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No Meeting Between Syria’s Director of National Security and his Turkish Counterpart

Director of Syrian National Security Major General Ali Mamlouk

Syria refuted the news of an upcoming meeting between Major General Ali Mamlouk, Director of National Security in Syria, and his Turkish counterpart Hakan Fidan in Baghdad as reported by Erdogan’s media.

Lebanese news channel Al Mayadeen quoted a Syrian source today: Syria “categorically denied” what was circulated about an upcoming meeting in Baghdad between the head of the Turkish intelligence service, Hakan Fidan, and the head of the Syrian National Security Office, Major General Ali Mamlouk.

News of such a meeting was reported by the Turkish newspaper ‘Turkey Gazitise’ which quoted the former head of Turkish Military Intelligence Ismail Hakki Beijing who added that ‘the meeting between Fidan and Major General Mamlouk will be a new beginning for relations between Syria and Turkey, and that the two parties will discuss various issues, including the file of the Kurds in northern Syria, and the possibility of a return to Diplomatic relations between the two countries.”

This could be wishful thinking on behalf of the Turkish intelligence agency or the Turkish madman Erdogan, taking into account that the former head of the Turkish Military Intelligence is not jailed by Erdogan like all the other former Turkish officials during the purge Erdogan carried out since he got to power in order to establish his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood caliphate.

Erdogan does need a new distraction in his policies especially after the series of setbacks in his foreign adventures in Libya, Tunisia, and now in Afghanistan, his failure to ‘pray at the Omayyad Grand Mosque in Damascus’ after he kills President Assad, the economic chaos and complete collapse he led his country into while appointing his family members and friends in decision-making posts and running side businesses with mafia warlords whose one of its leaders exposed his business relations with Erdogan and the sheer volume of heinous crimes he committed with his ‘big brother Erdogan’.

Our understanding, at Syria News, the Syrian leadership will accept dealing with Erdogan, if this madman really wants to mend his ties with Syria, there are a few important steps to take first, withdraw his 17,000 Turkish army cannon fodders illegally deployed in northern Syria to protect Al Qaeda terrorists, withdraw tens of thousands of the terrorists from Al Qaeda and its affiliates from northern Syria who he brought from all sides of the world, or at least ask his Turkish army soldiers not to act as their human shields, the Syrian Army does not intend to kill hundreds of innocent Turkish soldiers forcibly sent by their mad commander into Syria, the Syrian Army can eliminate them in less than a week, and finally come down from the tree he keeps climbing up in regard to the dreams of conquering Syria, there’s no return to the Ottoman Empire, nobody in the region likes it except his worshippers from his AKP party.

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  1. dog69fastmailjp

    Unfortunately, even if all wars were to end today, there probably still wouldn’t be enough happiness in the world to fulfill the necessities of life. It would appear at this point that the needs of humanity are inconsequential to the needs of the other species of life on this planet. Essentially, the so-called Anglo-Saxons appear to be totally incapable of, ‘getting it’; in no small way, they are being held captive by minds, engaged in never-ending, unconditional, self-love; they are the odd man out, left holding the short straw of a life boat lost at sea.
    I don’t see any future for them, they are as the saying goes, “the one’s with a log wedged in their eyes.”

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    Never trust anything coming from NATO media, they lie about everything and they even come up with cheap lies as long as it serves their interests.. the sad part is their people keep believing them.


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