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NATO Terrorists Bomb Electrical Feed to Alouk Water Plant in Syria

NATO Turkey has occupied Alouk water plant since 2019

NATO terrorists have bombed the electrical power grid feeding the Alouk water plant in al Hasakah, Syria. Alouk has been occupied by Erdogan regime forces since October 2019.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency, the terrorists who committed the most recent in water war crimes against the Syrian people, the perpetrators are “terrorists positioned in Hasaka’s northern countryside.”

Director of Hasaka Water Company Mahmoud Ukla told SANA that the water pumps “had stopped due to the continued terrorists’ attacks on the electrical grid feeding it” and that the Company “continues to secure drinking water for the residents, in cooperation with international organizations in Syria, by filling reservoirs with water on main streets daily, and operating 16 desalination plants in Hasaka city center.”

NATO Turkish regime of Erdogan continue cutting the water off 1 million Syrians in Hasakah
Imagine people of NATO cities like Philly, Paris, or London forced to procure water in such a primitive fashion because foreign terrorists keep blowing up the power lines electrifying the pumps.

Water war crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic began in February 2013, when NATO armed and funded FSA terrorists stormed and occupied al Tabqa Dam. In January 2016, the occupation was transferred to the armed insurrectionist, US protected SDF terrorists.

Around the same period that the Euphrates damn was occupied, NATO FSA, Jabhat al Nusra, and other al Qaeda factions occupied humanity’s oldest water source, the al Fijah Spring, which has provided drinking water for thousands of years. Nonetheless, the savages were restrained from destroying al Fijah’s water works until unbridled rage set it upon the reunification of Aleppo in mid-December 2016.

Beginning 23 December 2016, the terrorists launched a pollution and infrastructure destruction campaign while NATO-affiliated Reuters merely noted “the rebels polluted the water with diesel,” despite five and one-half million Damascenes being deprived of their water for several weeks.

That water war crime was resolved, but not until after Retired SAA General Ahmad al Ghadban, Reconciliation Coordinator in Wadi Barada was assassinated as he left a meeting on 14 January with armed gangs.

SAA Martyer General (Ret.) Ahmad al-Ghadban assassinated by terrorists during meetings to resolve terrorist water war crimes in Wadi Barada.
SAA Martyr General (Ret.) Ahmad al-Ghadban assassinated by Nusra Front FSA alQaeda ISIS in Wadi Barada village of Ain Al-Fijah

The current, ongoing water war crimes at the Alouk plant in al Hasakah, which is in Syria, not in Turkey, and not in the USA, were launched 9 October 2019, when Erdogan launched his aerial and ground forces in the bombing of Alouk electrical infrastructure, which was immediately repaired after which he re-bombed it, and upon another round of repairs, Turkish ground forces invaded the water plant, and continue to occupy it, three and one-half years later.

It is likely that Erdogan forces invaded this area to throw a monkey wrench into NATO SDF having essential control of al Hasakah’s water supply (originally feeding two million Syrians, but much less as the SDF terrorists have caused hundreds of thousands in the area to become IDPs).

Since the original bombing and Turkish occupation of Syria’s water plant, these two NATO gangs have used Alouk to ethnically cleanse al Hasakah, with SDF bombing of infrastructure, and Turkey turning off the water pumps. Erdogan regime forces have deprived Syrians of water on countless occasions, with the longest deprivation being six weeks, during the summer of 2021.

Syrians held a demonstration outside the ICRC, appealing for intercession with Erdogan occupiers, to turn their water on (they were met with silence).

No terrorist gang has claimed responsibility for this water war crime against Syria. It could be any of the ISIS, Nusra, or HTS savages who answer to NATO Turkey, or the NATO SDF killers, in response to the possibility of a rapprochement, despite President Assad having stated there would be no meeting without NATO Turkey’s complete withdrawal from the Syrian Arab Republic.

Miri Wood


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