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NATO UN Junta Monthly anti-Syria Meeting ups Imperial Hypocrisy

UNSC on Syria - United Nations Security Council - مجلس الأمن الدولي سورية

NATO klansmen monthly meetings attacking the Syrian Arab Republic have become increasingly hypocritical and anemic. The lies have worn thin. Pity the rumors that the US and Russia were working to decrease these obscene circle-jerks to quarterly, have not yet come to pass.

Originally launched to monitor the status of implementing the colonialist UNSCR 2254 (2015), the lethargic junta no longer mentions this. Over past months, these meetings have been reduced to Geir O. Pedersen bragging about his extraordinary incompetence, and with a fabricated guest celebrity to projectile vomit anti-Syria propaganda (possibly most embarrassing was the fake brought in 26 January). Mercifully, the 25 February sewage soup meeting was without the phony celebrity, possibly because Russia held the pro tempore UNSC presidency this month.

NATO klan recent anti-Syria meeting.
NATO klan recent anti-Syria meeting.

As we noted in our report on the NATO junta anti-Syria meeting of December, relating to Spec Envoy Pedersen: “In most employment, failure results in dismissal; in the current degraded state of the once noble art of diplomacy, failure is Orwellian evidence of hard work, and likely results in increased income. He will likely continue to whine about what he idiotically and alternately calls a ‘strategic’ and ‘deteriorating’ ‘stalemate,’ until he retires, too.”

After his standard synthetic and perfunctory concerns for Syrian suffering, including that related to hunger and terrorists (brought into the SAR and armed by NATO), Pedersen moved on to bragging about his ever-growing carbon footprint, in his various worldly meetings, including with “advisory” groups set up by UN-NATO. He noted there will be another round of upcoming physical meetings, including with the secretive Small Body (back in August 2020, several were C19 positive, made miraculous cures, according to news reports. Alas, the UN did not share its cure, though video of Stéphane Dujarric’s non-explanatory press conference can be found, here.).

We take a moment to remind the NATO klansmen occupying the UN, of the Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations & Co-Operation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.

Simply put, it means that no UNGA member may harm another member — at least not without a Security Council Resolution.

The NATO Nazi junta continues to flout the noble principles of the UN Charter.
The NATO Nazi junta continues to flout the noble principles of the UN Charter.

Possibly struggling to insert new words into his repetitive scripts, Mr. Pedersen inadvertently added some humor, in use of the word interlocutors, as, among the various definitions, those “in the middle of the line of performers in a minstrel troupe, who acts as the announcer and banters with the end men” appears to be the most appropriate.

Joyce Msuya, new Ass. Sec-Gen for Humanitarian [bastards] Affairs and Dep. Emergency Relief Coordinator in the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian [bastards] Affairs, made her maidan appearance before the UNSC.

Msuya fit right in, hitting all the NATO propaganda points in her address to the UNSC — the problems, imperial solutions that just happen to require a new Sykes-Picot, and convenient ignorance that the countries of the junta occupying the UN caused and continue to cause the problems.

Claiming that “the findings are clear,” she dutifully engaged in the bully-club’s lies of omission.

Her concern for the “critical damage to infrastructure” was limited to a list of damaged infrastructure. She did not concern herself with those cumbersome how‘s.

NATO armed insurrectionist terrorists turned the al Kindi University Cancer Hospital to rubble.

image-Al-Kindi Hospital Destruction by Terrorists uploaded to Google Drive
Al-Kindi Hospital Destruction by NATO terrorists.

That criminal Turkey has engaged in water war crimes in its invasion and occupation of the Allouk Plant in al Hasakah since October 2019, is apparently irrelevant. That the Biden regime and its armed terrorist SDF gang has taken control of a Syrian prison, causing frequent escapes by criminally held detainees for purpose of further ethnic cleansing, also is not a causative factor in these problems.

Maidan Msuya was touched by conditions of camps in Syria, but can she be oblivious to the fact that al Hol hell is under the occupation of the US and its SDF creation, that Rukban is under the occupation of the US and its Maghaweer al Thawra terrorists?

An attempt to give the maidan Msuya the benefit of the doubt, in possible earnestness, was futile, as nobody is so naive to voice concern over abuse of women and children, given the junta’s support of child traffickers, women mutilators, and other perpetrators of femicide. Her remark that “mines and explosive ordnance claim further lives, including the lives of children,” removed any twinge of remorse that the thought she is just the latest member of the NATO klansmen.

How would any honest diplomat not know that despite UNMAS head Agnes Marcaillou having trotted a delegation to Damascus way back in 2018, to sign an MoU, the Mine Action Service has done nothing to clear landmines and other explosive devices left behind by retreating terrorists?

Syrian women and their children were slaughtered in Sebil Park, July 2016, during the time that NATO politicians and filthy pig stenographers were increasingly concerned by the upcoming reunification of Aleppo.

Terrorists bombed Syrian women enjoying a day in the park.
An afternoon in the park was interrupted by moderate mortars. These 2 (or 3) Syrians women were among 8 murdered in Sebil Park, 22 July. Terrorists committed this atrocity.

The depraved photos of two fetuses carved from the wombs of two Syrian mothers-to-be were provided by the savage White Helmets, funded by the US, UK, France, and other members of the EU.

