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OPCW IIT Spews New Attack on Syria, Doubles FFM Propaganda about Saraqib

OPCW continues corruption

OPCW was titillated to announce its IIT published its second report, this one on Saraqib, Syria, regarding the incident of alleged noisily falling chlorinated barrels on 4 February 2018. The newbie sounded remarkably like its first, which was on Ltamenah, Syria, which was approved by then Secretary of State, Mike ‘Lying Cheating, Stealing‘ Pompeo, previously CIA head. According to the 12 April UN press statement, SG Antonio “Sargassum” Gutteres found the findings intolerable. The ‘findings’ of what was not, are intolerable, as there tends to be something quite loathsome when war criminal propaganda is directed at a sovereign state.

Syria News will attempt to make the incoherent, as coherent as possible for our readers; first we suggest looking at the following map of Saraqib, in Idlib governate — the biggest al Qaeda haven since 9/11 — which was under terrorist control at the time of the alleged incident, which the FFM at the time, confirmed as likely, and to take several slow, deep, breaths.

Our readers may find some definitions also useful:

  • CWC: Chemical Weapons Convention, established  29 April 1997, Hague, the Netherlands
  • OPCW: Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the intergovernmental watchdog group which has the responsibility to fulfill the tenets of the CWC.
  • FFM: Fact-finding mission of the OPCW, created in 2014 “to establish facts surrounding allegations [by al Qaeda affiliates] of the use of toxic chemicals, reportedly chlorine, for hostile purposes, in the Syrian Arab Republic.”
  • JIM: Joint Investigative Mechanism is a collaborative effort of UN-OPCW via UNSCR 2235 (2015). As OPCW does not give it a definition on its website, the author provides a description, here. UN JIM Fact Sheet, here.
  • IIT: Investigation and Identification team of OPCW, which, like the FFM, has taken to limiting its work to “open sources” from Syria-hating NATO collaborators, and from al Qaeda affiliates, as most of these alleged chemical attacks happen in areas under terrorist control, posing ”security” risks to those who would be on the ground doing actual investigations and adhering to strict maintenance of forensics chain of custody.
  • States Parties are the 193 countries/members of the CWC. Feel free to wonder who these “States Parties” may be when the IIT thanks them while condemning Syria and contradicting the FFM. 
  • FFM finds facts; IIT establishes them [except when they don’t].
  • MF: … [alleged] Medical facility
  • Open Sources: Former unemployed ladies’ bras salesman turned stay-at-home-gamer who exchanged emails with an American merc in which they discussed al Qaeda FSA planning to use chemical weapons; Tweets by stethoscope-less White Helmets given millions by US and UK intelligence agencies; NATO stenography media that pimps news based on lies of contra gangs armed and funded by NATO countries; a medium based in Erbil which supports armed insurrection by non-indigenous people against the government and frequently has insider documentation of atrocities perpetrated by various al Qaeda gangs; other social media posts by sources not licensed to practice in Syria; various alleged NGO’s always embedded with terrorists, and which receive massive outsider funding (mostly from NATO countries).
One of OPCW sources
One of OPCW’s many ‘open sources.’

The OPCW appears to have launched its censorship campaign after getting complaints over Jose Bustani not being permitted to speak to the UNSC. The FFM only applies to Syria. The definition of chemical weapons affords the loophole for white phosphorus (P4), as those burnt and deformed by its use have been purely collateral damage, as P4 is really really only used to illuminate legitimate bombing targets.

We will examine in detail the full FFM Saraqib report dated 15 May 2018 — with several screenshots as PDFs are now crumbling before one’s eyes (unrelated to this report), after which we will similarly examine the IIT report of 12 April 2021.

First, though, the author feels obligated to mention she doesn’t blame people who work for an organization with an budget of almost 72,000,00 Euro (about 85,000,000 USD) which offers employees stunning benefits, to prefer to stay in some safe place and accept fake forensics rather than to do physical investigation among these types:

All this, and a paycheck too — as long as you can help write reports from NATO sponsored terrorists, and lie about Syria.

Please note that the author is not casting aspersions of cowardice onto the un-investigators; the loss of conscious bowel and bladder control under frightening situations is evolutionary in nature: The same primitive brain that sets off the fight/flight response attempts to rid the body of excess weight. The author’s concern, here, is that the same un-investigators who will not go near these criminally insane types tend toward hypocrisy in accepting their lies, based on some inapplicable honor system.

