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obama evidence sarin war syria

Chemicals in Syria. Made in Saudi Arabia.

Chief of Staff of the White House: We don`t need evidence to accuse Assad of chemical weapons use.

Sarin was already used by other terrorists.

The Chief of Staff of the White House, Denis McDonough, was asked in a TV interview on Sunday where the evidence would be that shows the direct links between Assad and the chemical weapons use in Syria, and he replied to this logical question with the following statement:

“Do we have photos or irrefutable evidence without reasonable doubt? This is not a court case. That is not like intelligence agencies are operating. What the test of our common sense is telling us is that he should be held accountable for this.”

McDonough says by this that the U.S. government has no evidence for the accusation, but only conjecture. His following statement is an absolute impudence. He went on and said that this is no court hearing where one has to prove that the accused is really guilty – without a doubt.

Chief of Staff of the White House, Denis McDonough.
Chief of Staff of the White House, Denis McDonough.

Obama has self-aggrandizing decided that Assad is guilty and he wants to punish him with a war of aggression. Obama is prosecutor, judge and executioner all in one. And the United States are said to be a nation of law?

Thousands of Syrian civilians could soon be killed by American bombs and missiles because of the unproven allegations and lies. Obama says by this, because Assad has reportedly killed Syrians, Obama is going to kill Syrians as a punishment, too. How completely inhumane and criminal is that? Only psychopaths have such a mind-set.

According to the latest news, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has shown the Syrian President a “way out” – how Assad can prevent the American attack on Syria. Bashar al-Assad has to give all the chemical weapons in possess his army to the international community within a week. John Kerry said in London today that the crisis could be easily solved if Assad will do it. In other words, one week otherwise I’ll shoot.

How transparent and outrageous is this demand? Cause John Kerry concedes in a jiffy by himself that Assad will not do it.

Washington makes a hypocritical proposal, from which they know from the outset that this proposal is not satisfiable. Why should Assad do it? Wherefrom has the Obama regime the insolence to give a government an ultimatum, that it either is doing what Washington has ordered and will disarm itself, or they launch a war of aggression against this country?

Syria’s President Assad has never confirmed that the Syrian army would have chemical weapons. These are yet again unproven allegations and insinuations of the warmongers of the West. Just like it has been claimed that Saddam Hussein would also have such weapons. As it turned out after the invasion of Iraq, they found nothing, really nothing at all in Iraq. All has been a pack of lies!

What is deliberately omitted in the whole media coverage is the information about who has used sarin against civilians the last time. When I heard yesterday that the International Olympic Committee had awarded Tokyo with the 2020 Olympic Games and that the main reason would be that Tokyo is the safest city in the world, I really had to laugh out loud. The safest city in the world, my ass. Have all forgotten that in 1994 and 1995, several terrorist attacks were carried out in Tokyo’s subway with sarin nerve agent? Thereby, 13 people were killed and 5,000 injured.

The subway of Tokyo was cleaned after the terrorist attack of Sarin.
The subway of Tokyo was cleaned after the terrorist attack of Sarin.

The members of the Aum Shinrikyo (currently known as Aleph) were identified as the perpetrators. They were arrested and brought to justice. They had concocted the sarin from freely available ingredients in a primitive laboratory.

They brought the sarin in 11 plastic bags as passengers into the subway cars, waited until the underground stopped at a station and the doors were open. Afterwards, they stabbed on the plastic bags with an umbrella with a metal top and ran away. It was so simple.

The terrorists of the Aum sect had already committed murders in advance of the terror attacks in the subway of Tokyo – for example, they filled the sarin into aerosol cans and attacked individual persons. The victims have inhaled the spray mist and then died from it. This shows just how easy it is to use this poison gas.

The terrorists made the sarin gas by adding Isopropyl alcohol to a mixture of Methylphosphonyl difluoride and Methylphosphonoyl dichloride. They have cooked together the two substance by a series of chemical reactions – step by step.

Apropos, sarin was discovered by German chemists of the IG Farben Leverkusen (now Bayer) in 1938 when they were searching for a strong pesticide. The name “sarin” consists of the name of the discoverers: Schrader, Ambros, Rüdiger and Van der Linde.

The media and politicians, who are vehemently demanding the attack on Syria, pretend constantly that only a state would be able to produce sarin, because the production of sarin nerve agent would be so difficult. Hence, they insinuate, that only the Syrian Army is able to use this chemical weapon. However, that terrorists can easily tinker it themselves and use it afterwards, as they already have done it, gets concealed by them. They never mentioned this in their coverage of Syria. On purpose.

Chemicals in Syria. Made in Saudi Arabia.
Chemicals in Syria. Made in Saudi Arabia.

The ingredients to produce the Sarin nerve agent was found in hide-outs and improvised labs of the terrorists in Syria already several times. On the barrels and the sacks with the chemicals, there was the label “Made in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. One can therefore assume that the Saudi intelligence has delivered the goods into the hands of the terrorists, including the recipe of how to concoct the Sarin.

Anyone is able to produce the toxic substance with a little knowledge of chemistry. You fill the liquid into the warhead of a mortar shell or rocket and shoot it. Very simple. This is then a chemical weapon, and as shown by Tokyo, terrorists like to use it.

Source: allesschallundrauch

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  1. Richard

    Upfront, I will say that I did not have a strong opinion either way on Bashar Al Assad but more a deep concern for the country of Syria and the preservation and protection of its people.

    After watching an interview with Bashar Al Assad on US Public Broadcasting, my esteem and respect for Bashar and his cogent, thoughtful and intelligent response to Charlie Rose (who I have a diminished respect for after this) who seemed bent on continuing to tow the agenda and not thoughtfully responding or following up, has risen exponentially.

    But that in the US we had only a few government officials with half the intelligence he displayed. Especially for someone who was not being groomed to be a government official.

  2. Arklight

    Well said, Richard. At one time, Charlie Rose was a very, very good reporter; I’d suspect that there are nights when he lays awake wondering where he went? How did he end up being a liberal toady? I don’t feel sorry for him because what he is become is the result of his own choices.


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