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NATO Turkey Accelerates War Crimes while Hyenas Bark over Ukraine Nazimaidans

NATO going full Dr. Strangelove

NATO Turkey has accelerated its war crimes against Syria, while the NATO junta is holding its war meeting on Russia and Ukraine, at the United Nations. Madman Erdogan has launched a two-prong attack on Syria, obviously knowing that the eyes of humanity are now glued to the rabid dogs of war now salivating over Russia.

On Thursday, NATO Erdogan occupation forces launched a series of artillery bombings against the village of Khirbet Bakr, southwest of Tal Abyad city, in the governate of al Raqqa. Several homes were damaged, and an undisclosed number of indigenous Syrians fled their homes. Like invasion and occupation, ethnic cleansing is a war crime, a crime against humanity.

Please note that Tal Abyad falls within the annexation map that Madman Erdogan showed to UNGA in 2019, a map of land theft that the NATO klansmen bleated was a ‘security zone.’

Erdogan annexation map of Syria shown at UNGA meeting.
Madman Erdogan’s annexation map received tacit approval by the UN NATO klan at the General Assembly meeting in September 2019.

At approximately the same time NATO Erdogan’s troops were bombing and ethnic cleansing Khirbet Bakr, his terrorist militias were engaging in another round of fratricide in the city of Al-Bab, Aleppo governate, Syria. Al-Bab, Syria, has been under NATO Erdogan occupation since December 2016, ignored by the UN junta sworn to uphold the noble Charter.

Military occupation with terrorists blowing each other up, is also part of the war crime of ethnic cleansing, as indigenous Syrian flee to safer parts of their homeland.

NATO fratricide in Erdogan occupied Al Bab, Syria.
NATO fratricide in Erdogan occupied Al-Bab, Syria.

As there has been little or no news regarding the war crimes of Israel against Syria, as the war crimes of Obama, Trump, and Biden against Syria have been legitimized by NATO propagandists, as the United Nations allows the murderous junta to besmirch the noble principles of its Charter, as these demonic, supremacists, mobsters have demonstrated that Arab lives do not matter beyond being maligned, and exterminated, this Syria News journalist has no expectation of Thursday’s war crimes to even cause a blurb in the news.

We shall, therefore, move this report to the sudden howling of these rabid dogs of war, and touch upon just some of the hypocrisy of these drooling, rabid dogs, their double standards, and their mass genocide that they Orwellianly refer to as democracy.

We must turn to our friends, the maps, and also remind our readers that NATO is an acronym for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. First, however, we are obligated to remind our readers of a few, somewhat consequential things.

In December 2013, Victoria Nuland bragged that the US taxpayer had spent five billion bipartisan dollars to fund the Nazimaidan Coup in Ukraine. We must also note that. Nazimaidan is no hyperbole, and wherever John McCain appeared to preach about democracy, the ensuing mass death and destruction suggested he was the Emissary of Beelzebub.

Here is the map showing the location of the North Atlantic:

This map of the  North Atlantic shows the original geography of NATO.
This map of the North Atlantic shows the original geography of NATO.

As war — or warmongering — is no longer the basis of Westerners’ knowledge of geography, we also include a map showing the border of Russia and Ukraine, followed by a map showing the distance between the US and Ukraine.

NATO complaints of Russian military near the border ignores Russia being in Russia.
NATO complaints of Russian military near the border ignores Russia being in Russia.

We ask our readers to note and compare the distance between Russia and Ukraine, and the distance between the US and Ukraine.

No amount of NATO saber-rattling can put the US on the border with the Ukraine.
No amount of NATO saber-rattling can put the US on the border with Ukraine.

US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin, is especially in dire need of a map; he actually claimed that Russian troops were encroaching on “NATO’s doorstep.

Defense Sec. Austin claimed Russia is at NATO's doorstep.
Defense Sec. Austin claimed Russia is at NATO’s doorstep.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrogantly made a similar demand, that Russia send “its troops, tanks, and planes back to their barracks and hangars,” forcing Deputy Representative Dmitry Polyanskiy to remind the US of the NATO-Russia Founding Act. Were cooler heads prevailing in 2014, when NATO wrote that “immediate concerns about the Euro-Atlantic architecture are justified – Moscow has long stated its opposition to NATO and its enlargement, and even its desire to attempt to roll back NATO’s influence if the opportunity presents itself” — or were these just diplomatic mouth noises to bide time?

NATO leaders and assorted stenographers continue to throw shade on Crimea; at every opportunity, the lying thugs continue to claim that this country was “annexed” –a word meaning preceded by occupation and military conquest — by Russia, despite the fact that the country held a democratic vote to decide to become part of the Federation.

