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NATO Terrorist Attacks Continue in Aleppo; Drones Hit Near Lattakia

NATO terrorists

NATO al Qaeda ground operatives in Syria continue their recent acceleration of terrorist atrocities against Syria. Rocket bombs have again been fired into civilian neighborhoods of Aleppo. Armed human garbage continue to prevent civilians to be escorted to safe areas via humanitarian corridors from Idlib and Aleppo countrysides. Syrian air defense has shot down several drones near Lattakia.

Civilian Mohamad Hesso was murdered Sunday, 19 January, when NATO’s al Qaeda terrorists fired several rockets into the 3000 Apartments Project in the Halab al Jadida neighborhood of Aleppo city. Housing, businesses, and vehicles were destroyed, mostly courtesy of the US taxpayer (how many times has Trump complained that other NATO countries are not paying their “fair share”? These deadly weapons do not fall like manna from the heavens; they NATO weapons, and they are delivered to the savages in Syria.).

Over the past days, 11 civilians were martyred, more than 24 others were injured, and material damages were caused to the homes and properties of the people as a result of terrorist rocket shells attacks on safe neighborhoods in Aleppo city. — SANA

Also on Sunday, NATO’s al Qaeda terrorists fired a series of weaponized drones toward Hmeimim Airport, in Lattakia countryside. Syria’s air defense system neutralized these bombs, fired from that al Qaeda haven known as Idlib, that terrorist oasis supported by NATO countries, NATO stenography media, that Utopia that seems to have resurrected the degenerate work of Epstein, cheerfully showing photos of little Syrian girls who look as though they have been placed on the pedophiliac market — via a US-based ‘charity’ that claims to fund a women’s center in this women-less region.

WisdomHseSyria Tweet Idlib Children Make up
The tweet explaining that cosmetology students were tested for skills with make-up and skincare products using very little Syrian girls, in al Qaeda occupied Idlib.

The same Syria-hating miscreants which recently gave NATO terrorists a six-months extension on their weaponry supply routes, courtesy of UNSCR 2504 (2020), have gone deaf, dumb, and blind while their beloved pathogens continue to prevent civilians from leaving al Qaeda occupied regions, into safe areas via corridors in place by Syrian authorities:

19 January, Aleppo/Idleb, SANA – Terrorist organizations in Idleb countryside and Aleppo southern countryside continued on Sunday to prevent civilians from exiting to safe areas through humanitarian corridors in Abu al-Duhour, al-Habbit, and al-Hader.

In news not related to immediate atrocities by NATO terrorists, the Electricity Ministry has begun rehabilitation of the 5th Group of the Aleppo Generation Plant, despite unilateral economic terrorism by NATO countries against the Syrian Arab Republic.

On 18 January, President Bashar al Assad issued Decrees which prohibit the use of non-Syria pound currency, increase the penalties for black marketeering of currency exchange, and make illegal the publication of fake news within the Republic.

Arrests of amoral black marketeers amenable to enriching themselves by helping to destroy their country’s financial system, have already begun.

Arrests of corrupt black marketeers has begun.

Shall we anticipate that NATO media will soon be calling these criminals, “activists” — as has already been done with convicted felons and drug addicts such as Raed Fares — singing their praises, and that the P3 mobsters running the UN will demand their release?

Miri Wood

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