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Nazi UN NATO Junta Growing Bored of Fake Syrian Chemical File

Nazi Kurt Waldheim became President of Austria before becoming 4th SG of the UN

The Nazi NATO junta ruling the UN Security Council appears to be growing a tad bored with its monthly fake Syrian ‘chemical files’ dossier, a.k.a., the bad infinity of the never-to-be-implemented UNSCR 2118 (2013). The most recent criminal liars meeting took place on 8 December, had a recycled lying B-level celebrity guest, and was devoid of any of the neo-Nazis bothering to mention if these meetings had yet broken one hundred.

UN press statement on the monthly Nazi NATO anti-Syria meeting.
UN press statement on the monthly Nazi NATO anti-Syria meeting.

December 11 marks the one-year anniversary of Dr. Bashar al Jaafari’s call for closure of these phony Syria files, at the 90th meeting. Strictly speaking, the mandate of UNSCR 2118 (2013) was actually fulfilled in June 2014announced on the 23rd — but the fetishists are still not completely ready to move on to a new geopolitical derangement.

Lest any troll types of Lilliputian intellect happen here, and decide to take umbrage at the correct use of the word, Nazi, we preface this short report on the crimes of the UN, with a few visual reminders of the Dulles’ ratlines, of Operation Paperclip and of Operation Sunrise, of the Nazi Mengele, so invisible that not even IDF kidnappers could find him, the comfortable move of various Nazis into positions of NATO power:

The NATO High Representative on Disarmament, Izumi Nakamitsu, has already been proven to be a liar. The only things of which liars can be trusted, are lies. Her repetition compulsion lie is that Syria refuses to allow inspectors in while at the same time inspections “remain subject to the evolution of the [COVID] pandemic.”

Apparently, she has also become bored with her lies, as she does not bother to tweet her repetitive lies, anymore.

Another NATO Nazi sans swastika.
Izumi Nakamitsu, High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, in a previous anti-Syria rant at the UN.

Richard Mills again sat in for Thomas-Greenfield, elsewhere busy pimping Biden’s new paraphilia, Summit for Democracy, the Pakistan Ministerial, fake “peacekeeping,” and climate and terrorism.

Likely with a straight-face, Mills faked convenient amnesia over the significant US history of the use of weapons of mass destruction against countries we wish to destroy. He again pimped that ridiculous barrel bomb/chemical barrel bomb lie, in the notorious Nazi Goebbels geopolitical Freudian projection. It was the US which dropped a bomb on its people, from a helicopter: In an American first, Philadelphia Mayor Wilson W. Goode oversaw the bombing of the MOVE home. Eleven people were murdered — five of them children — and an order to “let the fire burn,” continued until sixty-one homes in three city blocks, were destroyed.

Here we are obligated to seemingly digress from this month’s NATO Nazi Security Council meeting on the Syrian chemical files that do not exist, to make note of a globalist paradigm shift in the fraudulent bastion of peace and security. The US ambassador appears to be directing the future avalanche.

Thomas-Greenfield did not bother to retweet Mills’ lying statement to the Security Council. She was focused on the geopolitical sadoerotic paraphilia of perverse democracy.

US history shows that whenever our leaders shamelessly utter the word, democracy, they are pimping for the Military Industrial Complex.

Look at Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and see that when our leaders and overpaid diplomats say democracy, genocide is on the horizon.

Thomas-Greenfield did not bother to give a nod to her sit-in’s lies; she was busy pimping democracy, and also following the lead of Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who donned his colonialist, Caucasoid robe of imperial deceit to address the General Assembly, in September. In his speech he called for a strengthening of global governance — though he did explain his meaning, instead, leaving a chilling inference floating in the air (around this time, rumors were circulating that UNPOL was on the ground in Australia. In November, marginalized Aboriginal Australians made a terrible claim to the world — that they were being rounded up, used again as guinea pigs, and that there were foreign police among their abductors.).

