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NATO Turkey Launches New Attacks, Competes with SDF for Ethnic Cleansing of Syria

Erdogan Turkish dictator economy is collapsing

NATO Turkey has launched another series of attacks in Syria, as part of madman Erdogan’s commitment to annex his thirty-mile fake security buffer zone cheered by western imperialists of the UNGA in September 2019. Erdogan had announced his new round of war criminal threats on 29 May.

Holding a press conference on that date, the caliph wannabe arrogantly declared he does not need the permission of the US war criminal Biden regime to “fight terrorism” — this egregious and hypocritical announcement despite most of the world’s 350,000 chunks of terrorist human garbage (including various US politicians, a barrage of American supremacist diplomats from the criminal State Department, and even the vice president of the IFRC) invading the Syrian Arab Republic via the border with Turkey. None of the criminals has ever blown up on the way in, though Turkey still has not cleared its almost 200,000 land mines on the Turkish side of the border.

NATO terrorist fratricide continues in rabid Erdogan's annexation zone.
NATO terrorist Erdogan’s colonial annexation plot was unveiled to UNGA with no complaints.

Again, to properly grasp the almost genetic colonial supremacy inflicted on the Levantine Republic, by arrogant western genocidalists, we share an image of the map of France, and imagine the legitimate outrage were surrounding countries to annex chunks of it and lie that the land theft is a security buffer zone.

Imagine how the NATO P3 would react to surrounding countries annexing pieces of France.
Imagine how the NATO P3 would react to surrounding countries annexing pieces of France.

Erdogan’s nose-thumbing at the United States of criminality relates to America’s creation of the armed insurrectionist wetworkers known as the SDF, and the deadly hostilities between NATO Turkey and the Kurdish separatist cannon fodder, battling each other over parts of Syria.

NATO affiliated media persist in normalizing the war criminal invasion and occupation by Turkey and the US, while the criminal junta which occupies the United Nations not only averts its gaze to these ethnic cleansing and other deadly breaches of the Geneva Agreements and the noble Charter upon which the United Nations is based. On Thursday, UN Spokesman, Stephane Dujarric haughtily called for “all the parties to exercise maximum restraint” — as though the Turkish and American invaders and occupiers had every right to be invaders, occupiers, and ethnic cleansers.

One day after Dujarric’s phony plea, the Erdogan regime’s occupation forces and terrorist mercenary proxies launched artillery attacks against the countryside of Ayn Issa, Al Dibs, and Qazali, west of the city of Tal Abyad. These regions of Syria are in northern Raqqa, which is a governate of Syria, which is not part of Turkey nor of the USA. At this writing, there were no human casualties; damages destroyed homes, businesses, and farmlands.

Locals reported that Turkish aircraft had been flying over Raqqa city since the dawn of the 3rd of June.

Breaching another country’s airspace is also a war crime and an act of aggression.

NATO Turkey and its al Qaeda proxies also bombed “the villages of Umm Harmala and Dada Abdul Shamal, and the town of Abu Rasin in the northwestern countryside of Hasaka, destroying residential homes and causing damage to infrastructure.”

Al Hasakah city and governate are also part of the Syrian Arab Republic, which is not part of Turkey nor of the US, and which is also not a NATO member state.

Also on Friday, takfiri savages loyal to the NATO Turkish regime bombed the village of Al-Berka in Hama countryside, damaging homes, public buildings, and private businesses. The rocket-propelled bombs were fired from the “southern outskirts of Jisr al-Shughur in Idlib countryside, where terrorist groups affiliated with the so-called ‘Turkistan Islamic Party’ are deployed.”

According to NATO’s SDF proxy terrorists, Erdogan’s terrorists spent much of Friday bombing Manbij, Syria, which is occupied by the US-owned armed insurrectionists. While the two killer gangs claim each other as enemies, they share the joint operation of accelerating the ethnic cleansing of this region of the SAR.

In Afrin (Syria), locals have broken into the illegal Turkish STE Enerji, and started smashing things up, as the criminal Turkish forces are overcharging their illicit electrical bills. The rage extended to the fake Turkish “city council” (again, Afrin is in Syria, which is not part of Turkey), followed by Erdogan criminal, illicit police shooting into the crowds, murdering at least one Syrian, and wounding two others.

The video is also available on YouTube, BitChute, Rumble, and Odysee.

Syria News does not anticipate an emergency meeting of the UNSC to condemn the most recent atrocities committed by NATO Turkey and NATO SDF armed terrorists.

Miri Wood


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  1. Huda Hajjar

    This Erdogan thing has so much blood of innocent people on his hands and the hands of his followers his ending will be so bad in this life and in hell fire.


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