Here, yet again, we note the imperial double standards in both word, and action: Turkey’s attempt to annex part of the Syrian Arab Republic is wrongfully called ‘safety’, and a legitimate vote is wrongfully called ‘annexation.’

March 2014, Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation. NATO persists in calling the vote, an "annexation."
March 2014, Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation. NATO persists in calling the vote, an “annexation.”

Similarly, these rabid dogs of war — along with their dutiful, underling stenographers — keep to two definitions of the false flag, one of which defames and diminishes those using it, and the other as another bludgeon for pimping acts of military aggression. We consider that the Gulf of Tonkin ‘incident’ was the cover story for the US to begin its slow genocide campaign in Vietnam. We also consider that the lies of the British al Qaeda operative whose medical license was revoked in the UK, offered the false flag of Syrians murdered by terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun, for the Trump regime to legitimize his war criminal bombing of the SAR.

This Syrian child was one of the dozens kidnapped, poisoned for the cameras, and degraded into the false flag operation used by NATO US to bomb Syria for al Qaeda terrorists.

OPCW pimps for al Qaeda for perpetual war.
Remember this child? Stripped naked, pummeled with a power hose, poisoned in snuff porn which showed painful agonal breathing. One of dozens murdered by al Qaeda 4 April 2017.

Since 2016, we have been told that the false flag is the rantings of paranoid conspiracy lunatics — until 14 January, when Jen Psaki abruptly announced, without a shred of evidence, that Russia is busy at work “has prepositioned a group of operatives to conduct a false-flag operation in Ukraine. The operatives are trained in urban warfare and using explosives to conduct acts of sabotage.”

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has been pummeling the war drums against the Russian Federation, pimping the lie of imminent invasion, though it is NATO countries that are sending in their troops, and massive amounts of military equipment (as usual, at the expense of the taxpayer, besieged by inflation nearing Weimar, suffering both food and housing insecurity).

Despite war pimping being part of Stoltenberg’s job description, one might wonder if his passion for it could be a form of rage sublimation against the sadism of the aging process.

This abrupt crisis is not new; shorter-lived hysterical outbursts have been erupting since before 2016.

This report would be incomplete without a look at President Joe Biden’s statements — no matter what anyone may think of his cognitive abilities.

Biden has been a NATO war pimp since his days in the US Senate. He was part of the 57% of the Democrats who supported the Bush/Cheneyac/Halliburton killing machine which destroyed the sovereignty of Iraq, butchered upwards of four million, and caused massive birth defects from the illicit use of white phosphorus and depleted uranium in the bombings of Fallujah.

Though Biden changed the lying reasons for his support of this genocide — non-existent WMDs, ‘evil Arab dictator,’ Iraqis yearning to breathe free — he never relented in his deadly faux piety, and practically threw himself laurels as he gave the keynote speech at the University of Delaware Commencement.

Missing marbles or not, POTUS’ statement in support of “sovereignty and territorial” integrity is especially evil. His illegal troops have breached the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, where they slaughter Syrians, engage in collective punishment and forced displacement, murder and kidnap Syrians during criminal airdrops, train other terrorists in how to murder more Syrians, loot Syrian oil, starve Syrians by stealing their grain, and outright bombs Syrians within their sovereign homeland.

Here is a visual reminder of unindicted war criminal Biden on nations having the right to sovereignty, the right to territorial integrity:

NATO respect for sovereignty -- American illegals in Syria.
NATO respect for sovereignty — American illegals in Syria.

NATO Turkey continues to occupy and bomb Syria. NATO US continues to bomb Syria, lead armed insurrectionist terrorists, and loot Syrian raw materials.

The fascist dictum, might makes right, currently is being applied by NATO, in its threats to the Russian Federation.

Miri Wood

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  1. Conspiracy2Riot

    Great piece. I sure wish Russia would coup Erdogan in Turkey. That guy needs to be caged. He’s making noise in this Ukraine problem as well, saying he will throw in for them, against Russia.

    Perhaps Russia should take a page from his book and just designate 10 miles inside Ukraine & call it a buffer zone, like Erdogan did in Syria. The precedent’s been set and the US was just dandy w/ that as a solution.

    As an aside, that little speech Biden gave about ‘nations having the right to decide who they will align with’ brought an interesting tweet from the President in El Salvador asking ‘Even El Salvador? Really? Really?’…so i’d bet they have Russian & possibly Chinese support now as well, to be playing around like that.

  2. Nora Booher

    Have you ever seen a good picture of Biden’s son ? Looks just like a Mafia Don and probably is if you that Biden and Obama are trying to escape prosecution for attempting to steal an oil and gas field in the Ukraine near the Russian border.


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