When Guterres' called for a strengthening of "global governance," was he inferring UNPOL should be used as an international Nazi gestapo police force?
When Guterres’ called for a strengthening of “global governance,” was he inferring UNPOL should be used as an international Nazi gestapo police force?

On the date that the Nazi junta was holding its monthly anti-Syria meeting, a vehicle of UNPOL soldiers hit an IED, killing 7 and wounding three others, in Mali. Despite the lack of investigation — and the proven uselessness of UNMAS in Syria, where, on 22 November, 7 SAA engineers were blown up while dismantling landmines in Deir Ezzor — Guterres condemned the explosion as a “heinous attack” and called for alleged perpetrators to “be brought to justice.”

As homelessness is on the shameless rise in the US, as US food insecurity grows with Weimar-style inflation, grandma ambassador outrageously, defiantly, calls for the American taxpayers to divert their money to a global gestapo with a budget of $6.37 billion, in the name of the phoniest peacekeeping propaganda since the lying or incompetent claim by Neville Chamberlain.

We also have the responsibility to shine the floodlight on the hypocrisy of certain UN diplomats, who constantly emit noxious fumes over equity, and the ostensible rights of the marginalized, indigenous peoples of the world: Not only has Antonio Guterres not addressed the SOS from Australian Aboriginal leaders — whose country has already once apologized for using them as “guinea pigs” — not even a simple reassurance that UNPOL is not among foreign troops dragging them off to camps, but grandma has further diminished them in her undiplomatic claim that anyone who dares to question — so much for that bogus democracy thing — is engaged in “misinformation” and “disinformation” and that the questions somehow “threaten UN peacekeepers” (no, Nazi is no hyperbole, here).

Returning to the NATO Nazi pimp meeting, P3 France was almost as vile in Goebbels’ lies as the US. France has yet to drop a bomb onto a Parisian home, and only dropped one nuclear bomb onto Algeria. The ongoing loyalty toward the uber corrupt OPCW remains perversely ironic; though only lies pour from the mouth of Director-General Fernando Arias, the actual reports from the Technical Secretariat manage to let slip the truth, likely as few read the lengthy reports — all of which are screen-grabbed and hyperlinked, here — and it is rightfully assumed that NATO stenography media will only read the fraudulent press releases.

The author has just discovered that part of France’s Gerboise Bleue nuclear testing against the Algerian people involved tying prisoners to stakes in order to “study the effect of nuclear radiation on their bodies”:

In what might be a curious first, the UK Mission to the UN diplomatic seat was filled by a political coordinator, who managed a good job of reading from the Goebbels script of lies against Syria. Though the French ambassador was able to wear two hats, the British Permanent Representative was busy holding negotiations with the sun, on humanity’s climate emergency.

Grandma is, of course, on board with blaming ‘climate’ for ongoing NATO Nazi war crimes. It is irrelevant that she was not on the Council when the filth decided to destroy Libya via UNSCR 1973 (2011), creating an al Qaeda haven, a horrific refugee crisis, and putting an end to Gaddafi’s plans to expand the Great Man Made River throughout the African continent. She continues the American MIC tradition of war pimping, saber-rattling, and dictatorship of the Global Billionaires’ Club — vermin who flew to the COP26 Climate Summit in 118 private jets, to discuss how to inspire us to get used to eating vermin, when not partying on their superyachts, the building of which is a booming industry.

'Climate,' not ongoing NATO Nazi war crimes, threatens peace that does not exist.
‘Climate,’ not ongoing NATO Nazi war crimes, threatens peace that does not exist.

While the US and UK honchos can turn their backs on the monthly hoax meeting — and the Frenchman can sigh in boredom — as they move to new avenues of crimes against humanity, His Excellency, Bassam Sabbagh does not enjoy that colonialist privilege, as the Syrian Arab Republic remains under attack by the world leaders in genocide.

As the Vichy and other philosophical Nazi members of the United Nations turn their aspirations to a one world police state, perhaps the bogus Syria chemical files will soon be closed.

