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Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia’s Vice-President Bryan Biniak has expressed some dissatisfaction with Microsoft’s commitment to the mobile operating system Windows Phone and he also called for reforms at Microsoft in terms of its Windows Phone OS. As an example, Nokia’s Vice-President Bryan Biniak cited the lack of app variety in a new interview about Windows Phone, Nokia and Microsoft.

Bryan Biniak, Vice-President at the finnish manufacturer Nokia, said in this interview, for example, that Microsoft should deliver a good reason for the consumers to switch their smartphones in order to begin to use a device with Windows Phone OS.

For this, Microsoft has to make sure that the Applications for Windows Phone are better and that Redmond has to care that the mobile operating system delivers an unique user experience that does not exist in such a manner on other devices with other mobile operating systems, according to Nokia’s Vice-President Bryan Biniak and this statement is certainly correct.

The Vice-President of the Finns said further that one simply cannot sell smartphones without Apps. The interview with Nokia’s Vice-President Bryan Biniak was conducted by the “International Business Times“.

Nokia’s Vice-President Bryan Biniak also said in this interview with the “International Business Times” that he would miss a clear focus at Microsoft in regards of Windows Phone OS. To wait until the end of the fiscal year in order to complete tasks is not really good because one has to sell smartphones already today, according to Bryan Biniak.

This is probably a clear statement into the direction of Redmond. He has the impression, so Nokia’s Vice-President Bryan Biniak further, that such projects like Windows 8, Xbox One, and the Surface tablet pcs are more prominent for Microsoft, than it is the situation with Windows Phone OS.

While there are about 165,000 Apps currently available for the Windows Phone OS, iPhone users as well as users of Google’s mobile operating system Android can easily choose between around a million of useful add-ons in the relevant App Stores. Nokia’s Vice-President Bryan Biniak confirmed in this new interview that his company in Finland and Microsoft are currently in talks with a lot of important developers and that he hopes for a significant progress by the end of 2013.

Nokia Lumia 625
Nokia Lumia 625

However, the statements could also suggest that Nokia tries rather to blame somebody else for the own economic failures than to search the mistakes within the company. Of course, there are some users and customers who had hoped that Nokia would choose Android as their main operating system in the mobile sector for their devices, although Windows Phone OS is at least got better over time.

The around 7.4 million sold Lumia devices by Nokia are in contrast to the sold devices by Samsung and Apple just a marginal number. Even the “International Business Times” commented on this with the words that the amount of sold Lumia devices is compared to the sold devices by Apple and Samsung like “a drop of water in the ocean”.

However, the problem with the available Apps for Windows Phone is anything else but new..

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