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New Stash of Weapons Left Behind by Al Qaeda Found in Southern Syria

Weapons and munition left behind by NATO terrorists south Syria

The Syrian law enforcement authorities discovered a new large stash of weapons and munition, some of western origin, left behind by terrorists when they fled after their defeat in the southern region of Syria.

Locals have reported the hidden find to the authorities who then dug out the weapons and munition, examined it, categorized it, and will most likely get it on the very long list of weapons confiscated earlier to be destroyed professionally. The Syrian armed forces are particular in their selection of weapons, these are not of their type, and due to lack of places to store which also needs more resources to be cared for and guarded, these weapons and munition will be destroyed by the Engineering Unit of the SAA.

The video is also available on Bitchute and YouTube.

The Syrian news agency SANA reported that among the seized weapons were Russian medium machine guns, RPGs of 7 and 2 types, heavy, medium, and light machine guns of 14.5 and 23 mm, anti-armor and thermal Anti-TAW missiles, in addition to mortar shells with charges of different calibers 60 and 82 Mm, defensive and offensive bombs, in addition to large quantities of various ammunitions.

Citizens and taxpayers of NATO member states, especially the United States of America, France, the Netherlands, UK, and Germany, were ‘very generous’ in supplying the terrorists of Al Qaeda and its assorted offshoot groups like ISIS and Nusra Front with enough weapons to arm the national army a medium-sized country, and that’s an estimate based on the confiscated weapons already.

Author’s remark: Imagine, God forbid, the money used to buy and send these weapons and munition with, and the monies used to train the terrorists to destroy Syria with were instead used to support the healthcare systems in western countries which collapsed in the face of COVID-19!

Arabi Souri

Syrian Arab Army Engineering Unit with the help of allied forces comb carefully areas liberated from terrorists searching for weapons, munition, explosives, and landmines, however, with all the resources they have they are still working on areas liberated over two years ago in many Syrian provinces.

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