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NATO Terrorists Cut Drinking Water for 1 Million Syrians in al Hasakah

Allouk Water Station Hasakah Syria

Hasakah main water pump is out of service, again, just a week after resumption of work, the Allouk water pump station is out of service, the main facility that pumps drinking water to up to 1 million Syrians in the Hasakah province while continuing their bombing of the houses of the locals to push them to leave their land.

This time, the pump station went out of service because of lack of electric supply due to the exhausting consumption by the terrorists loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan in their settlements in the Syrian northeastern province bordering NATO member state Turkey.

The NATO leader Erdogan is using his friend Trump’s last days in office to increase his crimes against humanity in Syria, cutting off the water supply for civilians is a war crime by all standards. The Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations scolded Erdogan’s representative for this repetitive war crime in the video conference and in front of all members of the council. Erdogan’s representative denied any wrongdoings during the session but almost instantly his regime increased their shelling to the towns of the northern Syrian region.

Allouk water pump station - Hasakah Syria
Allouk water pump station Switchboard- Hasakah, Syria

In this context, Erdogan’s forces of the Turkish army and Al Qaeda affiliated groups renewed their bombing of the houses of Syrian locals in the towns and villages in the outskirts of Ras Al Ain city, in the northwestern Hasakah countryside.

The anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists used artillery and mortars in their shelling of the houses from their illegal base. The houses targeted the area in the outskirts of Umm Harmalleh, Dad Abdal, and Nuweihat towns in the region.

The shelling caused large material damage in the houses targeted and in the infrastructure in the region. These locals are refusing to get expelled from their lands which Erdogan wants to Israelize by replacing them with the families of terrorists working for him from other regions of Syria and from other countries as well.

In his terror campaign to terrify the locals to flee their houses, large explosions were heard in the east of Ras Al Ain city.

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    When LEADERS of countries, doing wrong to others, FEAR for their LIVES, they will STOP their abuses but not until,

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    This Erdogan thing will end very badly and then he will have to answer for all these crimes against the innocent people.


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