also refresh the memories of our readers regarding the atrocities in Khan Sheikhoun, savagely branded as a new GB hoax:

  • Khan Sheikhoun, in Idlib governate, is under the control of the terrorist beasts of al-Qaeda Jabhat al Nusra, many of them foreign, pathogenic invaders. The original beheadings were committed against Syrians there, by Chechens, Uyghurs, Turkmen, and other Wahhabis.
  • The medium that ‘broke’ the story was CNN, with a very long history of massive anti-Syria propaganda, and support of foreign terrorists slaughtering Syrians (Ward of Death actually won awards for interviewing foreign murderers that the $10 million Cooper insisted did not exist).
CNN’s Clarissa Ward, right, has illegally entered the SAR multiple times, embedding herself with takfiri
  • The vilest of emotional war porn involved the murderer Abdel Hameed Alyousef, taken at his lying word by the MSM that his immediate family of nearly 700k — including twin babies! and wife! — were killed by the GB that was not there.  After the mass funerals, in which he personally buried everyone with his bare hands, he jumped the Erdogan Express to Turkey.  This article contains several photos of him with military weapons (including surface to air), and joking about the abuse of corpses when a Russian helicopter carrying humanitarian aid was shot down.
Terrorist Abdel Hameed Alyousef
  • The main source of the GB hoax was an illegal British national, Shajul Islam, who had been charged with terrorism in the UK, and whose medical license had been permanently revoked at home. A universal rule is that no physician can practice medicine anywhere in the world, without a medical license. Even if this mamser ben hazir were not a rabid dog, and were legally in the SAR, he still could not practice medicine there.  Such things do not matter to the war-whoring MSM, run by NATO perpetual warriors and genocidalists.
British illegal, British terrorist in Syria was source for the GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun
His medical license was revoked in his home country.
License? What license? Except to engage in deadly lies.
Despite sanctions, coalition destroyed infrastructure, the British terrorist undoctor was able to give video interviews all day.
  • The lies of the Nusra terrorists were the cover story for swamp-drainer POTUS Trump to murder Syrian soldiers, to emboldened ISIS to spread their savagery.
  • The “usual suspects” of criminal NGOs assisted NATO MSM in spewing lies, while simultaneously engaging in fundraising.  In the top two were MSF — the French intelligence operation that admits it is not in Syria — and the Syrian American Medical Society, “SAMS,” whose acronym should be changed to SCAMS.  To date, SyriaNews has verified exactly one Syrian-American who is a licensed physician in the US.  If this US-licensed physician is not licensed in Syria, or, if he was once licensed in Syria, but his license in that country is not up to date, by US medical law, his US medical license should be revoked.  Though SCAMS claims to run various ‘hospitals’ in Syria, it has never once condemned any of the terrorist bombings of actual Syrian hospitals, and it spends most of its time engaged in fund-raising.  Again, keeping in mind it calls itself Syrian American, none of its big events of 2017 is being held in either Syria or America.  Two medical missions are to be in Jordan, its ’17th International Conference’ will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, and last month — as a total affront to every health care professional in the world, it held a whopping two day “medical training” camp in Gaziantep, Turkey.

SCAMS, like the many cottage industries that have sprung up to get fat off the blood of Syrian martyrs, is expanding. Though all of its positions in Erdoganstan (not Syria, not America) have been filled, it is hiring in Jordan (not Syria, not America), and more worrisome, in Lebanon (not Syria, not America).


The above psychotic, geopolitical morass of the GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun, perpetrated by terrorists has been normalized by the war media, and the war criminal politicians. It is an unfortunate essential prelude to the mad as a hatter OPCW report by its Technical Secretariat, Ahmet Üzümcü.

OPCW Fact-Finding Mission in Syria on Khan Sheikhoun, was not in Syria

One of the questions asked to OPCW by Twitter activist John Delacour was Please tell us where in Syria this mission was or is and give us the names, qualifications, and status of this mission.


Note that this report which so enthralled the UN SG that he was “honoured” to move it about the entire UN body, begins with massive falsehood, that there was actually fact finding regarding the “reported incident” in Khan Sheikhoun, and that this mission was “in Syria.” In 4.3, the Secretariat admits the mission in Syria is not in Syria: “…planning is also under way in liaison with the United Nations regarding a possible visit to the alleged site of the incident at Khan Sheikhoun.  Given the sensitivity of the mission and past experience, this visit is dependent on the availability of the most stringent security measures for the FFM.” [emphases added]

With this comment, he not only admits to the lie but also acknowledges that the terrorists control Khan Sheikhoun — the terrorists whose word is taken as truth by governments and media. In this Orwellian remark, Üzümcü also admits that Qatar runs the terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun, as Qatar offered to guarantee the safety of OPCW inspectors there, and that Qatar’s terrorists cannot be trusted any more than the terrorist monarchy itself.  It was Qatar that brokered the deal with Iran, to exchange Syrian hostages for terrorists, a deal that successfully involved the massive bloodbath in al Rashidin.