This Syrian girl was kidnapped, stripped of her innocence while painted to look injured, then further stripped of her clothing. The Helmets were also in the stenography war pimp media reports on her being ‘saved.’

The French delegate, member of the NATO P3, continues to function as a reminder of Vichy France’s collaboration with the Nazis, — and also of France’s venomous hatred over Syria ejecting the occupiers.

NATO Vichy France's permanent ambassador also re-read his same anemic script.
NATO Vichy France’s permanent ambassador also re-read his same anemic script.

Unlike the Brit ambassador who was too busy screaming about Ukraine to tweet her statement (last month she was too busy negotiating climate), Riviere found time to paste his arrogant demands for NATO to have full access to Syria’s borders, and for some kangaroo courts against Syria’s leaders.

Syria News again reminds our readers that no emergency meeting was ever called to condemn Macron’s mass enucleation campaign against the unarmed Gilets Jaunes (similarly, the UN has ignored his criminal spread of C19 throughout France, something that can be considered a crime against humanity. Documentation, here).

Ambassador Granma’s almost permanent stand-in once again replaced her. She has been too busy engaged in other projects, such as having photo ops with titular head of the Nusra / Contra / child marketeer Helmets (hyperlink continues evidentiary videos and photos courtesy of the White Helmets) and amassing major media coverage for her NATO warmongering support of the Nazimaidans of Ukraine.

Every sane human being should be cognizant that the NATO politician pimps, the NATO diplomatic pimps, and the NATO stenographers have already begun the emotional war porn assault, in fostering support for Nazism in Ukraine. Syria News has extensively reported on moulage trauma and other dramatic fakery in gathering support for death, dismemberment, and destruction.

The schematic used to demonize Syria, to support al Qaeda savages against the citizenry, is now being applied to Ukraine.

How many times will westerners — particularly US Americans — fall for incubator lies, WMD lies, Viagra rape lies, chemical weapons lies, and continue to pick up the tab for war criminals, while chirping, ‘Please, Sir, May I have another?’

Ambassador Granma’s towel boy again filled in, demonstrating his NATO support for national sovereignty and integrity by again demanding unfettered access to Syrian land, under the fraud of fake humanitarianism. For him, it is of no matter that al Qaeda controls delivery service to those in need.

Ambassador Granma's towel boy Mills fill in with the same NATO anti-Syria propaganda.
Ambassador Granma’s towel boy Mills fill in with the same NATO anti-Syria propaganda.

Mills also repeated his western supremacy arrogance, still whining about Covid in the SAR, despite the simple fact that the USA remains number one in contagion, and its deaths per million approach the 3,000 mark. Syria’s deaths per million remain among the lowest outside of countries treating for Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Please allow us to remind our readers that when MSNBC (Microsoft NBC) interviewed Dr. Jaafari in 2015, Andrea Mitchell snickered when he explained that the SAA was being judicious in the eradication of three thousand al Qaeda terrorists al Raqqa because they held hostage 800,000 Syrian civilians. Allow us to further note that when NATO turned al Raqqa into rubble, NATO politicians and NATO wetworkers and NATO stenographers cheered.

Can humanity not notice that the unimaginable butchers of the Syrian people have come out fully aligned with NATO and NATO’s Nazimaidans?

His Excellency Bassam Sabbagh again challenged the NATO klan with the reality of what these unindicted war criminals — world leaders in genocide, fast and slow — have done to his country. The following bulleted list is combined from Ambassador Sabbagh’s statement of 25 February and massive reports by Syria News.

  • NATO aggressors supported armed terrorism [insurrection?] against Syria. Military weapons do not fall like manna from the heavens (our 33k word opus, The Final Days of Armageddon, documents a fraction of the criminal work of these thug countries in destroying a culture and country over 12,000 years old).
  • The Obama and Trump regimes bombed Syrian infrastructure, while the Biden regime mostly bombs Syrian people, while also looting the oil and grain that belong to the Syrian people.
  • Nazi UN NATO junta has applied draconian economic coercion against the SAR (we again note that “sanctions” may only be applied with a Security Council Resolution, something the politicians and the stenographers and the fascist ‘diplomats’ consistently ignore).
  • Despite the fascist destructive capabilities, Syria has rebuilt hospitals blown up by the NATO proxies, has rebuilt large chunks of its electrical grid, has dealt with NATO troops occupying the Tabqa Dam since 2013 (first as FSA terrorists, then as ISIS terrorists, then as SDF terrorists).
  • The NATO Nazi junta of the UN represents the brutal, deranged, and blood-lusting countries which have bombed Syria on behalf of al Qaeda in Idlib and al Qaeda in Douma.
  • When the finely coiffed rotting vermin spew lies about ‘disappeared’ civilians, they never mention the massive and ghastly work of Syria’s forensic specialists.
  • The UN NATO Nazi junta has never enforced UNSCR 242 (1967), and has never held an emergency meeting to condemn Israel’s war criminal bombings of the SAR (the most recent murdered three Syrian soldiers in their homeland, while the House Democrats were cheering US taxpayer funding of Israel’s right to ‘self-defense.’)

The war criminals ruling the United Nations are indictable under Nuremberg VI.

Though it is doubtful that NATO war criminals will ever be indicted for their atrocities, as a certain Court is also top-heavy with imperialists and other Nazi sympathizers, civilized persons must remain aligned with geopolitical truth, with sanity, and with simple human decency.

Miri Wood

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