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On 9/11, Trump Regime Forces Kidnap 30 Syrians in Hasaka City

US Trump sends weapons and vehicles to pkk ypg sdf asayish kurds syria

The Trump regime honors its dead of 9/11 by continuing to support terrorists against the people of Syria. On this year’s anniversary, regime’s SDF militias stormed the neighborhood of Khashman in Hasaka city, breaking into one dozen homes and kidnapping 30 people. Most of the abductees were old men. Additionally,  SDF terrorists — under the sponsorship of illegal US troops in Syria —  set up criminal roadblocks on main and side roads coming from Deir Ezzor, al Sabkha and M’adan in Raqqa countryside to criminally prevent IDPs from returning to their homes in al Raqqa city.

As Gestapo-style roadblocks to halt the free movement of Syrians, and IED was set up on the main road between Zeiban and al Hawaej in Deir Ezzor countryside.

Map of Khashman town north of Al-Hasakah city northeast of Syria

The Trump regime’s demonic tribute to 9/11 via its illicit troops engaging in kidnapping, murder, and other mayhem in Syria, follows similar atrocities by one day. On Tuesday, Trump’s SDF Gestapo militias raided the village of Abu Hardoub (Deir Ezzor), destroying 4 homes and abducting an undisclosed number of civilians. Also on Tuesday, illicit US troops landed military helicopters in al Ezba Village (Deir Ezzor), again kidnapping civilians, and murdering two.

How does a country that suffered such a horror as 9/11, turn around and arm terrorists in another country? How do US troops shamelessly invade, occupy, and destroy Syrians, in their homeland?

Mere days ago, the Trump regime illegals and Erdogan’s terrorists began an illicit joint patrol, whose purpose is to change the demographics of indigenous Syrians and to give the rabid Erdogan the chance to annex more of Syria’s land. How striking this alliance is, given that Erdogan’s Turkey is supposed to be the sworn enemy of the terrorist, separatist, faction of Kurds in Syria.

Transatlantic NATO media have alternated news of homage to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and the mourning over the neocon’s neocon, John Bolton being ejected from his position of National Security Advisor.

Trump, Bolton, & Wahhabi Bin Salman in the former happier days.

They will not report on terrorist militias abducting Syrians, including children for slave labor and for forced militia training — despite the fact that the SDF terrorists signed a promise to end such atrocities, at the UN, and to the applause of the Military-Industrial Media.

As for the western colonial serfs, particularly in the USA, they continue to condemn Trump for everything except his war crimes, for then, they might have to acknowledge that Trump has accelerated the war crimes of Obama.

These American colonial serfs have been narcotized to support the SDF terrorists — even though they are now deployed by Trump — and in their ongoing narcotized state, they avert their gaze from all atrocities perpetrated by this gang:

On 9/11, investigative journalist and best-selling author, Max Blumenthal, reported from Damascus; he had returned from Maaloula, the town in which Christians and Muslims still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus. He describes what US-supported Jaish al Islam faction of al Qaeda did there, in 2013.

Mr. Trump: What is hateful to you, do not do to others — especially not on 9/11.

Miri Wood

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In 2016, Ambassador Bashar al Jaafari addressed the Schiller Institute September 11 Memorial Conference

Blumenthal mentions terrorist Alloush. He was the mastermind of the massacre in Adra, 11 December 2013. The slaughter included the entire police station, a nurse who was beheaded & whose severed head was put on a pike, and the baking of 200 civilians in industrial bread ovens.

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