Miri Wood

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While this author would have preferred to use the generic fascist, the NATO gang that rebranded countless Nazi operatives whitewashed fascist Franco and likely would have given a medal of honor to Il Duce Mussolini, intra- Operation Gladio, had the partisans not gotten to him, first, has dealt the hand she is forced to play.

Some non-Nazi fascists singing 'Good Night, Irene,' somewhere in Italy.
Some non-Nazi fascists singing ‘Good Night, Irene,’ somewhere in Italy.

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  1. Nora Booher

    Considering that some people are just that ugly and mean to do such terrible things to Syria, I think that it’s only appropriate to say that the universe loves Syria and the Syrian people; so much so that the title of the chosen few has been transfered to Syria and the Syrian people, although, Israel and its traitorous duel citizen allies are planning a preemptive nuclear strike before Christmas and blaming it on Russia, the intelligent universe has other plans for Israel and its desporia .

  2. Julius Skoolafish

    I have been following the events in Syria with passion and compassion since 2015. Syria was my personal awakening and it was inspired in particular by Eva K Bartlett (In Gaza) and Vanessa Beeley (on 21st Century Wire and now The Wall Will Fall) et al. This awakening was after some six decades of believing everything that was on the ‘mainstream’ news. The radio and/or TV were always on. When Russia intervened in Syria, true investigative journalist and humanitarians like Eva and Vanessa opened my eyes as to the puppeteer(s) behind the proxy ISIS terrorists in Syria [and they are definitely not ‘nazis’]. The lies surrounding Syria (in particular the use of poisonous gas/chemical weapons) continue to saturate the mainstream printed and electronic media to this day. The same group that controls the narrative through the media (including YouTube) are also behind the COVID scam and the rest of falsified history for the last century and more. I recall that there was even a documentary about the White Helmets that was given an Academy Award [so who runs and operates Hollywood?]

    Having said that, this article disappoints me. I have several thoughts and need to submit them one at a time to avoid overload.

    • On the pictures of Mussolini, his partner Clara Petacci and compatriots being brutally mutilated.
    Whatever you think Mussolini was or was not, who took it upon themselves to carry out these atrocities.

    And who was carrying out the same atrocities on …

    • The Romanov family and companions

    “Olga and Tatiana and Anastasia are also still alive. They are undergoing the most frightful suffering that a human mind can grasp. The men again begin to shoot at them. But while they hit the girls in the chest, the bullets ricochet in all directions. The murderers stand stunned before this inexplicable phenomenon. Yermakov who approaches them like a demonised beast, tries to solve the problem. The girls, having their backs pressed to the wall sit on the floor squatting and weeping attempting to cover their heads with their hands.
    Yermakov begins to stab them in the chest with his bayonet. Drunken and carried away as he is from blood lust, he hits the girls without being able to kill them, but only wounding them randomly. Being unable to stab them with his bayonet, he begins to club them in the face with the butt of his rifle. The terrified voices and cries of the girls continue dramatically. While Anastasia is lying on the floor, Yermakov stands over her and stamping her two hands with his feet he tries to kill her. Seeing the inability of Yermakov to finish his satanic work, Yurovsky approaches with cold calm and successively pumps a gunshot into the heads of each of the three girls. The bullets pass through their skulls and the girls fall down lifelessly.”

    “The Romanov Royal Martyrs: What Silence Could Not Conceal” authored by Saint John The Forerunner Monastery of Mesa Potamos, Cyprus.


    • President Muammar Gaddafi

    • President Saddam Hussein

    George Bush’s goal was “to disarm Iraq, to free its people [sic] and to defend the world from danger”

    Why would you be celebrating these images with such diabolical vindictiveness.

    Your stance on speaking up for the humanity and sovereign rights of the Syrian people and their democratically elected government lies is shattered I’m afraid.

  3. Miri Wood

    When someone claims to be more offended by a postscript suggesting that had a mob not gotten to a gang of murderous fascists, the fascists would have likely ended up moved into western positions of authority as several literal Nazis were, the lone thought that comes to mind is “aquí huele a azufre.”


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