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Netanyahu Air Force Bombings Targeted Homes, Killed Three Civilians

Americans awaiting their COVID-19 stimulus and unemployment checks will be thrilled to know their taxes continue to be spent via Netanyahu bombing and murdering Syrians in their homes. Israel remains the US’ most voracious welfare state queen, subsidized at more than four billion USD, annually. Netanyahu’s criminal and cowardly pre-dawn bombings murdered three civilians and injured three others.

The Netanyahu regime’s murderous war crimes against Syrians, today, involved another breach of International Law, Israel’s aggressive and illegal entry into Lebanon’s airspace. In 2014, Obama’s one billion guaranteed loan bribe to Abdullah was grounded in Jordan giving legal access to its airspace to Israel. The Netanyahu regime prefers to flout its chutzpah when murdering Syrians, and the NATO klan running the UN ignore all legitimate complaints from Lebanon.

The videos is also available on BitChute.
Welfare queen Netanayahu’s teeth have a firm grip on the US taxpayers’ teat, even as they await those ‘safety net’ COVID checks that appear lost in the mail.

In al Hujaira, Damascus’s southeastern countryside, one home bombed by the Netanyahu regime forces resulted in the murders of a husband and wife, in addition to injuries of two other adults and one child. This family had been displaced from al Quneitra city, by NATO-backed and armed moderate terrorists.

Another woman was murdered by Israeli bombing, in al Adliya.

Unindicted war criminal Netanyahu air force targeted people’s homes, including ones under construction, identified by the steel rope lay in this photograph.

Given the timing of the war criminal bombings, and Syria’s curfews to prevent the spread of COVID-19, these murder victims were killed in their homes, and likely while sleeping.

Netanyahu regime media have pulled out all the stops in hasbara fake headlines. Beyond Kafka and beyond chutzpah, they continue to ridiculously cite British owned and funded SOHR, fake founded by a thrice convicted on felony charges criminal, who jumped bail more than one decade ago — to avoid his fourth trial, leaving his pals holding the bag — who sought refuge in England, courtesy of the British taxpayers.

More housing under construction, bombed by Netanyahu regime forces.

Syria News reminds our readers that mere hours before Israel criminally bombed Tadmor on 20 April, Madman Netanyahu had barked that COVID-19 would not diminish his war crimes.

Miri Wood

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