The asymmetry of ghastly carnage. No White Helmets’ FX Productions

The report is filled with unscientific, non-evidence words such as alleged, probability, reported, possible. The fraudster brags that the FFM team was able to be deployed in 24 hours and that this “rapid deployment” allowed this ”team” to be present at three autopsies.

He does not say where the autopsies took place, but all of the MSM said several bodies were taken to Erdoganstan.

With the impunity of either a true lunatic or an arrogant skank who believe everyone else is too stupid or too lazy to read painfully boring official statements, Üzümcü admits that the ‘unfacts’ were culled from “posts on the social media” (1.2), and that all samples were taken by Non-Governmental Organizations.” (2.8).  This means that the US/EU Oscar-winning stethoscope-less death squads-first responders called the White Helmets provided the OPCW  with “two dead birds and hair from a dead goat.” (2.6)

Nu, no eye of newt and toe of frog?

UK monies to the stethoscope-less first-responder death squads White Helmets. Courtesy 21st Century Wire.

The swindling, lying cheat also shamelessly reported that “The results of the analyses indicate that the blood of victims was exposed to sarin or sarin-like substance.” (3.2)

From what universe is this satanic underling who lies about forensic toxicology and furthermore has no problem saying that non-evidence is either GB or is something like GB?  This is incoherent.  This is without merit.  This is crap, and the media rolls with it.  There is no such substance that is like GB but not GB but that might be GB.

Can the murderous anti-Syria propaganda become anymore Alice in Wonderland than this mad hatter?!

Alas, he can, and double alas, he does, when he brags that “all received samples were treated in accordance with OPCW procedures including the application of seals by the FFM team.” (2.14)

To be clear:  According to this beyond Hollywood screenwriting SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF, coming from the report of the “neutral” Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, there is no forensic toxicology, there is no “paper trail” (“chain of evidence” which exists both in law and in every aspect of health care).

There is only putting an official OPCW seal onto bags containing hair of dead goat, provided by Nusra and White Helmets terrorists from the Khan Sheikhoun town that is so terrifying the inspectors dare not enter.

Have terrorists’ lies become more cost-effective than legitimate forensics?

In the UNSC emergency meeting of 5 April, on Khan Sheikhoun, one of the representatives mentioned that his country has contributed $400,000 to its unprecedented, anti-Syria JIM, whose collaborative “investigations” with OPCW involve no forensics, just verbal reports from sponsors of state terror, verbal reports from NGOs making millions from the blood of Syrians, verbal reports from terrorists claiming the Syrian government is doing very bad things.

Why does it cost one country $400k to take a poll of terrorist gangs?

The most vicious international conspiracy in the history of humanity, one country, against Syria, is boundless in its depravity.


But in October 2012, some of what are called, commonly speaking, “Syrian opposition activists,” formed and established, in Turkey, an office they called the “Office of Documentation on the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria.” They established this office five months before anything related to the issue of chemical weapons had happened in Syria. And all of a sudden, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which is based in The Hague, in the Netherlands, gave this non-governmental center consultative status, meaning it endorsed the center as an OPCW consultative body on chemical issues.  His Excellency, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, 10 September 2016.

— Miri Wood, RNc

* According to Jeddah-based Arab News dated 23 March 2017, bleating about the tight friendship between the country and the dictatorship, Today, the Kingdom and Pakistan maintain close and robust political, military, economic, security and cultural relations, rarely found in the history of global camaraderie.

** Forty days after the horrific attack, Ambassador al Ja’afari gave this extensive press briefing.  Like the requests for investigations, his statement was also ignored. is a volunteer website bringing you real news, updates, and analysis about Syria, most of which you’ll not find on your regular media channels. To assist us in keeping the site going and bring more info to you, all you need to do is visit any article and check the ads displayed, click on the product you like and see what the advertisers are offering, just a click of a button. You can also donate from as little as $1 using the donate button or going to the donate page

NB:  SCAMS has been a favorite of the State Department and the mafioso clique that runs the UN, since the beginning of the crisis.  SCAMS was given a UN audience in August 2016.  In April 2015, a reputed SCAMS representative — though not American — was given a secret audience of the UNSC.  Tennari showed a ‘fraudumentary’ which made Samantha Power cry, one so powerful it has never been released to the public.

Postscript:  The OPCW was in Syria to collect its chemical weapons.  Despite the sporadic shelling of Latakia port by NATO member and US ally, Turkey, during the loading of the Syrian CW arsenal, the inspectors and collectors felt safe, as this city is in an area not occupied by terrorists. Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal was turned in ahead of schedule, and everyone — from then SG Ban, to then SoS Kerry, to Sigrid Kaag — sang songs of joy.

UN-OPCW announcement

The universal happiness was short-lived, of course.  The Imperialist US, and its demonic cohorts UK and France can never be trusted.  Let us not forget that Libya joined the OPCW in 2004, and presented its credentials in 2010.  Nonetheless, one year later, NATO obliterated Libya and made it a safe haven for terrorists.


It was approximately one year after Syrian CWs were turned in, that Barack Obama used the cover story of the mercenaries cum orangettes to illegally bomb the Republic, anyway.  By the way, the United States still has not turned in all of its CWs, to be destroyed.

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