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No Sidqi al-Maqt, Putin Failed the Syrians for Netanyahu, Again

Israel Releases Two Prisoners for Putin

In order to save his buddy Netanyahu from a confirmed defeat in elections and from going to prison for several counts of accepting bribes, despite the latter’s full support from Trump, Mr. Putin upset millions of Syrians who saw in him a true ally and became completely disappointed despite the latest stunt of releasing two prisoners from Israel which upset them more.

“Mr. Putin has a very good chance in correcting this horrible mistake by securing the release of all Syrians captive in Israel and all the Palestinian women and children held by the apartheid regime of Israel, through his buddy Netanyahu.”

The above is part of my closing paragraph in the report about what the Russian did on the case of the remains of the IDF terrorist.

The Russian officials clearly understood the need to hurry up to absorb the consequences of their strange, out of touch, irresponsible, senseless act seen as a stab in the back of the trust the Syrian people had in their Russian friends, let’s not say allies. I added in the post dated 6th of April:

“The time frame of this is not long enough for any end game, this mistake has to be corrected within days, and maximum a month, whoever wins in Israel’s elections.”

Obviously, Mr. Putin will not get from a person like Netanyahu what he would expect from a ‘friend’ whom he just helped save his neck. Netanyahu released two persons from the Israeli detention, a Palestinian who didn’t want to go to Syria in the first place, whose his family are in the occupied Palestinian city of Al-Khalil (Zionists call it Hebron), and a drug dealer who has already spent his 11 years sentence in the Israeli prisons and was set to be released in a couple of months completing his sentence without any deal!

Is this the best what Mr. Putin thought would be a compensation to ease the Syrians disappointment?

Worth noting that just one week after the conclusion of the Putin – Netanyahu deal on the account of the Syrian people’s sacrifices, Netanyahu forces bombed a Syrian research facility in Masyaf, which the Russian S300 supposed to be operational already with the Syrian Arab Army were still ineffective, the Russian S400 defending the Russian troops in Syria did not bother to engage the incoming missiles and destroy it, at least.

SAA Air Defense Respond to Israeli Air Bombing at Masyaf
SAA Air Defense Respond to Israeli Air Bombing at Masyaf

There’s a massive feeling of disappointment if we want to keep the wordings low, among the majority of the Syrian people, especially those who were praising Mr. Putin as a true ally in all aspects, not only a friendly head of state looking for his country’s interests on all accounts. Those used to nickname Mr. Putin as Abu Ali Putin, a favorable name showing how close he was to the Syrian hearts, and now how easy that image is shattered to a very large extent.

Mr. Putin, there’s a Syrian hero Sidqi Al-Maqt who has already spent 27 years in Israeli prisons for being a patriot and is detained again after his release since 2017 for being a patriotic and not a criminal or a drug dealer.

There are many other Syrians detained in Israeli prisons who deserve to be free, and there are literally thousands of women and children in Israeli detention, Mr. Putin, do something useful and we will all pray for your health and happiness. You can even take back the two released men, the Palestinian who didn’t want to go to Syria and the drug dealer who would be released in a couple of months either way.

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