OPCW investigators reputedly could not enter the regions of Syria controlled by the scary-looking psychopaths — some of whom are pictured above. Yet they were completely amenable for taking the savages at their word. This once noble organization, now corrupt, also persists in referring to Khan Sheikhoun, in its FFM and IIT shams, conveniently oblivious to the fact that most of the lies came from a British illegal in Idlib, a Brit once on trial for terrorism in his country, a mamser who legally practiced medicine for a whopping three months before his license was permanently revoked.

The OPCW FFM’s full report of its Saraqib investigation — akin to The Emperor’s New Clothes — really should have been noted as that curtain being pulled aside, irrevocably showing the world the corrupt allegiance of the watchdog group with the NATO P3 klan that rules the UN, and with the mainstream NATO stenography [Vichy] journalists. The investigators too terrified to enter the land occupied by the al Qaeda savages, sat somewhere in a safe, unnamed place. There, they awaited reports and hand offs from the fake emergency responders, Nusra White Helmets (which despite 10s of millions from NATO countries, still cannot bag, do CPR, enact spinal precautions, or own a single stethoscope), from the SAMS NGO which is not authorized to be in Syria and also gets massive US funding, and other Syria-hating NGOs which also get foreign funding. Alas, some of these poor uninvestigators did have to peruse social media to see about what independent liars — independent, but who nevertheless have found themselves sucking at the teat of the NATO taxpayer — were lying.

The FFM report neglected to describe the sound of two barrels falling, stated the team “received” — ergo, did not collect — samples, had insufficient information, and did the “determined…likely” while assessing credibility of allegations magic.

The watchdog’s IIT 12 April criminal report on what the terrorists who occupied Saraqib told them vomits up the same lies in the FFM; the only difference is that the IIT’s use about twice as many words (essential for keeping those tax-free NATO paychecks, relocation subsidies, and wonderful benefits). One of the slight differences is that the FFM did not quite blame the government for lack of access into al Qaeda territory, frequently whined its suggestion that the “impossibility to access the site of the [alleged] incident” was somehow the SAR’s responsibility, even while noting Saraqib was under terrorist occupation.

Nowhere in the IIT do the stenographers call terrorists, terrorists. Instead, the authors — who could not investigate because they were, and continue to be, terrified of the terrorists — called them “various armed groups,” put terrorists into quotation marks in attempts to disparage the government for calling the killers, kidnappers, murderers, necrophialiacs, rapists, child pornographers, and femicidalists by their appropriate name.

Despite HTS and its al Qaeda leader al Jolani being on the terror lists of UN, US, EU, the IIT was careful to not call him and his gang, terrorists.

The OPCW most recent brainchild, the IIT, blathered on about unnamed world-leading chemists and their colleagues, demonstrated its corruption and uselessness — except its ability to hold 43 bilateral meetings with other NATO klansmen — flaunted its malignant supremacy in inviting Syria to a meeting about Syria, showed its colonialist hatred of Arabs, and showed its ability to normalize Newspeak in claiming “facts” where there are no “facts.”

It is unlikely that the OPCW offshoot findings of how many fairies can dance on the head of a pin can be considered any form of honest stupidity. This no untutored youth author sees only a well-paid, meticulously dressed gang of mobster bullies: The gang does a version of pistol-whipping and digit amputations; it brags of its mandate to find the perps of something that may or may not have happened (“use or likely use,” “confirms…very likely,” legitimizes the lack of legal chain of custody).

Indeed, the most recent in a long series of Nuremberg indictable propaganda lies is “intolerable,” as is intolerable that a war criminal NATO junta has taken over the OPCW and the United Nations, to which the Secretary-General — untaxed salary $277,253 plus other emoluments and other benefits — continues to give his stamp of approval.

The author does not hold her breath awaiting the day when the UNSG meets terrorist Jolani to discuss military weapons and ‘climate,’ as he previously went to an impoverished Caribbean island where he did a good white man’s burden over sargassum.

The long-winded, sparse-on-ejaculatory-effort of the IIT’s OPCW press release for al Qaeda in Syria, comes just six days after the NATO klan at the UN threatened the SAR with removal from the CWC.

Might another false flag chemical attack be down the road? Such a war crime would provide a burst of enthusiasm among the western Operation Mockingbird crushed by the COVID lockdowns; they could pretend they’re at some sports stadium, cheering their teams…. If so the watchdog group founded on pristine and noble principles — retained by a too small handful of honest whistleblowers — will throw fuel on the fire.

OPCW should hang its collective head, in shame.

Miri Wood

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