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NATO Turkish Drone Kills NATO Kurdish SDF Commander in Syria

NATO Turkish drone kill NATO sponsored Kurdish SDF commander Baran in Syria

NATO forces fratricide continues in northern Syria, the latest of which was a Turkish army drone that bombed a car of the NATO-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in northeastern Syria killing its passengers, multiple reports confirmed.

A drone of NATO’s second-largest army, the Turkish army targeted with a missile a car near the Nusaybin border crossing in the north of the Syrian northeastern city of Qamishli of Hasakah province, the destroyed car was carrying members of the NATO US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists including one of their top commanders.

Local sources said that the top commander killed in this air raid was a so-called ‘Baran’ of the first line of command of the SDF terrorist organization.

NATO Turkish drone kill NATO sponsored Kurdish SDF commander Baran in Syria

Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists reported the incident but withheld the names of the passengers in the targeted vehicle.

No news from NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance about this latest fratricide between its different forces operating illegally in Syria under the guise of combating terror!

This drone bombing comes less than a month after the Kurdish SDF commander so-called Mazloum Abdi survived a similar drone bombing near the Sulaimaniyeh airport in northern Iraq and the killing of his son Abdo Abdi aka Shervan Kobane in a helicopter crash in the Iraqi northern Kurdistan province, the Kurdish SDF terrorists claimed at the time that two of their helicopters crashed due to bad weather.

All NATO forces including Al Qaeda (HTS – Nusra Front – Al Qaeda Levant, et al), ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), Kurdish SDF separatists, and the US and Turkish armies claim they combat terrorism in northern Syria, the same terrorism that came to being after the direct meddling of NATO armies and its ‘intelligence’ agencies in Syria and Iraq and the same terrorism that only flourishes where these different NATO forces exist.

Turkey considers all other forces in northern Syria and Iraq as terrorists except Al Qaeda which it directly and blatantly sponsors, the USA and its European allies consider all other forces in Syria as terrorists except their Kurdish SDF separatists, and the Maghawir Thawra aka Syrian Free Army, the remnants of ISIS in southeastern Syria.

The only forces that actually combated all terrorist groups in Syria are the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, all the others are lying criminal terrorists working for the goals of the US-led NATO ‘defensive’ alliance for global hegemony.

Continuous infighting between these different terrorist groups, their sponsors, and their affiliates including Israel and the Gulfies only inflict more death and destruction among the Syrian people and their country.

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  1. Safaa Syria

    Mazloum Abdi, commander of the Syrian oil thieves militia: He expresses his hope that the SDF will join the Syrian army in the future, and his dialogue with Turkey is conditional.
    Apparently, Mazloum Abdi felt threatened.
    I hope that he will be arrested by the Syrian authorities. and dismantling his militias… And the return of looted money from the land of Syria.


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